The Powers of the Realms

The Spirit Orb

Thur 7/25

So we’re back in the inn and I just woke up. I’m talking Cairn an telling him he might want to get a rain tarp or a barrel before eating the Shifter heart to make sure he doesn’t sink through the floor boards when he goes liquidy. Talking to him my hand goes flat and near see through while talking about the tarp/tent, where you can see the veins and everything.

The heart leaves behind a husk and they gave me mine. Leave his (Cairn’s) with him. He fluffs up more like a sponge, while I had gone liquidy. Some peasants come up to me while I am in the inn common room. They call me Arrowsmith the Slayer. Talk to the Bard, and he’s been spreading tales about us. Wait for the next day.

Ian is more blocky and spongy this time. Some guy knocks on our door and says he’s from Snakey and his boss wants to bury the hatchet with us. When I tried to transform into a Large creature it went a little long and I became more of a super long/tall lanky stretched out person with a mike & ike head. When Ian starts trying to shapeshift he can sense that there is something missing from both of us, and there is something we don’t know about Shifters.

The man offers us a Spirit Orb (when you touch it think of any 3 spirits and it puts them in there – bard scroll of 3 skills) to buy us off. We take it. I activate it, and ask for Know: Shifters. He tells us we need the essence of what we wish to turn into (blood, souls, etc…). Every 4 levels you pick you can open up a shapeshifting option (1/day, large size, wings, etc…) and at level 10 you unlock a mastery. Think of basically some kind of super special ability.

We take a week to learn the ritual to unbind the Spirit Orb (Banish Spirit Ritual) and it costs 1000g in reagents 1d4hrs to cast. He also lets us know the dragonfly teleport ability is also a once per day 50% chance to avoid an attack entirely. There are three witches here in these lands, Savaka (Sav) the Mind Witch, Meglan the Life Witch, and “The Void Witch” without any name known. Syn got her power from The Void Witch.

Buy reagents from the witch (3) to banish spirit. We go talk to the paladin and sell him the rest of the bows. He also hires us for 100g to stand with the town the next day when a group of 15th circle adventurers show up. The paladin summons his mage (4th circle ugly 16 year old kid). He cant move the enchantsments on other items to Hope without altering Hope. Tell them no.

The next day the adventurers come and back down once they realize something, we think it’s the Life Witch. They call Cairn a kid. Tithus the Kid. We talk to the mage from the high level group and pay 5k gold for him to Permanency Mage Hand and Prestidgitation. For it’s 3 skills it knows, Know: Rituals, Witches, and Shifters. We took one week originally to learn the Ritual of Dispel Spirit. Then we took another 3 weeks to get items enchanted and learned rituals during that time. The evil mage from the adventuring party made the items for us.

Rituals: Upgrade (+ 1 becomes + 3), Transfer (move enchantment to another item), Transmute (sword become a bow, belt becomes a cloak), Banish Spirit (as is), Unbind Spirit Orb (no longer takes attunement), Unbind Spirit (unbinds a spirit), Teleport (works like the spell 1d4 hrs to cast), Teleport Gate (cast ritual in 2 spots to form a gate),

I learn: Banish Spirit, Unbind Spirit, Transmute into Shifter, and Teleport. Because I am a partial Shifter now I can learn these rituals even though I am not a caster. If Tithus and I cast a ritual together we can pay double reagents to cast at twice the speed. Also I cast Banish Spirit on the Tween on me to get rid of it.

We talk to the Witch, she tells us she can send us to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Snakey wants to give us a mission to go kill the Mad Druid. And we talk to the Paladin who doesnt have any missions at the moment except clearing out some of Snakey’s suicide missions. We decide to go to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

On the way there we find an Ioun Stone (Alertness) (Ian) We get to this area with a pit with stairs leading down and there are tubes filled with liquid at the bottom. We have not reached the Temple yet. You can walk into the tubes and there is some kind of effect that keeps the liquid inside which will do something to you. The tubes “imbue you with fire” according to the Spirit Orb. The Eidolon goes in and gets a Fire Shield buff for 12 hours, +1d6 fire dmg and 1d6 fire to attackers.

The first room has a statue of a blue woman, and there are double doors padlocked at the far end. The temple itself has tons of statues to elementals and murals, etc… We go into the first room and there are 5 water elementals and a caster water elemental. We kill them all, but they do kill the Eidolon. We find a dial like an iris that you go into to walk upstairs to the 2nd floor.

Searching we find:
2 rings: + 1 luck ac, blue water gems (micky/??)

everyone: 2 cure lt, 2 cure mod, 2 cure ser
Loot: 3000g group loot
pot cure serious
scroll greater restoration
Hope (Micky)
Ring of Freedom of Movement (Bill)
Ring: 1/encounter cast 2 summons at once (Eddie)
Ring: augment summoning feat (Eddie)
Ring: Improved Init (Bill)
Robes: +4ac, elemental resist 5 (Micky)
Ring: +2 def ac, 25% crit immunity (Ian)
Ammy: +2 saves (Eddie)
Belt: 5 hp 1DR/- (Ian)
Beating Heart of a Shifter (Micky/Ian)

Ian: $10, Rob: $17, Micky: $18, Eddie: $0, Bill: $0 (spent $45)
Trans: 0
On Time: Ian, Mick, Eddie 1
SIC: All 3


SkeletonJack SkeletonJack

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