The Powers of the Realms

Fully Updated House Rules

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Half-Elf: 2nd FC can be a Prestige Class

Half-Orc: Orc Ferocity: Once per day, when a half-orc is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, he can fight on for one more round without any penalties. At the end of his next turn, unless brought to above 0 hit points, he immediately falls unconscious and begins dying. Also gets Diehard for free as part of Orc Ferocity. Any racial advantage that gives up Orc Ferocity gives up Diehard as well.


Bards – If you want to play one make an Archaeologist. One notation, Archaeologist’s Luck should read “He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Charisma modifier. At each level after 1st a bard can use Archaeologist’s Luck for 2 additional rounds per day.”

Monk: Unarmed combat can use natural weapons, Small PC’s use normal Medium tables.

Barbarian – All Barbarians gain the benefits of the Invulnerable Rager without giving up any class features except for the baseline Damage Reduction that starts at level 7.

Rage: No AC penalty, no fatigue penalty, hp are temporary, cannot start/end in the same round. Tireless Rage = Unlimited Rage

Wizard: +2 spells per day for each level, Bonus Feat is at every 4 levels now (4, 8, 12, 16, 20), and Scribe Scroll is replaced by Bonus Feat.

Fighters – If a Fighter uses their bonus combat feat to purchase Improved Two-Weapon Fighting or Greater Two-Weapon Fighting then they may ignore the Dexterity requirement. Also, when Fighters select feats that denote one specific weapon (such as Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization) they may choose up to 3 weapons.

BraveryBravery makes the fighter immune to Fear. Also starting at 2nd level, a fighter gains a +1 bonus on Will saves. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.

Favored Class: No hp bonuses for leveling in your FC, only +1 skill point.

HP: d12=11, d10=9, d8=7, d6=5, d4=3.


Point Blank Shot & Precise Shot: If you purchase one, you get the other.

For those who already have the following Weapon Finesse you may keep it. For all new characters Weapon Finesse works per the normal rules.

Weapon Finesse: If you have the WP to use a light weapon, rapier, whip, or spiked chain then you may gain the benefit of Weapon Finesse without purchasing it. If you choose to purchase Weapon Finesse anyways, you may also use your Dexterity as a damage modifier.

Heavy Handed – Requires Fighter level 4 (New Feat)
When making an attack with a two-handed weapon add double your Strength bonus on damage rolls.

Balanced Weight – Requires Fighter level 8 (New Feat)
Attack penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced by –1. Alternatively, you may use a one-handed weapon in your off-hand, treating it as if it were a light weapon with the normal light weapon penalties.

Tower Shield Specialization – Requires Fighter level 4 (New Feat)
When using a tower shield you do not take the –2 penalty on attack rolls because of the shield’s encumbrance.

Improved Shield Specialization – Requires Fighter level 8 (New Feat)
When using a shield you gain your shield bonus against touch attacks.

Dexterous Strike – Requires Dexterity 13 (New Feat)
You may apply your Dex bonus as a damage modifier to one specific weapon.

Point Blank MasterPoint Blank Master may also be chosen by Rogues as a Combat Trick (Req level 4).


Immediate and Swift Actions: They stay separate

Saving Throws: Choose the highest appropriate stat: Fort (Str or Con), Ref (Dex or Int), Will (Wis or Cha)

Total Defense: +6 AC

Readied Actions: do not alter your Initiative

Character Death/Retirement – If you make a new character some house rules which have been deemed unbalanced or broken will not be available for your new character, even if it is a positive retirement.


Spellcasting: Memorize a number of spells each day equal to your spells per day allotment. You may then spontaneously cast spells with those slots from your memorized selection. Spells affected by Metamagic Feats must be memorized/prepared like all other spells. Arcane casters may use either Int or Cha.

Spontaneous Casting – Some rules cribbed from 5.0 do not work within the confines of the Pathfinder rules system. Existing characters may keep their spontaneous casting, but all future characters will not have it unless it is an existing class feature.

Buff Spells – Buffs that ONLY buff and have no type of damage effect may be cast as a Move action. Some spells may be excluded from this without warning in game.

Mirror Image – This spell requires a Standard Action to cast.

Frigid Touch – This spell causes your hand to glow with a pale blue radiance. Your melee touch attack deals 4d6 points of cold damage plus an additional 4d6 cold damage every four levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of 12d6 at 11th level). The spell also has a chance to cause the target to be staggered for 1 round (Fort save for no Staggered effect, the damage cannot be saved).

Spells Known: Casters with Spells Known gain a bonus to each level equal to the relevant Attribute modifier.

Spell Books: All casters (including divine) must use a spell book. The only exception will be classes with a set list of “Spells Known”. All classes with Spells Known will gain a bonus to their Spells Known equal to their relevant Attribute Modifier.

You begin play with a spellbook containing all 0-level spells, five 1st-level spells, four 2nd-level spells, plus a number of additional spells (for both levels) equal to your relevant Attribute modifier. (This assumes starting character level of 3-4)

At each new level you gain two new spells of any spell level that you can cast (research, practice, etc…). At any time you can also add spells found in other spellbooks to your own (see Magic).

Magic Items

Magic Items: Items may be worn as makes sense. Ie., you could wear two belts, three amulets, and five rings. However you could only wear one pair of boots. Some more powerful magic items will require you to become Attuned to the item. This will have to be discovered in game.

Magic Item Creation: If you wish to make magic items be aware you may suffer unexpected restrictions and requirements on creating them. However, item creation in and of itself will only take one hour. Also we will be adopting 4.0 disenchantment rules.

Disenchantment: A one hour ritual that destroys a normal magic item (nothing cursed, intelligent, epic, etc…) and produces Mage Crystals equal to 25% of the value of the existing item. Some cursed, holy, and unholy items can be disenchanted and carry the blessings and curses with the Mage Crystals.

Due to stat bonus scaling normal campaigns will try to limit buff items to no more than +4 and no higher starting stat than 14. High fantasy campaigns will start with no higher that 16 for stats and all DC’s using level modifiers will use the full level, not 1/2 of the level.

Game Cancelled & Character Histories

Game Cancelled

So the first thing done was cancelling the game due to Shaylian being tied up all Thursday. Some people later asked if we could game on Wed instead to which I replied, “Sure!” However then some people asked if we could still game on Thur at someone else’s house. So in the interest of not leaving some people out I’m just cancelling the game for this week to make sure no one gets butt hurt.

Experience Points

Previous Exp: Medium Track (see:
Starting exp: 9000 exp
Current total awards: 8000 exp
All players should have a total of 17000 exp

Exp Award (last week): 3500 exp
GM Cancellation: 4000 exp

All players have 24,500 exp (You are now level 6)

Next Game Night

Thursday 12/27

Character Histories

I have been awarding 4 ABA’s for these. If you would prefer instead a free feat that is also available. If you have already taken the 4 ABA’s you can just delete them and take the feat instead.

A Night of Information

Malik talks to the merchant Bloodweaver to find out about the thorn, and he tells him that unless someone used some serious ritual to mess with it, then it does exactly what was said. We leave for the Capital. We arrive at the capital and it is magnificent and impressive. Two airships hover over the city. Ten foot high spires channel a blue energy 50’ high over the city. There is a building on the side that many people are entering but few are leaving. We head to the smaller building because they have guards and we hope they will answer questions. We see that inside the energy there is a 20’ wall and a gate. A guard approaches and asks us about what sort of lodgings we want. He gives us the basics and gives us a key and directions. He tells us also not to mess with the necromancers, remember the laws of the land, and if we piss someone off we should leave early. We head in and see a massive tavern with two crossed pistols as a sign. Far off we see an open air café with music and women in bright clothes, also to the left of the tavern is a building that looks identical to the guild hall in Vesk with the same black sign on top. In the distance there is 2 palaces, some manors, but we don’t see any of the normal everyday town stuff.
We follow our directions and head to our accommodations. Our place has four rooms with 8 beds and nothing else. Malik uses the thorn to find out who he was. We decide we need a job so we head to the guild hall. As we enter another group of adventurers are leaving. Inside is a Halfling behind the desk asking what he can do for us. We ask about work and he wants to know where we are going to work out of. We find out that the cities are all named for something that happened there or whomever made it work or something. Vesk was name after a guy named vesk, triumph because it was after a great battle. He also tells us that most of the area of the kingdom is unexplored and that’s a possible way to get money and reknown.

His name is Orision, he created all of the divine orisions as a reborn. The pylons at the gate when turned on make people vanish. That’s why Triumph keeps getting attacked by gnolls because it is close to the platinum mountain and the holes went down for the pylons. He tells us to talk to the Raavi, nomadic travelers with a zombie in their group. X is in town, one of the orbs in town. Grand Scientist Zothos Demonslayer possibly made the airships (only 3ft tall). He looks at Jessica a few times but never once glances at Callista. As Orision starts telling us about jobs, a golden orb, X, floats on in. He asks about us and then offers a job. He offers 30,000 gold in credit each (210,000) for an unnamed favor in the future. We talk it over for a bit and all of us but Callista and Terador agree. So it comes out to 42000 for the five of us. Yolo asks if he can block the curse and he says that he can’t and the king wouldn’t even if he could get him in to see him. He asks for enchantment on his hide armor and X identifies it as belonging to a underwater creature in the Bay of Insea and is unique and has special properties. Malik asks for two metamagic rods (Quicken and Maxamize, lesser). Alaric passes him a note and X says he has an appointment in about two hours with some woman (I’m guessing Rose). Yolo asks about selling his hide armor (5000 offered), but decides to get Dragonplate armor instead. Alaric and Marcus get (to be inserted later).

Once we finished dealing with X, a wash of energy like the pylon energy comes off of us and we find ourselves in a room with a mad 3’ tall Halfling looking guy and a kingdoms worth of gear. He exclaims “You’re here”, he asks if we have seen his gun, and pulls out a mithral rifle that has all sorts of gears, a tube, weird mechanisms on it. He designs all sorts of things (including the airships) but doesn’t build much. He is not proclaimed and thinks its stupid. He says the king is stupid for dirtying up the race. Alaric asks for a drink and Zothos hands him the mug off the desk. He doesn’t drink. He is not an altered Halfling like the rest which have been altered with dragon blood. He works for the king. He removed the blood from him with some sort of alchemical process.

He lets us ask questions. If we die we come right back but the other person is more in charge each time. There are ways for someone to get the proclaimed out, either by ripping it out, getting one of the nine to do it, a god, etc. He has met Draco and someone in the party has made a deal with Draco (my money is on Whatever/whoever is inside Terador). Zothos Demonslayer has a tattoo on his hand that it seems lets him kill demons. A Tiamat has proclaimed in Insea (possibly the real one or a spawn). Rose pops in and says it is time to go, this was all the time she could give us. As we are leaving Zothos says, “Here take this” and tosses Malik the rifle with belt. Rose tells us that we are walking out and she has gotten us accommodations at the Blue Palace. The way out brings us through a cavern and then out through the wall of energy. He it seems has many ways out. Zothos is a servant of Draco. Alaric claims that Terador is the one with the deal with Draco and looks mad about it. As we get back to the gate the guards hand us keys and points to our new accommodations. We head to the Blue Palace, with servants, and we relax for a bit. A loud bell goes off and one of the servants says it’s the wake up bell since most of the people at the gatherings do their business at night.

The Raavi run the café and we decide to go to see them since they do most of their business at night. The café has a ton of space with a ton of attractive women in brightly dressed clothing and a few men in the bright colors. A few people that stand out: a very attractive elven female sitting by herself in dragonscale plate, Orision sitting at a table with a group and Gnoll, a group of all humans all dressed in black and brooding. A bar at one end with a very attractive Raavi and a zombie Raavi. She waves us towards her as we walk up. Her name is Cassandra and his name is Zombie. We ask about proclaimed and get a few answers. With intense mental control you can keep the proclaimed at bay. She is interested in Rose taking an interested in us and she always takes in interest in proclaimed. The girls all call her Old Hag since Rose is 50. A few girls come up and start rubbing on Alaric and Malik and a pale and attractive man walks up and introduces himself as Grant the Babykiller, Guildmaster of the Necromancers Guild. He is interested in Callista and invites her to join him at their table. Yolo drinks a vial of blood and finds it delicious. Callista tries to avoid him. He says he would like to talk to her and then he goes back to his table.

Yolo asks Malik to come with him and they go to buy the elf in the dragonscale to buy a drink. We sit then Yolo leaves. She introduces herself as Mia. She talks to Malik for a bit and he finds out that Proclaimed that don’t proclaim the person inside can do things without your knowledge, once you proclaim though you have more control. Also if you don’t proclaim it is easier to get rid of the reborn inside. She is a paladin of Fagerous, Order of the Dragon – can be pallys of other gods, druids, rangers, mystic theurges; known for hunting down dragons, some of the order have become Blackguard. They operate solo generally but if you see more than three something is going to die. She says its easier to get them out before you proclaim. She says she is heading East to hunt some dragon eggs. They talk for a bit and she says that she has to go but should I ever want to meet with her again then leave word with the local adventurers guild that I am there and if she is we can meet again. Malik asks Cassandra about her but she says other than other members of her order that is the longest conversation she has ever seen.

While they are talking to Cassandra they find out that the Raavi sell, alcohol, poison, companionship, potions, scrolls, wines. She also has Alaric thrown out since they have an agreement with the Unseen that Bards stay away and they stay away from bards. So they keep bards away. So Alaric goes to the tavern, Shock and Awe, and asks if he can perform. He has to go talk to Mistress Suris Munetof first. He is lead to a Halfling woman but she says that they have an agreement with the café that they get the performances while the tavern gets the food. He makes her giggle and she asks the bartender/cook to make him something special. He gives Alaric a bowl of soup that is just awful and the mistress hands him an antitoxin since he screwed up. She apologizes and leads him to the back. Terador, Callista and Marcus go to check on him. They try to go sneak up on the door that sounds are coming from behind and the cook stops in front of the door and says,” The Captain will not be disturbed”. They ask about Alaric and he says that the Captain is taking care of his needs. Then the cook flirts with Marcus, his name is Cecil. Turns out that they used to be a crew on a ship and the Mistress was the Captain. Yolo and Malik head over to the tavern.

ABA – Bill – 5, Ian – 6, Rob – 6, Shayla – 6, Brian – 6, Eddie -5

The Gathering

The capitol city of Asyria is like something out of a legend from the old world. Glittering spires, multilayered walls, palaces, and buildings taller than anything you’ve ever heard of. But beyond even that there are two airships flying over the city.

The city is surrounded by 10’ tall metal spires evenly spaced around the city which seem to be the focal points of what looks like a cascading blue energy field which rises up 50’ into the air. To the right of Asyria is another set of spires protecting a smaller area the size of small village with many people heading inside the gates.

GM Notes to be remembered

Eddie was born in this world. All of the rest of the characters are Mist Born.

The kingdom being played in is called Asyria.

The players heard the group name of the bardic group called The Unseen.

Lyssa is the daughter of Martha Brewmaster.

Princess Bitterrose is commonly called Rose.

Players know of the following mists: Blue, Green, and Red.

The only known god in this area of the world who has risen to the pantheon is Marischa.

Bezothka is trying to raise The One Tree in Traste.

Telarius: Innate
Ghoul: Innate
Ciroc: Innate & Item
Kessa: Innate
Dumás: Item
Vash: Item

James is a citizen of Triumph who helps the Mayor.

The Nine
Aseckleam – started up Traste and then vanished years later.
Al’Ren – took the old lands of Traivon, no word of what happens between the Great Walls has been found.
Cyn – Avatar of Fagaras, whereabouts unknown.
Saul – took over the Rainforest.
Tara – took over Insea. Got a Pact from Será to never be pushed into a path Tara doesn’t wish, and gained one fragment from each horn piece.
Mr Bear – Got a Pact from Será to be protected from Her, and became a nature spirit in The Old Empire.
Dimble – started the kingdom of Asyria and altered his race with draconic blood.
Coin Guy – ascending to godhood but has not been heard from in Asyria.
The Genocide – took over Pass.

GM info for all Players (MUST READ)

Edit: 12/13 0739 I’ve added several entries in the Items tab. God list in Wiki updated. Some Legacies have been updated. Shayla’s pet is under characters, but I couldn’t figure out how to print it right. ABA’s on the website are 100% accurate now. House Rules updated (Buff spells) (half-orc) (HP) (spells known) (spell book) (disenchantment)

Experience Points:
Medium Track (see:

Starting exp: 9000 exp
Current total awards: 8000 exp
All players should have a total of 17000 exp

Bonus ABA awards:
Brian: 1 (Adventure Log), 4 (Character History) = 5 total bonus ABA
Ian: 2 (Adventure Logx2), 4 (Character History) = 6 total bonus ABA

Hit Points
This is how we calculated HP:
HP: Level 1-3 take max hp, Level 4+ d12=11, d10=9, d8=7, d6=5, d4=3.
For the future no more characters (yes this includes if you die and make a new one) will get max hp. Max-1 for all levels is more than enough.
This is how we will calculate HP for now on:
HP: d12=11, d10=9, d8=7, d6=5, d4=3.

Getting rid of the ranged house rule for healing spells. Don’t like it and feels “off”.

We will keep casting buff spells as a move action. This doesn’t mean 1 free cast per round. This means that buff spells have a cast time of 1 move action.

Spell Books
All casters (including divine) must use a spell book. The only exception will be classes with a set list of “Spells Known”. All classes with Spells Known will gain a bonus to their Spells Known equal to their relevant Attribute Modifier.

You begin play with a spellbook containing all 0-level spells, five 1st-level spells, four 2nd-level spells, plus a number of additional spells (for both levels) equal to your relevant Attribute modifier.

At each new level you gain two new spells of any spell level that you can cast (research, practice, etc…). At any time you can also add spells found in other spellbooks to your own (see Magic).

All Things Taken in Game

If you pick something for your character such as a feat, a spell, etc… it must come from this website and no other website:

If it comes from a book it has to come from the Core Book, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, or Advanced Player Guide.

Any exception to this must be run by the GM.

Broken Feats/Spells, etc…

If you take something that you know is broken just by looking at it, run it by me. I reserve the right to take something away from you that is game breaking if you didn’t check with me first.

First Nerf
Frigid Touch: This spell causes your hand to glow with a pale blue radiance. Your melee touch attack deals 4d6 points of cold damage and causes the target to be staggered for 1 round. If the attack is a critical hit, the target is staggered for 1 minute instead.

I need your given stats for your Legacy to add to the website.

That said, anything you currently have taken that is outside of these parameters you can keep as is, Grandfather clause.

Ragnos Hunted, Aloric becomes a good storytelller, Kessa proclaimed, Yolo marked by Genocide

We start out where we left off. Heading to Vesk to collect our money for the voucher.

Inn with Elvis Dragon crotch pumping looking sign.. Building with a sign in blood done back and forth in sewing pattern..

Huge sign with letters.. Apothecary. And a building opposed to that is a huge square painted jet black is the sign.

We head into the Thrusting Dragon sign building. Second largest building, 3 stories. Dance floor, cookery, etc

I offer to perform in the establishment to compromise the 4 gold a night price tag..

Minimum 2 hours maybe more, rent cost covered and I get percentage of the proceeds must be advanced notice, 1d6 gold plus rent just for me.

The bartender winked at me, of average appearance. Citarn player is hot and likes me. The guy seems miffed.

Martha Brewmaster, the daughter is Lyssa, they are the owners of the Fucking Dragon Inn.

We are mistborns, we appeared from the mist. The gathering is in five days. The Black runs the Adventurer’s Guild in the town. A guild buys the charter from the kingdom when they setup a guild. The Black bought this charter.

We must see Darius Bloodweaver right across the street to turn in our voucher.

One to three times a month the king calls for a Gathering where they can all go to the capital. Kind of like an adventurer’s festival with death, special items, and letting things out.

The merchants control the gatherings. The setting takes place at the capital of Assyria.

Rob is Red Eyes. Eddie is ghoulish features. I have a ring with a glowing hue. Darius knows we are proclaimed and have voucher from Princess Rose based on the handwriting on the voucher.

Sixty gold. Can be random purchases from book.

11 daggers, tagline advanced silver longblade dagger stats of longsword with +1 hit, -1 damage due to silver so just 1/0.

Darius will give us 2k gold for each dagger.. we killed a gnoll strike team. They can only do this with steel not silver they are baffled. They have more silver than 3 Gods put together.

Bill claims 2 gnoll daggers.

Rob thinks he can merge his dagger and the silver one and they merge.

Eddie merged his sword into one of the gnoll daggers.

Rob’s statline on new gnoll black silver dagger. 1d8 damage +1 magic weapon 19-20 x2 crit, no silver penalty, silver tagline, heals 1 HP anytime he damages.

My ring didn’t merge with the daggers.

21,000 gold from selling 8 daggers and the voucher which was 5,000.

3,000 gold for each person and 3,000 gold party loot

We purchased Elven Chain Shadowed. +5 dex, no ability penalty, -20% spell check, +1 armor

Proclamation may enhance her elven heritage as Shayla made her charisma check.

Advanced tag for weapons is +1 damage step on the die, +1 hit and damage. It is masterwork.
Advanced tag for armors counts as masterwork, armor penalty is -2 and ability max is +1.

21,000 gold. 10,000 went to elven chain. One wand of cure light wounds for 1,000 from party loot went to Rob.

Shayla proclaims herself as Kessa using Rose’s thorn in a bottle.

Calista’s features become paler and more delicate and she has negative energy pouring out of her eyes.

Bill buys advanced magic chainmail.
Rob buys advanced +1 hide armor.

Bill and Rob owe 500 gold each to party loot.

Saul gives Calista the option to become Kessa, stay Calista and be aided into eventually gaining her memories of being Kessa, or to forget she was Kessa altogether. Calista takes the second option. Saul offers her two vials of blood one for her and one for her panther. She is safe in Assyria, but not always in other kingdoms. She is always welcome in the Rainforest. He has Darius proclaim her as the Princess of the Rainforest.

He leaves after Aloric The Entertainer introduced himself to Saul and said he’d love to visit the Rainforest. Saul said to keep Kessa safe. Aloric said he’d be keeping her safe as his number one goal, well second goal, the other goal also involves a princess .. then he steps away. Saul is gone.
Saul did not have anything turned on. No magic, no auras, nothing.. he allowed Kessa to make her own decision. Kessa now has life sense.

She drinks the vial and has Negative Energy Aura. Unlocked 1 adds 1d6 negative energy to every attack she makes. And she must add a derangement to her character hating abusive men.

Hot chick with ginger and red hair wants guys to go with her to find Ragnos and kill him says a muscular gnoll named Gnoll who joined the guild to avoid dying.. even though his buddies can all kill him legally they joke.

The hot chick wants us to go kill Ragnos.. we are warned he can one-shot kill us in the vitals if he gets lucky. Ragnos uses a rifle. She knows right where he is. Her name is Jessica.

The bounty is 20,000 gold for Ragnos and we would divvy it up equally.

Wella demands Jessica to slay Ragnos as she’s trying to rise back up. Wella was the fire goddess..

Bezothka is trying to raise the world tree in Traste.

Jessica is proclaimed as the first known servant or priest of Wella to be publicly known to introduce the elemental pacts to the world. She has a fire elemental inside of her..

Ragnos is a servant of the Genocide hence why Wella wants him gone.. Genocide was one of the 9.

Bill purchases a plot point.

Brian purchases a reroll and a plot point.

Shayla purcases a reroll.

Ragnos has a scar going down his left face and his left eye looks jet black. He is blessed by Genocide hence he can kill us one-shot.

Ragnos wins initiative and casts a spell.

We drop Ragnos much to Michael’s chagrin.

Loot from Ragnos:
1) +1 advanced rifle. Reloads as a move action. Exotic WP in Rifle, 2 other feats allow free action reload, another feat dex mod to hit and damage. 1d10

damage, crits on 20 x5 and has silver bullets. Bullets tagline silver -1 dmg. Ranged touch attacks.
2) Advanced Hide. Made unknown material. 4ac, 4 dex mod, no penalties.
3) Amulet of Bullet Protection +3, AC versus firearms.
4) 50 gold coins.

Jessica gets a group invite and we accept.

We return to Vesk around midnight.

Shayla rolls natural 20. How powerful you were in a previous life directly impacts how powerful you become in your next life given how powerful Jessica is at only level 6 given her status as a truly high priestess of Wella.

White scar on Rob’s face appears as a target from The Genocide given he was standing outside with Ragnos, his rifle, and he did the killing blow.

Ragnos’ death story is told by Aloric out front of the Fucking Dragon and she gives me a bonus of 17 gold for the story.

Dragonweaver pays us the 20,000 gold. That’s 3,000 gold each and 3,000 goes back into the group pool as Eddie and Rob pay back 500 gold each they had borrowed.

Rob rolls a natural 20 to identify the substance the advanced hide Ragnos wore came from. He’s never seen anything like this.

Bloodweaver offers us 18,000 gold for the rifle.

Offers 1,000 gold for the amulet of bullet protection. We sell the amulet and put 1,000 into group loot making it 4,050 gold.

The offers for the rifle are Advanced Adamantite Longsword 1 Flaming.. (1d10 +1d6 Fire crits 19-20 x3 dmg) 13,000 gold and a Phylactery of Negative Energy.. (2d6 negative energy) 11,000 gold

Group purchases Longsword at 13,000 for Bill.
Group purchases Phylactery at 11,000 for Shayla.
The Elven Chain Shadowed goes to me.

Group loot is still the hide. Everything else was sold.

Group spends 22,000 on the two items, Bill puts in 2,000 of his own money.

Everyone will be level 5.

ABA’s: Michael chips in $10, Rob chips in $15, Eddie chips in $5 (now owes $10), Ian owes $10, Bill chips in $5 (now owes $5), Shayla chips in $10, Brian chips in $10..

ABA’s: On Time, Story Arc. Base 7, +1 per five dollars spent on food. Ian gets 7 ABAs. Rob gets 10. I get 10 cause of adventure log. Shayla gets 9. Bill and Eddie get 8.

(Your welcome for me editing that mess btw)

On to Vesk!!

Laws of the Land
1) Extortion by “protection rackets” is punishable by death.
2) Necromancy, Soul Magic, Poison, and Slavery are legal.
3) The King/Emperor is subject to no laws or restrictions.
4) The title of Lord or Lady may be purchased, but any title beyond that must be earned.
5) Killing Gnolls is always legal.
6) Adventurers without legitimate business in the Capital are barred from entry outside of a Gathering.
7) Merchants who buy/sell magic items are official postings within the kingdom. Anyone found to be a merchant without proper licensing will have their souls tortured for 1000 years before finally being trapped, never allowed to go to their eternal rest.
8) If you get caught stealing you must pay the owner the value of the item stolen in addition to giving the item back. Also the same amount must be paid to the kingdom. Failure to do so places the individual into slavery.
9) Slaves may buy off their freedom. Anyone found to unjustly stop a slave from buying their freedom will be put to death.
10) The King’s Guard are sacrosanct. Failure to do as they say is punishable by death. Acting directly against them suffers the punishment of Law 7.
11) Greater Temples to Será are outlawed.

(Rough outline of the known Halfling Kingdom)

The Platinum Mountain
(_____________) (Capital city, forgot the name of the Empire)
The Unnamed City
(New Port City Development)

ALL PLAYERS NOTE: The world is no longer dominated by humans, and the Halflings have decided to rename themselves. We need a new racial name. Tierling is a previous name we used and the top runner atm. If you have another better suggestion throw it out. Also note OCK that Halflings in this world now are no longer like traditional halflings. 4’ tall is normal, they share tinker gnome qualities (without the madness), and racial bloodlines.

The Mists Part...

Opening Scene

Far to the north lies a new kingdom. A kingdom devoted to the study of science and engineering. A kingdom of halflings. In this kingdom walks a lone man covered in a hooded cloak and bearing a sword and bow. He walks through the blue mist to a destination he doesn’t know on a mission he is unsure of. Suddenly the mists begin to swirl and next to this unnamed man suddenly appear five more wanderers. Four humans and an elf are standing next to this wanderer and all seem dazed and begin asking questions. “Where am I?” “What happened?” “Who are you people?” The six strangers begin to talk and discover what has happened. It seems that these people come from a diverse range of places but they suddenly find themselves here on the Blue Mist world far to the north with a ghoul that seems to be good, says he doesn’t eat people, and bears a tattoo of the Goddess Sera on his face.

While the six talk they see a village in the distance and begin to walk towards it to get out of the Mist, which is new to most of them. Malik, human wizard, Terador, human fighter/rouge, Aloric, Human bard, Yolo, human druid/peasant, Calista, elven ranger, and Marcus, ghoul magus, continue to discuss things as they approach the village when Calista tells us that she thinks they should be careful approaching the village, things don’t seem right to her. Stealthily, for some of them anyway, they slowly advance toward the village in the dusk and notice that there seems to be no one out and about and no lights in the windows of any homes. They head towards one of two large buildings in the village which seem sort of out of place.

As the group get nearer they notice a great deal of blood and a few bodies at the entrance to this warehouse sized building. The group prepare for battle and approach the bodies. When they get close a guttural voice rings out from the depths of the warehouse, “Leave now and we won’t kill you.” Terador can see from the edge that a group of gnolls has holed up in the warehouse prepared for a fight. A short talk between the two groups commences and then the wanderers rush into fight. A desperate battle ensues, where all of the adventurers get to show what they are capable of, but it is a close fought thing. The leader of the gnolls seems smarter than most and fires some strange weapon that cracks like thunder and shoots flame nearly killing Terador. The fight wages but the adventurers are victorious, taking three hostages but the leader of the gnolls gets away.

After the battle they question the three prisoners, some, Alaric, wanting to use torture but being outvoted by the rest. It turns out that Ragnos, leader of the gnolls, is a war pack leader and has well over 100 gnolls in his service. This attack on the village was a raid to get the ore in the warehouse. The ore would provide his war pack with plenty of weapons and armor. There is a nation of gnolls close by that is a nomadic group of raiders. The pack leaders have some sort of method to communicate to one another over distance without speaking (some form of telepathy most likely). The group gathers the prisoners and head to a nearby home to sleep, since no one wants to sleep in a warehouse of the dead, and figure out what to do the next day.

The ghoul keeps watch since he doesn’t sleep and in the morning the party begins to discuss what they know and what their options are when a knock on the door startles them all. Opening the door reveals a beautiful halfling woman that introduces herself as Rose. Rose thanks them all for a job well done, gives us half of the reward for Ragnos the gnoll since they kept him from escaping with the ore. 10,000 gold is the reward on Ragnos’ head, alive or dead, so 5000 gold is a nice way to begin an adventure.

Rose says that in this world many of the people are reborn from a previous version of the world, heroes and villains that will influence a person with their memories and dreams. Each of the adventurers bears inside them one such person and she wants to know who they are. The ghoul is obviously the ghoul, the rest of the group does not know who they were though and rose provides 5 thorns that she says will tell you who you were just by touching them. Alaric, Yolo, and Terador all pick up a thorn and Yolo and Alaric declare themselves as Dumas and Ciroc respectively. When they do so they both suddenly have new weapons in their hands and Rose nods and says she will have to look into who they were to decide if she wants to work with them. She wants to find reborn and help herself with whatever her agenda is while still helping out Asyria, the halfling nation the group is in at the moment. Malik and Calista both take their thorns but without touching them. Malik says he appreciates the offer but he would rather research what these things do and how they work before he just accepts something from a stranger and Calista agrees. Terador doesn’t say much after taking the thorn though.

Rose tells the group that they may want to head to Vesk, a city to the south east, to get started and redeem their reward. She also tells them that the blue mist is dangerous because it is easy to get lost in it as it changes things, including people, that stay in it too long. She also warns of a red mist that kills anyone of third circle or lower and a green mist that makes random effects on all that enter it.

Ian – 6, Rob – 7, Brian – 6, Bill – 5, Eddie – 5, Shayla – 6

Free the kidnapped victim?

The Precursor

1st session: 11/9/12

Level 13 characters finishing off the Epic Campaign.

Ian – 11, Rob – 13, Brian – 13, Bill – 10, Eddie – 10, Shayla – 10

World Laws

The Law of Belief – Enough faith/belief in something will raise that entity to godhood.

The Law of Rebirth – The “Law of Rebirth” used the crystals to make copies of the greatest heroes and villains to ever exist. Then infused with divine power, they were all reincarnated.

The Law of Proclamation – By declaring who you were, the world is made aware that you have been reborn by a statue of you being created on the Isle of Heroes. A physical mark is laid upon you, and an item of your Legacy is created that you may now use.

Ian: Bear takes over The Old Kingdom as a primal force of nature.

Rob: Goes to get his coin and ascend to godhood.

Brian: Creates his own kingdom in the north using advanced technology.


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