The Powers of the Realms

A Watery Grave

Entry 1, Rob’s Campaign 6/20/13

Ian (Caern) Lecherous, Paranoid
Eddie (Balin) Hotheaded, Untrusting
Micky (Veris) Merciful, Loyal
Bill (Dravyn the Half Hearted) Loyal, Hedonistic

We were working for Insea, seeking out the vile dread pirate Scar. After months of training, preparation, and tracking we went out in our vessel to fight him. After a massive sea battle, filled with fire, we killed him. But both ships caught fire, sinking us to our doom.

We awoke later, no longer experienced (higher level), in a crypt. Waking up in tombs, being eaten by scraggly dirty humans we find ourselves as corpses with broken limbs and decayed bodies. But our muscles and skin grow back right before our eyes. The cannibals scramble and we surprise them by attacking. There are four human minions and one boss.

We kill them and get the following loot, but not before Ian dies horrifically!! We’re not really sure what the name was of the poor man who died!

We find a silver cloth with an Elven Mithral Longsword in it with blue flame coming off of the weapon with the inscription, “Beware your greatest successes and failures.” Artifact item, sleeping with muted auras. Dravyn picks it up and it does: +10, True Vorpal (14-20/x3 cuts of head on crit), 1d8, intelligent. We also have 2 suits of light leather left over, 5 gold and 7 silver after looting the bodies.

We all gain one Prof/Know that we once knew in our previous lives. I had Weaponsmith, Caern had Armorsmithing, Balin had Know: ?, Dravyn had Know: Dungeoneering. I also realize that I can remember enough to sharpen the damaged daggers we found to make them better.

Caern and Dravyn noticed that the words the boss spoke during the fight are still echoing in the room. They examine him and the words are visible and floating in the bosses mouth, but then flow into Bill’s mouth (+ 1hit and + 1d4 heal for allies once per combat, free action). Also, clawing at the boss’s hand, which was glowing with magic, they find 3 mage crystals (100g each, exponential growth for casting spells).

We search the room and there is a secret door leading to a hallway in addition to the normal door. We are in a crypt and there is water (magical) dripping from everywhere. Also we can sense Scar is alive and 100 miles below us. The water detects as necromancy (life and death) and we also detect as magic while in the room.

Ian goes into the secret hallway and there is a lack of magic in there on him. He walks back in and is affected by “The Life and Death”, at the beginning of every day he gains 10 temp hit points. Walking into the water can change you.

Going down the hallway we find a white marble room that smells of horrible hot stinking human sweat, and it’s hot and humid. There is a portrait of a flower in Crayola, done by a child. There is also a desk with some papers in it. It seems like it is some kind of a kitchen. Also the room is meticulously clean but smells horrible.

The next room has a portrait of an old man holding a cane who looks like a noble. It says “Happy” under it. The room is mostly covered in mold. Caern walks in and he smells beaches and the sea. The next step he smells pine trees. The next step he smells flowers. Caern searches the room and gets a natural 20. He finds a coin, like a silver coin cut in half, and it is glowing. Identifying it, it is a one shot reroll.

We go through the next door, it’s a plain room with a throne with a skeleton sitting on it and there is an archway behind him with a glowing portal. The skeleton says in a musty voice, “Do you like my artwork? Nice find on the coin.” I ask if he wants to go back into the water, he calls them the “Waters of Marischa”.

We’re in the Crypt World and he explains that this is the world that Zanathrax created, a world of pure death. Marischa came and fought him, and the water resulted from their combat. It is what has brought back the living and the undead, Marishca’s plan to spoil Zanathrax’s perfect world. He wanted a world of just the dead, not even any undead. Some people even worship the twin gods, Zanathrax and Zanathos (the same god, two names). The portal takes us to the city, he’s not sure of the name. Or we could go back to the unknown behind us.

We talk to him for a while and he says that he likes us so a skeletal undead hand comes out of the ground with two Ifuta. Caern picks them up and the skeleton casts magic missile on him, almost killing him. He hates Caern apparently, but likes everyone else. The Ifuta can be put upon an item to grant a permanent +1. He also tells us that once the water is disenchanted it can be bottled to do a Cure Light Wounds. Also, he gave Balin 2 scrolls of Dispel Magic. He also tells us that the words in Bills mouth are called The Words of Madness. If we had killed the boss, the words would have died with him possibly. They are the words of the Illithsaur god Voxis.

Going back into the original room Balin uses one of the scrolls to dispel the magic on the water. He reads the scroll inside the room and somehow the scroll isn’t used up. Also, he gains the ability to cast Dispel Magic 1/day as a spell like ability (natural 20). Balin had gone in and got 10 temp hp per day and Caern went in and got 1AC before the water was dispelled. Going back to the kitchen we find some plates and bowls and cups to get some of the water. From there we go through the hallway we had originally seen upon waking up in the very first room.

The boss wakes up in the water as it heals him and offers to serve us (we had captured him and been carrying him around the entire time), but he also says that we are all food for the Illithsaur god, who is evil. I kill him with the elven sword by decapitating him and then I can no longer talk after failing a Will save.

The sword wakes up and the runes and room light up a bright blue. We go into the next room and see 4 zombies, 10 skeletons, and a rat mummy thing. The rat mummy thing (undead boss) is playing music and they are dancing. Balin’s Eidolon pulls a guitar out of nowhere (literally nowhere) and starts playing. Balin calls his Eidolon Roberto, we call him Fluffy. The undead don’t attack us. The rat mummy had two death head amulets on him (one white and one black). Also he has a mithral dragon bracer on his arm with two green gem eyes with its mouth open. They probably worship the twin gods.

The next room is a chasm, like the whole area was blown out. It’s like the grand canyon with tombs everywhere, and water at the bottom. Hedonistic is activated and Dravyn starts dancing back in the room with the undead. We also talk about jumping the undead and whisper amongst ourselves, and the undead notice. So they threaten us and demand tribute. I threaten them and ignite my Halo, and they let us pass.

Once in the next room we talk about whether we should kill them some more and the undead slam the door on us. The skeletons were neutral (according to the paladin) but the rest are evil. The sword calls Dravyn, Half-Heart the Paladin. We leave and go to the portal.

The sword starts talking to us now. He says that the arm piece on the undead casts 2d4+4 Magic Missiles that heals the wielder 4HP total and counts as a buckler. The neck piece was resistances +2, and he has a red dragon egg in his backpack. The sword is good with magic items. So we go back to destroy the red dragon egg.

We ask the sword’s name, Mourn Bringer. It has a knack for magic items. I ask why he was down here and he says no. He also doesn’t mind us wielding him. If I hadn’t critted with the first hit, The Demon would have come and slayed everything for miles. He says we’re not important and don’t deserve to know his knowledge. The sword senses my thoughts of indignation and makes me smack myself. Asshole.

Caern uses his one shot coin to get random luck to make the undead boss come out of the room. Some bluish lines come from his hand and the coin and they go off into the other room to the boss and makes him say “What happened to Bob, he was taking a piss.” So he comes out to check and we jump him. The sword decapitates him and there are mage crystals as well (3).

Loot: 1 red dragon egg, 1 disintegrate scroll (min lvl), silver dragon arm, 3 mage crystal, 1 negative energy orb (holy item, +2 stats undead, -2 stats living, 30’ area), 1 amulet of +2 resistances of zanathrax (not evil though).

Caern senses that he has Zanathrax’s attention now, after using the coin on one of his followers. I go to stab the red dragon egg with the sword, but my Merciful flaw is activated by Bill. So Caern goes to smash it but I try to stop him because of my flaw. He cracks the egg open but the hatchling is still alive. I feed it the water I had in my mug to heal it and Caern kicks it. I go to grab it and cradle it. But the sword takes control of me, appears in my hand, and makes me kill the dragon. Balin grabs the dragon corpse and I lose control of myself. I don’t become aware until we get back to the portal to leave.

One of the skeletons comes up and asks to join us. He is neutral and we take him on, calling him Bones. I stay back, trying to figure out what to do. They come back through and Caern has a skeleton cat with him (Mr Rumbles) now purring. I go to the chasm and throw the sword into the abyss and it doesn’t stop me. We notice a Roc flying above and then leave.

We are in an alley in the city and go out to the street. Going up to a zombie, he says the City is Arn. He gives us directions to the Bazaar. There’s all kinds of stalls and people and people (living and undead). Going from there to the Temple section, there are all kinds. Silhouette’s is the biggest, then Marischa, Zanathrax, and many others… Silhouette’s is 3 stories tall and made of marble with a flaming figure of Silhouette. There is a dumb priestess outside who thinks Silhouette is the most blessed and therefore has the largest temple. We move to Marisha’s temple.

It’s a two story marble temple with the symbol of a wave. We go in and there is a foot of water in the temple. A priestess in blue robes with a blue staff is there to talk to us. We ask about trading in the items from Zanathrax for a reward. She gives us a resistance +2 ammy for the neck piece. When we take the orb out however (at her request) it explodes, the water in the temple evaporates, and the priestess looks stunned. There is no damage to the temple however.

She claps her hands for the elementals and they don’t come so she wanders into the back. We follow her and she gives us a +2 large shield. She still seems a little dumb struck. After she says she can find her friend on her own (to help her) and doesn’t need our help we leave. We then go to the magic item shop which has a large metal placard saying Strom’s. The shop keeper is dressed well.

Loot: 6 mage crystals (600g), 2 Ifuta any +1 item (2000g each), 2 dispel magic scrolls, 1 disintegrate scroll (825g), amulet resist +2, lg shield +2 (4000g), 1 red dragon corpse and egg shells (2000g), 1 mithral bracer (30000g).

After selling items we get 1856 gold each, keep the Ifuta (Bill/Micky), the +2 resist ammy (Ian), the dispel magic scrolls (Eddie), and the mithral bracer (Eddie). He also gives us a +1 weapon each for repeat business.

Strom offers to lets us use his rooms for one night since we bought there. The Inns are “The Fudge Packer”, “The Hanging Salami”, and there may be more inns. We stay there for the night. The next day I wake up and there is a tattoo on my arm of the artifact sword with elven runes under it saying “Master”.

Eddie uses the buckler for now, and we find out that it acts as a figurine of wonderous power as well.

1 for picking up the sword at all (all)
1 on time (all)
3 standard (all)
6 food eddie, 2 food bill, 6 food micky, 1 food ian
1 ian driving
1 micky driving
1 micky adv log

Additional Thoughts

Rapid Shot and Manyshot provide one extra attack each. They should read, “The extra attacks provided do not deliver any precision damage unless within a bow’s improved range of 10’.” This will give a reason for Dual Wield rogues to exist. Ranged will have 2 normal and 2 SA, melee will have 4 SA.

Gang Up should also now state that this allows for flanking for melee and ranged attacks.

Didn’t do as much work on the elves looking for racial substitutions, could find better ones.

Do rangers need to get their pet at level 1 instead of 4 now? If so, what, if anything, do we push back to lvl. 4 instead?

Should druids get spontaneous casting since we’re discussing giving it to oracles, clerics, sorcs, and wizards?

Medium/Heavy armor applies a 10’ move penalty. While it makes sense logically, it impacts the mechanics of combat counter-intuitively. Ranged characters and casters always get a full round of actions regardless of placement and also don’t have to deal with the threat of being in melee range. Melee however must spend 1 or more rounds moving to attack. Penalizing their movement on top of that seems frivolous.

Is there a class that you look at, and with a cool character concept in mind, still say that you just wouldn’t play it? If yes, why?

Natural Attacks should have crit ranges of 19-20/x2 or 20/x3 if they are 20/x2. It is an oversight by the game developers that encourages players to only choose weapon based builds even though there are multiple natural attack options available.

Adamantine should be just +1 to the crit multiplier for weapons. That plus ignores 5/- is too much honestly.

Damage Reduction as a whole should change. A rough standard:
Lowbie DR: Minions (None), Lieutenants (Up to 5/-), Bosses (5/- to 10/-)
Mid DR: Minions (5/-), Lieutenants (5/- to 10/-), Bosses (10/- to 15/-)
Things that should pierce DR should be limited. No more DR/Magic, that’s just stupid. It should be something that is opposition referencing the basic concept of evil creatures have DR/Good. Orcs might have DR/Dwarven weapons for example. Specific materials should only matter insofar as makes sense, such as Cold Iron with Fae.

The idea was brought up that the players could rise as Undead. Looking through the races and how to balance them I found the RP cost of Undead is 16. Instead of worrying about levels and templates (which are non-existent in Pathfinder) we could allow players not taking Undead buy a few things that are within concept/reason. It would be more powerful, but also less powerful than taking classes level adjustment templates.

Nimble Attacks (2RP) Weapon Finesse, Quick Reactions (2RP) Imp Init, Fast (1RP) +10 move, Spell Resistance (see elves), Construct (20RP), Plant (10RP), Half-Undead/Construct (5-10ish), choose other races such as Drow, Multi-Armed (8RP for 4 arms),

Light Armor: Padded and Quilted Cloth equal AC 9 if you have a Dex mod of 8. Leather, Studded Leather, and Chain Shirt all equal out to 8 AC. Thematically this is disappointing because no one wants to be wearing padded armor.
Medium Armor: Breastplate is the best at 9 AC.
Heavy Armor: Full Plate is the best at 10 AC.

Default “best” weapon types
Rule 1: x multiplier, 1 dmg step, and 1 threat range are interchangeable.
Rule 2: One aspect of Rule 1 can be traded for special maneuver access or Reach.
Rule 3: Ranged weapons suffer a 1 step penalty to pay for ranged.
Rule 4: Exotic weapons usually get one shift for free without paying for it.

Light Martial: 1d4 18-20/x2, 1d6 19-20/x2, 1d8 20/x2
Medium Martial: 1d6 18-20/x2, 1d8 19-20/x2, 1d10 20/x2
2H Martial: 1d10 19-20/x2 w/Reach, 2d6 19-20/x2, 3d6 20/x2
Shortbow: 1d6 20/x3, recommend change to 1d6 19-20/x2
Longbow: 1d8 20/x3, recommend change to 1d8 19-20/x2

Exotic Light: Best listed match Light Martial. Recommend a one shift change for free such as 1d6 18-20 or 1d8 19-20/x2, or 1d6 19-20/x3.
Exotic Medium: 1d10 19-20/x2 and 1d8 18-20/x2 listed, supports above.
Exotic 2H: 1d10 18-20/x2 w/Weapon Finesse, 2d6 20/x3 w/Reach, supports above.
Exotic Ranged: Offers oddity choices with no improvement on dmg or bows, recommend the same as Exotic Light suggestions.

Recommended Racial Weapons:
Elven Shortblade 1d6 18-20/x2
Elven Longsword 1d8 18-20/x2 or 1d8 19-20/x2 Weapon Finesse
Elven Curved Blade 2d6 18-20/x2 or 1d10 18-20/x2 Weapon Finesse
Elven Shortbow 1d6 18-20/x2
Elven Longbow 1d8 18-20/x2
Elven Greatbow 2d6 19-20/x3 (flavor weapon specific to game world, base cost similar to Mithril at roughly 30k gold)

Orc Small Axe 1d8 19-20/x2
Orc Axe 1d10 19-20/x2
Orc Great Axe 3d6 19-20/x2
Orc Shortbow 1d8 19-20/x2
Orc Warbow 1d10 19-20/x2
Orc War Axe 3d6 19-20/x2 (flavor weapon specific to game world, base cost similar to Mithril at roughly 30k gold)

Pathfinder Rebalancing


All abilities listed below come directly from Pathfinder Race Point abilities: Race Points

Race Points which are the largest issue are listed after the race name and RP cost.

Dwarf: 11 RP, Balanced

Elf: 10 RP, Weapon Familiarity 2RP, Elven Magic 3RP, Elven Immunities 2RP
Suggested Fixes: Create 3 new Elven Weapons (1H, 2H, Bow) that are superior to standard weapons and require Exotic Weapon Proficiency (makes Weapon Familiarity viable). Also sub out Elven Immunities for Spell Resist Lesser(2RP 6+HD) or Greater (3RP 11_HD) or resistances (sub out offers 1, but for RP it would be 3), sub out Elven Magic for Deep Magic (3RP +2 Dispel Magic and Spell Resistance) or sub with Skill Focus Know:Arcana or Spellcraft or leave as is since Spellcraft is useful.

Gnome: 10 RP, Skill Bonus (Craft/Prof) (2RP), Hatred (1RP), Gnome Magic (2RP – crap spells)
Suggested Fixes: Grant Hatred per racial description (pick 2 subtypes from Humanoid and Outsider categories) and substitute Gnome Magic with Svirfneblin Magic (2RP – Constant Nondetection, 1/day Blind/Deaf, Blur, Disguise Self)

Half-Elf: 10 RP, Elven Immunities (2RP), Linguist (1RP), Multitalented (2RP)
Suggested Fixes: For Elven Immunities see Elf, for Linguist and Multitalented sub Skilled (4RP, +1 skill point per lvl). Could also sub in Focused Study (2RP more than just SF at lvl 1, underpriced if you ask me) which gives Skill Focus at levels 1, 8, 16 instead of giving Skilled (4RP)

Half-Orc: 8RP, Skill bonus Intimidate (2RP), Weapon Familiarity (2RP), Orc Ferocity (2RP)
Suggested Fixes: For Weapon Familiarity see Elven Weapons, For Skill Bonus allow them to pick any one skill (represent adaptation of human blood), For Orc Ferocity substitute it with either Scent (4RP) (personal pick) or do a variation of Elemental Weapons (6RP for 1d6 dmg) (Player Made) Viciousness: +1d4 dmg on all dmg.

Halfling: 9 RP Weapon Familiarity (1RP), Skill Bonus Climb (2RP), Slow -1RP
Suggested Fixes: Weapon Familiarity (1RP) (Choose two weapons per descriptor, choose 2 that can still make sense still like Shortsword instead of something crap like slings), Skill Bonus Climb (2RP) move to Stealth, and Slow -1RP remove.

Human: 9RP Linguist (1RP) and the heightened cost of Skilled (4RP) over value Humans.
Suggested Fixes: Add Skill Focus (2RP) feat to represent their specialization/adaptability.

Nimble Attacks (2RP) Weapon Finesse, Quick Reactions (2RP) Imp Init, Fast (1RP) +!0 move,

Didn’t have the time to read through every single Race Point option (there are a ton). These can be modified more.


As the new “Tank” class of Pathfinder the following changes are designed to make a Barbarian excel at tanking without hurting his DPS which is already below other pure dps classes.

  • All Barbarians gain DR 1/- at every even level. This replaces any DR currently in place on the normal level progression chart which starts at level 7.
  • Rage: No AC penalty, no fatigue penalty, hp are temporary, cannot start/end in the same round.
  • Tireless Rage: Unlimited Rage per day (no longer limited by x rounds per day).
  • Heavy Armor: Gain the HA Prof Feat and do not suffer any movement penalties in Heavy Armor.

Several Archetypes, such as Archaeologist and Bladed Dervish, fix most issues the Bard has as a class. Also upon reviewing their spell list (which is OP actually) they need very little adjustments.

  • Bards gain 8 skill points per level.
  • Bardic Knowledge: A core feature of Bards is removed by all Archetypes that make Bards viable. As such Bards never lose Bardic Knowledge.

Clerics, Oracles, Wizards, and Sorcerors all suffer from a fundamental problem. Their sister classes have the exact same spell list, but static casting and spontaneous casting will always leave one class as the weaker version. Balancing the spell casting to be closely equal with the classes having specific niche advantages is the only solution.

  • Clerics spontaneously cast spells as the Oracle does (use Cast/Known per Oracle); however their list of Known spells is set each day during spell preparation when praying to their gods.

Fighters are largely outclassed by all other melee builds (even with lower BA’s). Steadfast grants them a truly niche ability and allowing them to access feats earlier lets their niche mastery of Feats truly shine.

  • If a Fighter uses their bonus combat feats to purchase any Feat with an attribute requirement they may ignore it.
  • Feats that denote one specific weapon (such as Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization) apply to 3 weapons.
  • Bravery: This is being replaced with a new Class Feature named Steadfast.
  • Steadfast: Steadfast is gained at every level Bravery would have been gained. This grants the Fighter immunity to status effects taken from the Paladin Mercy list. At 2nd level choose from the 3rd lvl list. At 6th level choose from the 6th and under list. At 10th level choose from the 9th and under list. At 14th and 18th level choose from the 12 and under list.
  • Fighter specific Feats with level requirements are 4 levels lower now. So a Fighter only Feat requiring level 12 would now only require level 8. This is largely due to how many classes have features that grant them feats far sooner than is normally allowed (sometimes 5 levels earlier while completely ignoring other feat requirements as well).

The largest issue with this class is the lack of viable weapon options. Players hate seeing awesome magic weapon drops and never being allowed to use them. My recommendation is that GM’s allow the Monk to use any weapon they are proficient in and substitute the weapon damage with their monk damage table if it is greater.

  • Unarmed combat can use natural weapons.
  • Small PC’s use normal Medium tables.
  • Monk Unarmed Damage can be substituted for the weapon damage of any weapon the Monk is proficient with.

Clerics, Oracles, Wizards, and Sorcerors all suffer from a fundamental problem. Their sister classes have the exact same spell list, but static casting and spontaneous casting will always leave one class as the weaker version. Balancing the spell casting to be closely equal with the classes having specific niche advantages is the only solution.

  • Spells Cast/Known progress at every odd level. Bump up the spell progression one level.

Paladins are largely ok, but lack any feeling of “scaling”. Aura Mastery largely fixes the feeling of Paladins that their Auras are weak while also giving them something that scales with level and has a meaningful impact on the party.

  • Aura Mastery: +5’ range on all Auras at levels 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18.
  • Improved Lay on Hands: At level 8 the Paladin may divide the healing done between themselves and their target however they wish. This applies when targeting someone else and the Mercies affect both equally.

The Ranger is a Hybrid class, plain and simple. But it was given the BA of a Fighter. The Ranger will get the BA of a Cleric/Rogue instead and be given full access to all of its abilities.

  • Rangers follow the Cleric/Rogue Base Attack Progression.
  • Rangers gain 8 skill points per level.
  • Ranger’s get their pet at full Druid level without the need for Boon Companion.

Clerics, Oracles, Wizards, and Sorcerors all suffer from a fundamental problem. Their sister classes have the exact same spell list, but static casting and spontaneous casting will always leave one class as the weaker version. Balancing the spell casting to be closely equal with the classes having specific niche advantages is the only solution.

  • Spells Cast/Known progress at every odd level. Bump up the spell progression one level.

Clerics, Oracles, Wizards, and Sorcerors all suffer from a fundamental problem. Their sister classes have the exact same spell list, but static casting and spontaneous casting will always leave one class as the weaker version. Balancing the spell casting to be closely equal with the classes having specific niche advantages is the only solution.

The Wizard however is still weaker than a Sorceror due to how much better Sorceror abilities are. The following is meant to address that.

  • Bonus Feats are at every 4 levels now (4, 8, 12, 16, 20), and Scribe Scroll is replaced by Bonus Feat.
  • Wizards still use Spell Books and Int as their primary stat.
  • Wizards spontaneously cast spells as the Sorceror does (use Cast/Known per Sorc); however their list of Known spells is set each day during spell preparation from their spell books.
  • Wizards do not suffer from Opposition School penalties.
  • Familiar: Bonus feats may be used to purchase Improved Familiar.
  • Arcane Bond: The item, if turned into a magic item through Craft Item feats, only requires that level, spell, and gold costs are met. The creation time is reduced to a 1 hour ritual. Alternatively a Wizard may choose to turn an existing magic item into their Arcane Bond during Spell Preparation.


  • Melee Eldritch Blast: Invocations can only create one weapon or affect one weapon (no dual wielding Eldritch Blasts).
  • Eldritch Blast: You may make one attack as a Standard Action, or you may take a Full Attack Action to take as many attacks as your Base Attack allows (all melee/ranged).
  • AoE Eldritch Blast: Applying any Blast Shape that makes Eldritch Blast affect more than one target requires a Standard Action.


  • All classes that only get 2 Skill Ranks per level now gain 4 Skill Ranks per level.
  • Use Magic Device is limited to Alchemist, Bard, Ninja, Rogue, and Warlock.


Caster Only

Midian Descent: Requires Level 1, Caster (City of Crypts, New Feat)
The blood of ancient evil Midia runs in the player’s veins, no matter how thin. The DC’s of all spells and effects of the player casts are at plus 2.

Midian Heritage: Requires Midian Descent (City of Crypts, New Feat)
A stronger strain of Midia lingers in this players veins, usually a Zhondish, Ur-Nammu noble, or Tartessan merchant. The magical power of Midia swirls in the player, powering his magic. All spell damage dice are upgraded one step, ex. D4 to D6.

Midian Legacy: Requires Midian Descent (City of Crypts, New Feat)
Midia’s magical legacy empowers this player. As a result, he may cast one extra spell of each level available to him per day, ex. a first level wizard may cast two base spells per day instead of just one.

Midian Pureblood: Requires Midian Heritage, Midian Legacy (City of Crypts, New Feat)
By chance or connivance, this character’s strain of Midian blood runs pure. The magical might of ancient Midia surges through his veins. He may substitute his Charisma score for his prime casting stat. If Charsima is already their prime casting stat, it rises by 2 points.

Unholy Secrets: Requires Caster or Warlock, Non-Good Alignment (City of Crypts, New Feat)
This feat treats the casters prime ability score for determining bonus spells, effects, and bonuses as if it were two points higher, ex. a Wizard with a 17 Intelligence would be treated as if he has a 19 Intelligence for purposes of determining spell saves and bonus spells. A Warlock with this feat gains one extra Invocation whenever he gains a new tier of Invocation, i.e. a 1st level warlock would know two least invocations.

Fighter Only

Balanced Weight: Requires Fighter level 4 (New Feat)
Attack penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced by –1. Alternatively, you may use a one-handed weapon in your off-hand, treating it as if it were a light weapon with the normal light weapon penalties.

Improved Balanced Weight: Requires Fighter level 8, Balanced Weight (New Feat)
Attack penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced by –2 and you may use a one-handed weapon in your off-hand, treating it as if it were a light weapon with the normal light weapon penalties.

Shield Deflection: Requires Fighter level 4 (New Feat)
When using a shield you gain your shield bonus against touch attacks.

Tower Shield Specialization: Requires Fighter level 4 (New Feat)
When using a tower shield you do not take the –2 penalty on attack rolls because of the shield’s encumbrance.

Good Only

Blood of Heroes: Requires 1st Level, Good Alignment (City of Crypts, New Feat)
This Feat represents those who are descended from the bloodlines of the greatest, god-touched heroes. The player may re-roll any one roll per day.

Luck of Heroes: Requires 1st Level, Good Alignment (City of Crypts, New Feat)
Heroes are inherently lucky. +1 Luck Bonus to all Saves.

Luck of the Gods: Requires Good Alignment, Luck of Heroes, Blood of Heroes (City of Crypts, New Feat)
Those who have been marked by the gods for great destinies have advantages lesser mortals can only dream of. Once per day, any one roll may be declared as a natural twenty. This must be announced prior to the action.

Warlock Only

Dark Pact: Requires Warlock, Midian Descent (City of Crypts, New Feat)
Midian warlocks were famous for their powers. This feat allows a warlock to add 2d6 to the damage of his Eldritch Blast.

Blood Pact: Requires Dark Pact (City of Crypts, New Feat)
Some Midian Warlocks achieved unheard of power. This feat allows one extra invocation per level of invocation available.

Unholy Pact: Requires Blood Pact (City of Crypts, New Feat)
The mightiest Midian Warlocks were able to produce incredible Eldritch effects. The character may add one extra invocation to his Eldritch Blast.

Unholy Secrets: Requires Caster or Warlock, Non-Good Alignment (City of Crypts, New Feat)
This feat treats the casters prime ability score for determining bonus spells, effects, and bonuses as if it were two points higher, ex. a Wizard with a 17 Intelligence would be treated as if he has a 19 Intelligence for purposes of determining spell saves and bonus spells. A Warlock with this feat gains one extra Invocation whenever he gains a new tier of Invocation, i.e. a 1st level warlock would know two least invocations.

New Feats

Dexterous Strike: Requires Dexterity 13 (New Feat)
You may apply your Dexterity bonus as a damage modifier instead of Strength.

Forceful Willpower: (New Feat)
You may substitute your Cha mod for your Wis mod on Will saves.

Monkey Grip: (New Feat)
You gain 5’ threat when using a 2H weapon. This does not stack with Lunge.

Precise Reflexes: (New Feat)
You may substitute your Int mod for your Dex mod on Reflex saves.

Powerful Fortitude: (New Feat)
You may substitute your Str mod for your Con mod on Fortitude saves.

Ranged Mastery: (New Feat)
Purchasing this Feat gives you Point Blank Shot & Precise Shot.

WIP Strength Feats
Due to Weapon Finesse and Dexterous Strike pushing Dex so far ahead we could do something here. Powerful Fort is huge for say a Bard, not a Fighter. Something that gives a bonus on Initiative, Movement speed in armor, etc… would make Str builds viable. Keep it parred down to 2 feats to match the Dex investment.

Weapon Specific Feats
Feats such as Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, and Improved Critical will now choose a Weapon Group per the Weapon Training class feature of Fighters.

Banned Feats

  • Hammer the Gap
  • Two Weapon Rend


I reserve the right to tell you “NO!” at any time. If you find some crazy amazing thing that you know is broken and don’t forewarn me ahead of time, expect this to be applied to you more often than normal.

Melee Attacks
All classes lose their final attack gained from Base Attack. A 20th level Wizard would only have 1 melee attack. A 16th level Fighter would only have 2 melee attacks, or 4 melee attacks if Dual Wielding.

Two Handed Weapons
All 2H weapons grant x2 attribute modifier for damage.


  • All Bows use Dexterity for to hit and damage.
  • Bows count as 2H weapons for damage modifiers.
  • Bows threaten a 5’ area.
  • Bows get a +1 damage step if firing upon someone within 10’.


  • Any weapon with a critical strike modifier of 20/x3 or greater may be substituted with 19-20/x2 instead.

Hit Points

  • No HP bonuses for leveling in your FC. You may choose any other Optional Favored Class option.
  • Standardized HP: d12=12, d10=10, d8=8, and d6=6.

Immediate and Swift Actions

  • These are separate from each other.

Readied Actions

  • Readied actions do not alter your Initiative.

Character Death/Retirement

  • If you make a new character some grandfathered rules which have been deemed unbalanced or broken will not be available for your new character, even if it is a positive retirement.


Buff Spells

  • Buffs that ONLY buff and have no type of damage effect may be cast as a Move action.
  • Some spells may be excluded from this without warning in game.
  • All spells must be approved on a case by case basis.

Frigid Touch

  • Frigid Touch causes your hand to glow with a pale blue radiance. Your melee touch attack deals 4d6 points of cold damage plus an additional 4d6 cold damage every four levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of 12d6 at 11th level). The spell also has a chance to cause the target to be staggered for 1 round (Fort save for no Staggered effect, the damage cannot be saved).

Mirror Image
Requires a Standard Action to cast.

Spell Books

  • All casters (including divine) must use a spell book. The only exception will be classes with spontaneous casting.
  • You begin play with a spellbook containing all 0-level spells, five 1st-level spells, four 2nd-level spells, plus a number of additional spells (for both levels) equal to your relevant Attribute modifier.
  • At each new level you gain two new spells of any spell level that you can cast (research, practice, etc…).


  • Familiars have a BA equal to a Wizard of equivalent level to the Familiar.

Magic Items

Magic Items

  • Items may be worn as makes sense. Ie., you could wear two belts, three amulets, and five rings. However you could only wear one pair of boots.
  • Some more powerful magic items will require you to become Attuned to the item. You gain 1 Attunement slot at level 1, and an additional at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20.
  • All items of +5 or greater always require an Attunement slot.
  • Armor and Shield enchantments cost the same as Weapon enchantments.

Magic Item Creation

  • If you wish to make magic items be aware you may suffer unexpected restrictions and requirements on creating them if they are Intelligent or +5 or greater.
  • Item creation in and of itself takes 8 hours.


  • A one hour ritual that destroys a normal magic item (nothing epic) and produces Mage Crystals equal to 25% of the value of the existing item.
  • Some cursed, holy, and unholy items when disenchanted carry the blessings and curses with the Mage Crystals.


High Fantasy Settings

  • High fantasy campaigns will use the full level for determining all DC’s, not 1/2 of the level.
Play and Work (PAW) WIP

In my mind there are not a lot of reasons to rush over to a game after you get off of work. You may or may not get worked in by the time you get there, may have already missed out on loot options, etc…

I’d like to offer PAW as an incentive model, similar to ABA’s, to reward players who make the time to come to a game after they got off work and already missed most of the session. This is a work in progress (WIP), and as such open to suggestions, changes, and modifications.

The idea is to reward an amount of points based off of two measures. The first is to set a minimum reward to justify the effort of showing up. The other is to establish a scaling point system to offer extra rewards for missing out on huge events.

1 pts = + 1 magic item
3 pts = + 2 magic item
5 pts = + 3 magic item
8 pts = + 4 magic item
12 pts = + 5 magic item
15 pts/Unique Token = unique item
22 pts/Special Unique Token = special unique item
SE Token = some missed opportunities are so huge that no item compensates for showing up late. These will be handled on a case by case basis.

Minimum Award: Level divided by 3 (rounded down)

Award per session:

Money: Group loot money values shall be compared to the magic item point value table. The highest possible purchase will be dropped one category and that many points shall be awarded. For example, if the group loot award was 55k gold that would buy one + 5 weapon. That is then dropped one category to a + 4 item. So the person showing up late is awarded 8 points to spend.

Unique Items: Any time two or more players gain unique items during game play, the missing player will be awarded one Unique Item token to redeem from the GM’s list of unique items. Some GM’s may have special unique items that are a class beyond anything else. The same would apply here.

Special Exception Tokens: Some awards are simply too large to measure. Players given the opportunity to take on a Template such as Half-Demon, Half-Celestial, or Vampire. Becoming the Chosen Champion of a God. Joining the Order of the Blackguard. When opportunities like these arise the GM will discuss with the GROUP (not just the missing player) what options would have been available had the player been there, and whether or not a commensurate award is fitting.

Remember, these awards are only for those players who are at work while the game is running (or have to leave early to go to work) and still come to the game after they get off. If you simply miss a game, you get none of these awards.

Some of my GM's notes subbing as the Adventure Log

Marcus and Salis went to Traste because of Sera’s summons. Her intention is to replace Laroe as the patron god of Traste. Marcus and Salis will be her “paragons” to convert the nation. Their first mission however was covert. Their purpose at the moment is to purge Traste of all undue influences by Draco, Fagaras, and Zhavelodin.

Marcus Turning Point: He’s found a lawful good monk of Draco and a neutral good bard of Zhavelodin who are truly good people. But if left alive, they will subvert Sera’s plans in Traste and possibly weaken her. He can’t bring himself to kill them.

Malik became Eclipse largely due to ignorant peasants creating a name for this mysterious dark elf wizard. However his new found power was definitely stolen through the lost skills of Telarius. As to the Storm Lord, Marischa has been investing divine power into Eclipse that she has somehow been collecting through an unknown means. And while it appears that Eclipse only seeks to become an Ascendant, and not a god, his powers border on god-like. It was with these powers that he and Calista were able to strike Insea in vengeance against Tara.

Eclipse’s Turning Point: He is fated to die, a final strike from Zanathax to hurt Marischa. Due to the curse, he also cannot do anything to change this fate. Someone, without his involvement, must find a way to change his fate.

Calista’s curse by the Undead was beyond serious. But Ren’s devout love and dedication has lead them to find ancient secrets and power to largely protect Calista from losing herself. Oddly, one of the best “salves” is to slay True Undead making Calista become even more of a scourge to the undead. She is also seeking out even more ways to destroy Tara and the undead, obsessively so.

Curse: The Children of the Daughter of Entropy shall corrupt her will, and she shall become the Mother of the Dark.

Calista’s Turning Point: If she continues down her path to curing herself of her curse she will eventually become a True Undead herself. But this will give Tara the opportunity to kill her. Her curse must be lifted, or she must be convinced to live with it for the rest of her days.

Aloric calls himself Col, short for Coliar, and also founded two houses in Traste. House Greyland is one of the “First Six” and the primary purveyor of arms in Traste now. But he has also founded a new bloodline of vampires, Lunarium. His bloodline is tainted by otherworldly fae powers, and his childer have demonstrated wildly diverse powers and personality traits. He’s also become life-mates with Zara the Spawn of Tiamat, making his seem even stranger.

Coliar’s Turning Point: First, he is about to start calling himself Aloric again. If he does the Black Guard will come for him. He needs to be convinced to pick a new name and stick with it. He hates Coliar. Two, he and Zara are about to have a child. Tiamat still hasn’t been found yet. There are concerns with whether or not this will bring about her as Tiamat, where Tiamat is, what the children will be, and more…

Yolo goes on to marry Sul (Sularian Firestorm) and become the Defender of the Fae, Guardian of the Forest. He has also evolved beyond his mortal form into a Sylvan Magma force of Primal Energy. As he progresses however, his mind becomes less human as well. For him however, he’s quite happy with the outcome.

Yolo’s Turning Point: None. Gaining his freedom and a home, he’s found everything he wanted. He will however come to the aid of one of his friends once.

Tumbleweed’s movements have been masked. No one knows what happened to him or what’s he’s been doing. But now that he’s back he’s far more powerful than ever before. Somehow he’s reclaimed his Soul Blade, unleashed his dragon blood, and become a full Weapon Master.

Tumbleweed’s Turning Point: He is going to challenge The Genocide to combat. If he does and dies, it will pit Asyria and Pass into a full blown war with perhaps devastating results.

Ever since the Saul’s took one of his moons, which was subsequently shattered into Sparks, he has been actively moving to reshape the world into ways he can more readily control. Many forget, but Zhavelodin was the creator of this world and everything that exists within it. And he’s angry.

Everything that has happened so far has been due to his direct machinations. The apocalyptic events to force the gods into reforging the world. The Horn pieces going back into play to be collected. The supposed fix of the Fragments of the Shards of the Horn of the Gods. The gods themselves being forced to re-Ascend. And the Law of Eight being invoked yet again. Zhavelodin’s Eight Children have been reborn. And no one, not even the gods, knows what that means…

Fagaras was going to make a series of power plays until he realized that Zhavelodin was using him the entire time. Now with no idea of what is going on he is consolidating all of his power bases and trying to preserve the undead and demons under his control. Within that scope he will be entirely amiable.

Draco has been collecting neutral and good souls in order to trade them to Fagaras for specific souls of his choosing at a rate of 2:1 in Fagaras’s favor. No one is entirely sure which souls he is trading for, but he is giving Fagaras souls that do not deserve to be in a Soul Pit. Also, he has somehow reforged the Eight Legendary Blade of Power. Draco has managed to keep the rest of his movements masked so far, but he has been “removing” things from known existence making them secret…

Sera’ is attempting to move past everything that has happened to her so far. Her view is that one mortal should never have the power to change any god as much as has already happened to her. She has proclaimed that Vash shall no longer be hunted. That hunting him will in fact mark his enemies as enemies of Sera, and that his curse has been lifted. And Sera’ now has Vash’s Orb.

The Nine
In light of what has been discovered about Zhavelodin, the truth of them being “The Eight” is understood. The Genocide was never a part of them, he is the representation of Zhavelodin as the creator of “The Eight”. If I can regain what is missing from me, perhaps I can become whole and remember what knowledge I’ve lost.

Sera Gear:
1) Celestial Armor +3, Amulet +4 Str, Ring of Resist Elements 5, Scabbard of Keen Edges, Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
2) Ancient Full Plate of the Old Kingdom +3 (Human Racial Armor: Touch AC), Amulet +4 Int, Ring of Blink, Scabbard of Keen Edges, Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
3) Dwarven Chainmail +3 Dr 5/-, Amulet +4 Con, Ring of Evasion, Scabbard of Keen Edges, Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
4) Leather Armor +3 (Improved Shadow, Glamered, Light Fort), Amulet +4 Dex, Ring of Chameleon (stacks), Scabbard of Keen Edges, Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
5) Leather Armor +3 (Improved Shadow, Glamered, Light Fort), Amulet +4 Cha, Ring of Chameleon (stacks), Scabbard of Keen Edges, Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
6) Robes of the Archmagi (White), Amulet +6 Con, Ring of Wizardry 1-3, Rod of Empower and Extend (3 charges each), Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
7) Robes of the Archmagi (Grey), Amulet +6 Int, Ring of Wizardry 1-3, Rod of Empower and Extend (3 charges each), Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.
8) Robes of the Archmagi (Black), Amulet +4 Wis, Ring of Freedom of Movement, Staff of Maximized Healing (Mass spell 3/day), Boots of Movement, Gloves of Storing.

Ring of Wizardry: Works for Arcane and Divine
Scabbard of Keen Edges: Fits any weapon, grants Keen for scene.
Boots of Movement: +10 Move, one extra 5’ step per round.
Gloves of Storing: Two gloves, each one works per the book, grants Quick Draw.

Spirit Watch: Gold and electrum pocket style watch in a perfect circle with no chain or hook, with frozen hands on Eight Thirty Eight. Has 80 minutes and 80 seconds. (Can bring up the cosmology of it being a Ring Planet with non-standardized time, 24 hours, 80 minutes per hour, 80 seconds per minute.) Holds talking male spirit that appears as an image, holds knowledge but forgets things too and cannot remember who he is. Features shift while looking at him, generally attractive male.

Spirit Gems: These do not apply to combat rolls. They are bonuses on normal actions such as picking pockets, bending steel bars, swaying people’s emotions, etc…
• Strength of the Titans: Double your Str modifier for Str checks, may Take 20 on Str checks, Ignore all Hardness, and crit 14-20/x4 versus objects.
• Nimble Grace: Double your Dex modifier for Dex checks, may Take 20 on Dex checks, double Dex mod for Init.
• Tougher than Steel: Double your Con modifier for Con checks, may Take 20 on Con checks, once per round ignore one damage source.
• Charismatic Allure: Double your Cha modifier for Cha checks, may Take 20 on Cha checks, may use Cha as primary casting stat, “sex appeal” with anyone you target.
• Unrivaled Intelligence: Double your Int modifier for Int checks, may Take 20 on Int checks, may use Int as primary casting stat, add half your HD to all Know checks.
• Iron Resolve: Double your Wis modifier for Wis checks, may Take 20 on Wis checks, may use Wis as primary casting stat, immune to mind effects.

Scroll of Artwork: Silhouette (Grants 1 Faith in her)
Faith: 1 Faith = 1 Miracle in that god’s purview. Examples include swinging the tide of a battle in your favor by raising fallen allies to continue fighting, moving you and your allies, with all your and their gear, from one plane to a specific locale through planar barriers with no chance of error, and protecting a city from an earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, or other major natural disaster.

Map to the Moonaxe: Map to the Legendary blade of power, but can’t read the language it’s in. There’s an attached letter explaining what it is, and to not tell anyone what is inside. It is written in Ancient Vampire.

Each one is made of a rose colored wood with the faintest of grains. Inside is red velvet nestling a strange black and silver doubloon emblazoned with a symbol of blood dropping into threads.

Static Portals:
(Warning, going through any of these is a GAMBLE!!! Could result in perma-death, full party wipe, of the most amazing possible rewards you never dreamed of. They are all in some way related to the plot as “side missions” which can make or break future encounters.)
1. The Temple of Llroe in Traste: The most holy of holy sites, with Llroe dead who knows what would happen if you go there? It was forgotten.
2. The Ancient Keep: Supposedly destroyed by The Genocide there is no telling where this leads now.
3. The Isle of the Gods: If your need is true, you are permitted entry one time and one time only to seek succor.
4. The Altar of the Black Guard: Many have come back from this Portal, but no one has ever spoken of it.
5. The Seat of Insea: Buried in the capitol city, it is rumored to contain the ancient magics of before and hold a tremendous secret.
6. The Heart of the Dragon: No one’s gone through since what happened before. No idea on the result.
7. The Forgotten Keep: Don’t know what it is? (Abandoned and lost Thadukeen keep in the mountains from the first Thadukeen, the wielder of the Horn of the Gods)
8. The Cave of Tiamat: No one’s gone through since the reforging. (The Mother Crystal is there)

Player Warning
This has been a single, solitary plot line inspired by the idiot Dave and Roy destroying the world. It hinged upon Russ’s plotline of the Sparks and Rob’s plot line of the Saul’s. The Epic campaign combined with what was just run brings everything to a head, culminating into the reveal of what the underlying story has been the entire time. Sorry if it’s a disappointment, but I hope you like it. It’s an Ending that is a Beginning. The campaign title is a hint to the story. You were always supposed to get “retired”, just the plan was for it to be with Legendary Weapons and not Towers of Magic.

The Nine
Aseckleam – started up Traste and then vanished years later.
Al’Ren – took the old lands of Traivon, no word of what happens between the Great Walls has been found.
Cyn – Avatar of Fagaras, whereabouts unknown.
Saul – took over the Rainforest.
Tara – took over Insea. Got a Pact from Será to never be pushed into a path Tara doesn’t wish, and gained one fragment from each horn piece.
Mr Bear – Got a Pact from Será to be protected from Her, and became a nature spirit in The Old Empire.
Dimble – started the kingdom of Asyria and altered his race with draconic blood.
Coin Guy – ascending to godhood but has not been heard from in Asyria.
The Genocide – took over Pass.

Undead / Critical Feats / Druid Wild Shapes

So I was looking through the Critical Feats

Bleeding, Blinding, Crippling, Deafening, Exhausting, Staggering, Stunning, and Tiring

Undead are Immune to all of the above.

The only two they are not immune to are Banishing Critical (which no melee will be able to take anyways) and Sickening Critical (which in forums almost everyone house rules they are immune to, an oversight by Paizo considering they are immune to Nauseated which is the higher effect).

So, any ideas for House Rules for Critical Feats vs undead for CoC campaigns? Or just let this one go?

Druid’s Wild Shape

Rob and I were talking about Wild Shape and how melee druids would be devastating. Well Paizo screwed the pooch again. Beast Shape is pretty much the always best bet for Druids because the sheet lack of options for Elemental and Plant forms. Confirmed this by checking some forums and guides.

Plant Shape III, for example, grants you access to Regeneration 5 if the plant has it. No plants have Regeneration. Pretty f’ing stupid.

Any ability listed in a previous spell can be gained also in the newer spells. For example, If Beast Shape grants certain abilities, and there is an equivalent or higher version of Elemental/Plant Shape, they can gain those as well even if not listed. Also, creature type specific abilities may be allowed on a case by case basis (some plants have unique abilities not even remotely covered by Shape spells).

This would only be for Druids, or anyone who gets Wild Shape as a class ability. The spells themselves for say Wizards would stay the same.

Wiki Updates 4/25/13

Weapon Specific Feats
Feats such as Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, and Improved Critical will now choose a Weapon Group per the Weapon Training class feature of Fighters.


Attacks of Opportunity are ALWAYS possible so long as the creature has a threatened area. No matter their attack for (including Slams) they may make one. This AoO is made as a NORMAL attack doing the Slam dmg versus normal AC. (This is per the rules, not house rules) Confirmed by rules and also some spells on creatures with slam attacks who still get AoO’s in rules references.

Undead/Constructs are also immune to bleed damage. (This is per the rules, not house rules) Per Undead Traits.

Under the universal rules they are not immune. But under the Bestiary 1 they are listed as immune. Another editing error on their side. They are supposed to be immune.

I reserve the right to tell you “NO!” at any time. If you find some crazy amazing thing that you know is broken and don’t forewarn me ahead of time, expect this to be applied to you more often than normal.

Any race with attribute modifiers may substitute their racial modifiers with +2 to any one attribute.

Any weapon with a critical strike modifier of 20/x3 or greater may substitute it with 19-20/x2 instead.

Paladins – If you have a more “meaningful” idea to make Paladins look forward to new abilities gained at higher levels I’m all ears.

Ranger (straight up nerf)

May no longer choose Animal Companion for their Hunter’s Bond.
May no longer select the Archetype: Skirmisher.


1) Quicken Spell does not exist.

2) Multi-Spell
This class feature is gained by all spell casters at level 10. This allows the caster to use a Move action to cast a spell as if they were using a standard action to do so. This allows a caster to cast 2 spells a round or to cast a spell and make a standard action as well.


Have been reorganized to be easier to read.

Previous Rumors

World Rumors:

A new empire to the north has been raised in the past few decades offering hope for a bright new future, a utopia of intellect and science.

Saul was sacrificing people in the rain forest to raise a vampire nation.

The first Chargrin was finally reborn, but is only a baby.

The Genocide resides in what was once called Pass. No one who has attempted to cross those mountains has lived to tell the tale.

Insea is a non-human kingdom now, supposedly filled with Sirens, Mermen, and Sea Elves.

Traste was reformed by Aseckleam, but once it was established he went missing.

Traste Rumors:

The Dark Forest is a goldmine of opportunities. The Towers of Magic have not been discovered, Nodes of Power exist, dungeons and fae have been found, and magic items that shouldn’t even be around anymore. However many who enter die, and some of the foulest creatures still exist within it’s depths…

In the Dark Forest there have been reports of Undead and Slayers. Bring some kind of Sunlight or Positive Energy spells if possible…

The Torkeen’s have been throwing some of the best Balls this last year. People wonder what they plan to do next?!

King Alexander has been searching for Centaur and Lizardman tribes very heavily.

A dragon showed up and killed the King just last month!! No one knows who this king really is…maybe the dragon in disguise?

Several supposedly reborn Weapon Masters are in Traste trying to relearn their secrets, but have been failing…

The Fey fight for the right to party

February 14, 2013

We come across Cerio a quickling and Sularian Firestorm a nymph wielding two blades known as Sul. She greets Tumbleweed as a brother aka fe3low weapon master.

Cerio is the Eyes of the Fey.

The earth elemental aka Yolo challenged a monstrous troll to a contest for gold of throwing a rock. He tries to engage Alloric to charm the troll into not crushing him with the throw using vampiric charm.. the fey eny Alloric the chance stating the only reason he is alive is because he journeys with Yolo who is the Defender of the Fey and Savior of the Pool.

The troll in wooden full plate is puzzled when his throw does not destroy Yolo who exercises his escape ability to evade the killing blow.

We are taken to Queen Desala who is the lady of the Dark Forest and the Bastion Anger of the Fey.

They currently control the Glade of Summer which stands for purification but have lost control of the Glade of Spring.

Bastion is a lich home blocking them from controlling the Glade of Winter which is where their best generals reside.

The first glade was in fact that of Autumn.

Their Elium could not even scry into the glades they no longer control.

Lick Holm is a fortress constituted of souls molded into the very fortified structure that stands today.

There are only 163 Fey in the Dark Forest, a paltry number in face of two adversaries in the humans and the undead.

We eventually describe the humans as brain crawlers which surprises the Fey. They were concerned they were fighting two unique enemeies, not biomorphs using subterfuge as another.

The Fey that Alloric robbed of her soul is actually now of another world entirely..

There is a vaunted Runesmith to the East that is able to easily dispatch biomorphs. They desperately want an alliance to conquer their foes..

Ren aka Lady Deshmar always wants something in return and is unlikely to help.

Sul shows little interest in the sniper rifle.

The group goes back to Calista’s tower. They travel to the Runesmith.

There are massive pillars covered in runes and sigils protecting a village. The villagers all run to safety deeper inside.

Yolo goes beneath ground and avoids destruction by the pillars.

The Runesmith is shocked at this, and says he must construct a rune that targets that which cannot be targeted..

The birth of a new order resides here. The Runesmith is a young man who wanted to control his own “niche” except he instead mistakenly created a new order of magic with the villagers his disciples..

The Runesmith’s name is Winter. He tried the whole Unicorn controlling a niche aka teleportation and travel but it backfired obviously.

This is an old order reformed..

There is now a new order of wizardry.

Yolo spends 8 ABA’s for 3 dots Strategy.

The Glade of Summer purifies points of power within the Dark Forest.

The Undead created Lich Holm to block the Fey and the Biomorphs have taken over several Points of Power once belonging to the Fey.

Note: If you stitch the name Fagaras into your clothing you will become immune to disease, poisons, and won’t be attacked by the undead without provocation.

Winter pulls out an amulet and ascertains we have honorable intentions.

He doesn’t want to leave but must go to Calista’s tower..

Alana, the sire of Alloric, shows up and gives up a blank map showing in moonlight the location of the Moonaxe as a thanks from Saul.

Saul also knows Alloric hasn’t worked on creating a line of vampires and wants to know why.. a valid reason..

There are already 6 Vampire Lords in place.

The Vampire Lords apparently have an ancient circle of power within Traste.. Alana heads out. She didn’t seem to care about anything.

We eventually scry the Glade of Winter via the Tower.

The Glade shows its nighttime but its daylight outside.

There are trees with a dryad inside.

She looks up.

Calista uses Fate and the Tower of Entropy and all her power points to remove Lich Holm from existence.

Wind blows it away into the ether..

We spend one day in the vault.. Alloric regains 6 blood listening to Tumbleweed dote on his sister.

When Calista uses the Tower in such overt and demonstrative fashion her hair turns white and her body’s skin is now jet black.

Sul says Yolo to pass a test to answer questions.

The Fey are supremely powerful, but they only got into trouble once they lost connection to The Fey. (Oops!)

Dryads represent the Nobility and Generals of the Fey.

When asked about the one tree, Winter says this is the Tower of Fate cryptically..

The Fey do not care about Bezofgha rather the Fey who is gone..

The group asks Calista to use the tower to locate or scry individuals based on their fate..

Fiora, the wife of Alexander the standing King of Traste, has her soul in the green ether. She is within the mist and is not to be reborn while Alexander is alive. We learned Alexander will be killed soon because he has no heir and will not take one unless it is the child of Fiora..

Lord Davros Vanders who is married to Constance Vanders is set to be the new King of Traste once Alexander is gone..

Vanders controls the docks, the trade game, and the ships..

When seeking the fate of Chara, Dimble’s wife and an ancient Red Dragon, she quietly hears a voice whisper in her ear, “Don’t.”


End Sessions.


Rob 15 (+1 I miscounted his game food contribution)
Bill 14
Brian 17
Shayla 15

Brain Spiders?!?!

Feb – 7, 2013
Before we decide to do things we start to have a talk about party dynamics, group trust and party goals. We discuss personal goals and where and what we want to do. So far we have decided that the only somewhat party goal we have is the aid of Bezothka to get him off our backs. In the meantime we are going to check out the dark forest a bit before we decide if we want to return to Assyria. Callista defeats the Gargoyle by having the tower treat it as an intruder.

We head out into the forest and after a short time we hear music and merriment from a grove. We head towards it and see a group of humans that invite us to eat with them. We head towards them and start talking and as we move forward they attack. Combat is joined and we quickly realize that while they look human they are clearly not. They have massive potential to soak damage and have no emotions although they do register as alive. We have a rough fight but kill them all. Malik investigates the bodies… the hair on the nape of our necks starts to stand up and Alaric locks up, unable to move in terror, Callista and Yolo run away, Malik Rachel and Marcus start to shake when the heads of the creatures explode in gore and glistening translucent spider like creatures skitter out and away. We witnessed something truly unnatural, Alaric thinks that someone sent them after us specifically, but the rest of us think that it was just a random encounter. We search the remaining remains and find basic gear and the bodies seem to have been internally altered by the strange spider creatures filling them with unnatural organs, nodules, lack of organs, and other general weirdness.

Alaric tries to feed on Yolo and inspires him to Rage and feeds successfully. Malik clams Yolo down with mind magic. We burn the bodies to keep something from happening. We leave and continue to the East for an hour or so when we hear a high pitched voice say they are over here, this way. Malik looks for minds in the area and detects one moving towards us and one moving so quickly he cannot feel it. A 2’ tall guy in brown leathers that looks like a scout or thief that leaves behind a trail of miniature stars stops in the clearing before us. A woman starts walking forward that is the most attractive creature we have seen short of The Fae in silk cloth that is very revealing, red hair and pale skin, two short swords strapped to her back. She clasps arms with Tumbleweed (if he lets her) and says “I see you brother.”Cerio is the quickling, eyes of the Fae, and she is Sularian Firestorm but we can call her Sul, she is a nymph.

XP: 3
ABA – Ian – 5, Brian – 7, Eddie – 4, Rob -5, Shayla – 6, Will – 0


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