The Primordials are something whispered about around campfires more often than they are ever referenced in tomes or libraries. However shortly after Father Phoenix became a storied legend following his tragic death, sacrificing himself to save the Black Guard of Traste, one Primordial came to be named. The Phoenix.

An important historical fact that is largely disbelieved is that the original Father Phoenix who died to save the Black Guard was actually called Father Fire. Whether legends took his name further, or if there is something more involved, it’s impossible to say. It wasn’t until later that the identity of Father Phoenix came to exist.

Many facts about the Primordials are unclear, especially their identities, but some theories rise to the top for accuracy.

  • The Primordials were the first races of the world, the direct “children” of Zhavelodin if you would.
  • The Tiamat and The Phoenix are two known/proven children of Zhavelodin, if Zhavelodin himself is to believed. Due to his historical lack of transparency however, this can only be called a theory.
  • The Ancient Races were likely the offspring, or creations, of the Primordials.
  • When Zhavelodin struck down the Realms, turning them into The Cataclysm Realms, he gave birth again to the Primordials to enact his will. Zhavelodin himself, or the gods, did something however to mask them from memory.
  • Primordials are imbued with the essence of Zhavelodin himself, as such they are inherently more powerful than a god.
  • Tiamat’s infamous craving for sex is apparently not specific to the creature type as her daughters did not universally display the same behavior.
  • The name of the last known Primordial seems to be the name given to the “species” as a whole. Meaning the only Tiamat that was known of was Tiamat herself. Which begs the question of whether the last known Phoenix at some time was simply the creature’s name? Likely the names of these species were lost eons ago.

Excerpt from “An Adventurer’s Guide to NOT Getting Killed!”
Written by Jack, the Skeleton, son of Al’Ren.


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