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Welcome, and thank you for clicking!! This is an ongoing and lengthy endeavor. I found several old notebooks with characters, plot notes, game notes, item loot lists, and more. And it seemed like a good idea to put all of it out there on the net to be easily referenced!!

I will eventually compile every special magic item I have on a loot list, NPC’s into a list by campaign, and more!!

Retired Material: Old links to things no longer being used.

Magic Items

Red Steel Chainmail + 1, Fast Healing 1, Intelligent (locked powers)

Black Iron Staff + 1, cast x2 spells, +1 dmg step, Intelligent, name: Obedience (locked powers)
Blood Wood Staff + 1, + stores 4 spell lvls, + 2 DC’s, +1 metamagic feat, Intelligent, name: Hand of Al-zh’ahan
Staff of Shadow Magic + 2, stores 4 spell levels, Shadow Descriptor (harder to dispel), + 2 Int, + 2 DC’s
Dark Mage Staff + 1, cast x2 spells lvl 1 – 4, + 4 primary cast stat, + 4 DC’s, Corrupted Type

Blood Steel Razorsword + 1, Great Cleave, Intelligent, name: Red Shadow
Black Iron Heavy Blade + 1, Keen, Intelligen, name: Destroyer
Psi Razors: Ranged Touch Attack, 2d6 19-20/x2, requires Psionics
Black Iron Bladed Mace + 3, + 2d6 Unholy Burst, Vile, Weakening, Crushing, Monstrous Blow
Adamantine Throwing Axes + 3, set of 8, 5d4+5, 18-20/x3, Returning
Mithril Scimitar + 2, 2d6, 14-20/x2, Keen.
(2) Sonic Burst Adamantine Gnoll Blades of Subtlety +5, 1d6, 15-20/x3, Keen, Sonic Burst, Light (Paired set, linked), requires attunement.
Longsword +6, 5d4, 19-20/x2, attunement required.

Ring, + 4 Def AC, + 4 Stealth, Intelligent, name: Mal’gathi
Black Skull: Summon Undead I 3/day
Ring of Skeleton Summoning: summons one skeleton
Ring of the Wraiths: can turn into a Wraith
Amulet of Death: permanent Deathwatch and Deathknell
Jewel of Shadows: + 4 Stealth
Ring of Shadows: + 4 Stealth
Amulet of Hate: Smite Good 3/day
Blood Stones: consume for 5 temp HP
Black Stones: consume to restore one Drain effect
Restoration Powder: consume/cover to remove paralysis
Mana Stones: restores x spell levels
Arcane Sphere: hovers, + 4 DC’s, stores 4 spell lvls (red and black)
Ancient Full Plate of the Old Kingdom: + 3, human racial bonus touch ac
Boots of Movement: + 10 move, one extra 5’ step each round
Headband, + 4 Shield AC, + 10 Move, + 4 Init
Ring of the Ice Lords: 3/day Ice Armor (+ 6 Armor Bonus, 50 temp hp 15min), Cold Resist 15, + 1d6 Cold dmg, + 4 DC cold spells, attunement required.
Circlet of Magi: + 4 spell DC’s, + 1 spell/day, + 1spell known/day, stores up to 9 levels of self targeting spells that may be activated as a free action, attunement required.
Heart of the Barbarian: Eat it to gain 1 DR/- per HD, soul inside.
Arm Bone of the Warrior: + 5 weapon dmg, ignores DR, soul inside.
Eye of the Rogue: + 10 dmg when Flanking, soul inside.
Soul of the Magi: Multi-spell, + 2 dmg per dice on spells, soul inside.
Elemental Belt: Immune to weapon elemental damage, Resist All 10, Fly 60’ (good), Earth Glide 60’, Move 60’, requires attunment.
Stonesilk Armor: AC 2 untyped, DR 4/-, can be worn with armor and clothes, may be enchanted.
Heart of the Elemental: + 1d6 cold, + 1d6 fire, + 1d6 acid, + 1d6 lightning, sense elementals 120’, may be applied to any damage source, contains elemental souls inside.
Adamantite Full Plate + 5, DR 6/-, max Dex mod + 2, requires attunement.
Elven Ranger Chainmail + 1, Shadowed ( + 5 Stealth), + 6 armor bonus, + 4 max Dex bonus, no armor check penalty, 0% arcane spell chance failure, requires attunement. (Elf: No max dex bonus, +15 Stealth.)
Greater Belt of the Monk: Flurry of Blows and Unarmed Attack as a monk of equal level, if Monk Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Attack, and AC as Monk + 6 levels.
Pimp’s Vest: Makes clothing Glamered as pimp’s clothes worth 2k gold, Unarmed Attack and Stunning Fist as a Monk of equal level, +10 Bluff, Perception, Stealth, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive (competence), + 5 Armor Bonus, requires attunment.
Gloves of Might: + 8 Str, + 10 CMB/CMD on Grapple related checks, requires attunement.
Eros’s Philter of Love: Dousing olfactory glands or imbibing this with some genetic material will cause the imbiber to fall truly in love with whomever’s genetic material was placed into the philter, requires attunement.
The Twin Coin: Electrum Coin of the Twin Gods, may declare one natural 20 critical success once per day on a Diplomacy check and may take 20 on Diplomacy. Also Channel Energy will destroy undead instantly if they fail their saves or the CE does more than half of their current HP in damage, requires attunement.
The Silver Coin of Revlis: 5 rerolls per day, requires attunement.
Marischa’s Water: Supposedly it is water touched by Marishca herself, unknown properties, extremely powerful, requires attunement.

Epic Loot
Silk of the Assassin: Stonesilk (2 AC, 4 DR/-), + 5 AC, + 15 stealth, True Fort (150%)
Armor of the Celestial Batallion + 10, elemental warding 20
Headband of Perfection + 8 all stats, multi colored bandana
Ring of Sorcerous Might + 8 mentals, x2 5th/6th lvl spells (or + 10), meteoric iron
Manual of the Weapon Masters, trains one to become a WM, plain looking book
Staff of the Magi: 100 charges, DC’s = 25 + level, imprints one staves abilities, covered in animated runes
Scrying Ball: Per a Tower of Magic scrying ball, held in a dragon’s claw
Crystalline Wand: stores 10 spell levels of any level and 1 epic spell, usable by anyone
Flask of Life: one Perfect Resurrection
Chain holding a glowing orb: gives a pleasant tingling sensation, + 10 mentals
Ring of Sorcerous Might: Enhance Spell 5/day, x2 3rd/4th lvl spells (or + 10), cold iron
Ring of Nine Lives: shaped like a cat, 7 charges of 250 Heals
Cthulithic Bracers: + 1 dmg step on Eldritch Blast, 1/day x2 dmg, 3/day maximize, + 5 insight to hit bonus
Dagger of Transferal: + 10, 2d6, killing blow steals a power
Ring of Light: made of light, not metal, 1 True Wish
Crystaline Sphere: contains one Power
Heart of the Sindori: Hero Class Mystic (Druid/Cleric), Fighter BA, d8 HD, 4 skill, all saves high, gain all druid/cleric abilities, + 2 lvls, can move stats around
Slime: 1 trick per level, 1d10 + 10 dmg (hit = lvl+20, -5 on extra attacks), 1d6 hp/lvl
Mushrooms: take a feat or ability from someone nearby while searching through their mind/soul
Shield of Crystal Shards: blue crystals, + 10 large shield, absorb 3 spells/day, 4 base shield bonus, applies to touch ac
Rod of the Midian Kings: true seeing, + 4 cha, + 20 cha for commanding, Absolute Command ability, stacking + 4 saves

Weapon Master Styles

Chargrin’s Pose: Parry 1 spell/rd, once per day for a scene
Pierce the Veil: Ignore all magical effects for one full round, once per day
Follow the Ghost: 1 rd/lvl, follow any target anywhere
Seal the Gate: Lock an area for a scene, once per day

Soul Mastery:
Lock the Gate: 1rd/lvl prevent souls from escaping
Steal the Prize: killing blow steal the soul and stores it inside of you
Strike the Heart: once per day, one round of touch attacks ignoring all dr/resistances
Seal the Soul: your soul is permanently protected

Tainted Items
Crown of Tentacles: Mind Blast 60’ cone, save Will DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Int mod or be stunned for 3d4 rounds, 3/day, Taint: 1
Third Eye: True Sight, All Around Sight, Taint: 2
Ring of Slain Souls: + 4 AC and Saves (Untyped), Taint: 2
Pulsating Human Heart: + 4 Con, + 4 Fort, DR 5/-, + 20 HP, Taint: 3
Second Heart: + 4 Con, + 40 HP, Taint: 2

Red Steel – Wpn: Bleed 1/rd, Armor: Resist Fire 5
Black Iron – Wpn: Necrotic dmg ?, Armor: Resist Positive Energy 5
Blood Wood – Unholy ???
Human Skin -

New Weapons
Hook Sword 2d4 18-20/x2
Heavy Blade 3d4 20/x4

Truly Special
Pool of Half Vampire Blood: Unknown (transformative)
Mage Staff: Possesses the soul of a 12th level Wizard who can cast spells.
The Orb of the Betrayer: Vash’s orb, carrying the curse of The Betrayer

Eight Legendary Blades: The Sword of Fire, Starfall, The Dagger of Death, The Moon Axe, Eragon, The Black Rune Blade, The Sword of Vengeance, The Crystal Dagger

Aseckleam, one of the nice, started up traste, archmage of traste, eternal, father fire
Tara, one of the nine, apprentice to Dareth, Queen of Insea, in love with x(rob) who is the guardian of the Seat of Insea, water mage, protected from interference by Sera’
Dimble, one of the nine, half dragon, king of asyria, soul eater
Coin Guy, one of the nine, ascended to become the Twin Gods
Genocide, one of the nine, favored of Zhavelodin, ruler of Pass, progenitor of the gnolls.
Mr Bear, one of the nine, eternal, primal force of nature in the Old Kingdom, created the speaking animals
Asyrian Royal Guard, warlocks who can dual wield eldritch blasts
Solara (connected to Sovon)
Talas urel-Khadeth (Wiz3/Clr3/Mystic Theurge 4) sacrificed self, became the Avatar of Rachel, played by Micky. Was married to Lyliara (no reference besides wife). Primary servants were Spellstitched Wight Rangers and Grave Hounds.
Paul, Inn Keeper of The Wandering Traveller, a nexus of Portals and home to Bob the wall.
Lady Desala, Fae Queen of the Dark Forest (dryad): regal, patient, kind, forgiving (immense power) true fae
Bastion, Anger of the Fae (troll): pragmatic, patient, logical, blunt (warrior/tactician) true fae
Cerio, Eyes of the Fae (quickling): impulsive, opportunistic, quirky, funny (scout/thief) (quicklings leave miniature star trails when moving at full speed) true fae
Sularian “Sul” Firestorm (nymph): fiery, brash (yet tempered) (weapon master), married Yolo true fae
Tumbleweed, son of Dimble, celestial half dragon weapon master trained by Erion wielding a Soul Blade, married to a True Elf
An’kar (troll): One of the strongest of the fae true fae
Elina (sprite mage) true fae
Salis: Married to Marcus the four armed, created by Sera’ for him
Marcus: Hero of Sera, Four Armed warrior married to Salis with a son named Alex, tower lord
Malik, known as Eclipse, reborn Telarius, reborn from the essence of the Storm Lord from the abyss beyond, husband of Marischa, tower lord
Calista, married to Ren the Witch, cursed by the True Undead to become the Mother of the Dark, a dark elf, once the reborn of Kessa before she had her removed, tower lord
Aloric Greyland, called Arcadia, one of the vampire lords (emotions), married to Zara the spawn of Tiamat, tower lord
Yolo, magma elemental, married to Sul, Defender of the Fae, Guardian of the Forest, sylvan magma force of primal energy, the reborn earth elemental that eluded Saul, tower lord
Remeumpton, High Priest of Kratine, god creator of the Asurians and vampires, eternal/avatar
Mythra the Sword Wraith, “the Decapitator”, companion of Dareth the Darkaxe, once King of Insea, walking once again as a hero for the gods, eternal
Triel, winged dark elf queen created her own race with a true wish ruling a flying city
Al’Ren, legendary lich oracle, prophet, seer, with untold knowledge and power
Skeleton Jack, the skeleton child of Al’Ren, keeper of prophecies and lore master of the realms
Saul, master vampire, once of the nine, progenitor of his species, master arch mage, eternal
Kessa, one of only two of Saul’s original childer, his wife and true love, master necromancer, master vampire, archmage, master of negative energy, hates abusive men
Cyn, one of the nine, avatar to fagaras
Shara, dark elf queen, married to Vash
Vash, “the Betrayer”, the most hunted/hated man to ever live, wielder of the orb, finally bought his freedom by aiding Sera and giving her “The Orb”, which is now cursed due to his god curse, “The Orb of the Betrayer”.
Eternals: Those with the power to ascend, but take a different path
Jessara, also called Rachel, was Ellowyn’s apprentice and made some deal with Zhavelodin
Elium: sprite mage
Poison Oak, Poison Ivy (bard blade dancer), and Kindle (warlock) (last three children of Dimble)
Ragnos: Gnoll master of the rifle, chosen of the Genocide
King Tichondria Ironthrone, one of the kings of Trase
Duke Talas of Insea (unknown)
Court Bard Gerard Demil (Insea)
The Emissary, unknown force of order and chaos
Erion’s child (unknown)
Emperor Liam Vanders (once king of Traste)
Zed’akar’kolon Desh’mar, Ancient Green Dragon

Random Names: Trailwind, Trill, Sekum, Murindell

Special Locations
The Ancient Keep: Destroyed ruins with shattered remains of Crystals and a Tower of Magic
The Isle of the Gods: Can be sought out once in a lifetime during the two full moons
The Seat of Insea: The “backdoor” Portal that leads to anywhere from these locked Realms
The Heart of the Dragon: The seat of draconic magic, directly linked to the magic of the Realms themselves
The Forgotten Keep: The original Keep of the First Thaudukeen, original wielder of the Horn of the Gods
The Cave of Tiamat: Where Tiamat was kept to guard the portal to other worlds
The Morass: a dark swamp within the Dark Forest

WIP Old Material being logged

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