Retired Material

The Ghoul Legacy

The Ghoul Legacy to be played by Eddie.

The Magus Legacy

The Magus Legacy to be played by Brian.

The Telarius Legacy

The Telarius Legacy to be played by Ian.

The Guy who kicked THAT Dagger Legacy

The Guy who kicked THAT Dagger Legacy to be played by Rob.

The Kessa Legacy

The Kessa Legacy to be played by Shayla.

The Vash Legacy

The Vash Legacy to be played by Bill.

World Rumors:

A new empire to the north has been raised in the past few decades offering hope for a bright new future, a utopia of intellect and science.

Saul was sacrificing people in the rain forest to raise a vampire nation.

The first Chargrin was finally reborn, but is only a baby.

The Genocide resides in what was once called Pass. No one who has attempted to cross those mountains has lived to tell the tale.

Insea is a non-human kingdom now, supposedly filled with Sirens, Mermen, and Sea Elves.

Traste was reformed by Aseckleam, but once it was established he went missing.

Traste Rumors:

The Dark Forest is a goldmine of opportunities. The Towers of Magic have not been discovered, Nodes of Power exist, dungeons and fae have been found, and magic items that shouldn’t even be around anymore. However many who enter die, and some of the foulest creatures still exist within it’s depths…

In the Dark Forest there have been reports of Undead and Slayers. Bring some kind of Sunlight or Positive Energy spells if possible…

The Torkeen’s have been throwing some of the best Balls this last year. People wonder what they plan to do next?!

King Alexander has been searching for Centaur and Lizardman tribes very heavily.

A dragon showed up and killed the King just last month!! No one knows who this king really is…maybe the dragon in disguise?

Several supposedly reborn Weapon Masters are in Traste trying to relearn their secrets, but have been failing…

Retired Material

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