The Powers of the Realms

Single Duke

We finish buying our items and head over to a tavern called the Black Cauldron. We enter the tavern and the place is rocking even with a minstrel that sucks, everyone is drunk but not violent yet. Tumbleweed buys a round for all of us, and we sit around. Alaric starts asking Kera about rumors in the city and they get on about the king being a dragon or something and that the king is a reborn dragon slayer and there is normally problems between Traste and the Dragon Isles. We head back to the palace when Yolo realizes that he doesn’t have his escape power back yet. We get back, go to our rooms Kera leaves us and tells us that she is on call as long as we are here. Tumbleweed asks Kera if he has an invite to a party if she will go with him and she agrees. Tumbleweed summons a servant and asks if he has any invitations awaiting him for parties/balls/etc. The servant does not recognize Tumbleweed, but hands Callista a silver platter with three envelopes on it. She opens them and they are invitations to the Torquen’s for dinner, one from the Vander’s for tea the next day, and one from the King “He does not know Saul’s business but if vampires are moving in he needs to know and would like a meeting soon.”

Rachel says this place is better than where they are and asks Callista if she can get her stuff transferred and she agrees. We decide to visit the king before dinner and then the Torquen’s for dinner. Alaric asks Tumbleweed how he feels about him pissing in Aasyria’s cheerios by selling the knowledge of firearms and gunpowder. Rachel comes back to the room after going to the seamstress to get a dress made. We head to meet the king. We enter a small room that has been converted to a sort of war room with a tall nice looking well built man and a short man in robes. Tumbleweed introduces himself and the rest of us. The tall man is King Alexander and the short one is Lord Duncan. He says that necromancy and undead are illegal and he was expecting to have to jump him but now that vamps are alive no problems. Alaric then offers the king the knowledge of how to make firearms. The king asks him what he wants. He says he needs protection from Assyria, Insea, he wants nobility, and asks us if we want anything. We discuss things for awhile and we ask for shards if he has any or can tell us where to find them. Most of the ones they have found they bought from adventurers. He is giving Alaric the 3rd manor, make him a duke and he can make nobility as he sees fit. This means, titles, lands, servants, soldiers, etc. While we are in the Dark Forest he would like us to find Athena a lizard woman and Laurel a centaur and he will give us whatever we want. We will be staying in the palace for a few months while Alaric trains some smiths, Malik asks for access to the library and is granted.

Malik asks about the mists and King Alexander says the gods did something to the world and now there is only mist on the other continent above the north wall. Although when we showed up at the cave there was mist but when we came out it was gone, but the mist seems to be contained only on the other continent. We leave and Duncan comes with us to talk to Alaric about his household. The nobility in Traste = King, prince, Duke, Marquis, Baron, Baronet, Count, Lord (knight). Alaric names his House Greyland. Rachel asks Callista to the other room and gives her a parcel with some dresses. He makes Yolo and Malik Lords (for now). We go to get clothing for the rest of us. Alaric then hires Kera to be the Reeve for his House and makes her a Lady and she agrees.

We go to the Torquen ancestral home in the city. All four nobles there at dinner other than us is a Torquen. Jason (eldest son), (cousin – Female), (two daughters). A few times during the dinner we feel like we were about to say something stupid but Rachel redirects conversation everytime. After we get through the normal noble banter, the ladies leave and Jason talks to us. He says he wanted to know about the Torquen that was traveling with us, we explain that he is a hero of Sera now and that the reborn Torquen is no longer in him. He asks what our plans our while in the city and then wishes us a good evening and says we should do it again.

Over the next two months, Malik spends time researching in the library (shards, Telarius, magic – in that order, I find nothing on shards but just on horn shards, nothing about telarius other than a few mentions, I need to do that research more in the blue mist section of the world), Tumbleweed takes care of the airship and train with the weapon masters that are in the city but doesn’t find any in town but hears rumors that they have moved on to the Dark Forest, Callista looks into the Dark Forest and a meeting with Saul(he shows and she asks about why he didn’t intercede when Terra took the shards, she asks about new shards and he says he doesn’t have any but he could look into it, he asks why she is in Traste and she says she kind of had a flashback and explains, they talk about his past for a bit, then she asks about a tower of magic, he may know where one is, he touches her face and an image appears in her mind and he tells her if she goes looking for it she will find it but if she wants to know more she can but he wants nothing to do with them, he wants her to meet at some point her future sisters, He hands her a favor and says it will only work on melee weapons but if you fight a Slayer whoever goes to kill it use it to kill the slayer or it will get away and bring back others), Yolo trains with his pet and trying to figure out how the shard of Earth works (he can change reality regarding how earth things work in small ways, mostly effects and things in the short term) he can make the earth elemental shape last all day or move faster when he earth travels but he starts having terrible nightmares about ghouls again, Marcus…

A week in Alana shows up to talk to Alaric. She is going to make sure that he gets this right. She talks some time to teach him the basics about being a vampire. She says she thinks he can kill Kaz’Akul and yet still remain a vampire lord. She says she got the idea from watching Marcus and the reason there are no new heroes is because the reborn take over eventually. He is a vampire if he wants to change he has to try new things, don’t feed on animals, find something else. The only other person who might be able to do this too would be Tumbleweed since he is of the new races, the rest of us are of the old races and wouldn’t be able to do this. Kessa might be able to feed him with the negative energy maybe feeding on undead.

Laurel was King Alexander’s wife was a centaur that got turned human, had a phoenix from the phoenix orb, Father Pheonix is in Chargrin lands, to find Athena we would have to find a Chaosian and go to the Slayers and talk to the Mother to find her. Saul has not decided to bring back Soul Blades into the world yet or not. Anyone who was a creator of something has to decide to bring back that item, if they do not then no one can bring them back. In the library Callista reads about the Dark Forest – Towers of Magic, Fey, Slayers, Undead but there are so many things going on it is tough to sift through for fact vs fiction.

Yolo approaches the party in the last two weeks about dreamers/dream walkers/ etc. Alaric thinks that maybe in the dreamworld Yolo is now a ghoul there. He meets with a monk of an order that believes that the real world is the dream world and the dreamworld is the real world. They talk and they go to sleep, turns out Yolo is a ghoul in there, the monk is an emissary of the goddess to the dreamworld but he can’t do anything about it. Yolo asks if he can stop the dreams from crossing over and he tells Yolo that he would have to teach him how to dream but he doesn’t approve of giving up the real world for a dream. He will have to find someone in the dreamworld to fix him if they exist out there. Yolo has his full level in the dreamworld, maybe because the ghoul bit him, but he is unfamiliar with it. He starts teaching Yolo the dream skill.

Alaric talks to Saul about feeding off of something other than blood. Saul talks him into eating souls because its easier but he really wants to feed on emotions. Saul puts his hand on the side of his face and he sees this ludicrously hot woman in the Dark Forest. Saul says that he should find this woman, feed on her till she is empty and he will be able to feed on emotions afterward. He put a ritual in Alaric that if he should feed on her he will consume her essence and be able to feed on emotions afterwards. If we go to see Father Pheonix, bring a present, something worthwhile.

We board the airship and head towards the Dark Forest. Before the forest is a building, like a waystation, bearing a flag of one of the noble houses but we don’t recognize it. The forest canopy looks too dense to try to land. Tumbleweed says that he can make the ship land, we go into the forest and then have the ship follow us, so we do. We notice that there are not nearly as many reborn here as there are in Assyria, we figure because the mist is in Assyria and not here. We stop in the waystation and stock up on supplies.

ABA’s – Ian – 12, Will – 10, Rob – 10, Brian – 10, Shayla – 10, Eddie – 0



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These are available in Traste

If you have an idea of where you’d like to go, what you plan to do, etc…leave a comment. The more time you give me to think about stuff the more stuff I can have prepared for you.

Someone needs to pick the SPELLS KNOWN for Rachel – I’d personally prefer this be Ian, Rob, or Bill. Keep in mind Oracles get the bonus spells listed 1/day as a freebie and Oracles automatically know all Cure spells for free without costing them a Spells Known slot.

I plan on heading to Brian’s early. Bill & Eddie, if you guys need a ride you need to seek out Rob, Ian, and Brian about getting a ride to the game. Alternatively if you wanna come for the ride when I pick up food and go there early, lemme know.

I will be preparing game food. It will be chicken based, and non-spicy versions will be included. I plan to make most of it fresh right before the start of the game. IF YOU WILL BE LATE (OR MISS THE GAME) FOR ANY REASON TEXT ME AS SOON AS YOU KNOW.

Angry Women

(Before we camp, Terador starts a campfire but cuts a limb or two off one of the trees to get it started. When we wake up the branches are still burning and appear hardly burned.) – This was prior to Terra showing up.

Malik recommends that before we make any decisions about where to go or what to do that they reach into our reborn memories and see who our friends were and who our enemies were.
Telarius – He considered no one his friends, The Emerald Wizard was the closest to one. He also didn’t believe that he had any enemies.

Lady Kessa – Falls unconscious and is shuddering a bit. She wakes up after a few seconds. She says Saul is her friend but doesn’t remember anything else. She seems to be evading and cryptic.

Vash – He considered the Rakshasa and the Dark Elf Queen his only friends. He considered everyone else an enemy unless they were willing to look past Sera to help themselves. He only dealt with totally powerful people.

Earth Elemental – He has a huge network of allies that kept him away from Saul but he can’t remember them specifically, including Saul’s companions, and he survived by never being in a group. He had no enemies, just was hiding from Saul.

Kaz’Akal – He outlasted all his friends and got tired of everything. He outlasted all his enemies, but was killed by the Angel of Death, Dareth the Darkaxe, Mithra Swordwraith, and Dareth’s son.

Jared Torquen – He learns some sensitive Torquen information. He only considered the Torquen his friends and anyone not a Torquen an enemy. He was a Baron.

We put out the fire and the branch is unharmed. Terador tries to reattach it but it doesn’t work. He then tries to put the branch in the orb but nothing visibly happens.
We try to decide what to do next, most of us want to go to visit Alhren in Assyria, but Callista wants to go visit the Dark Forest. We are figuring out the best way to get to Traivone. Terador remembers about death curses and we realize that the Earth Mother (whom you had to invoke for it) did not ascend after the restart even though she has worshippers. Alaric asks about why so many of the gods have something to do about demons, even Sera once almost took over as protector of the world from the demons.

So we decide to go see Alhren and go to the coast, Malik says that he recognizes some landmarks and that the coast is to the West from where we are so we head to the west. We are heading in the right direction but we notice that there is NO form of life outside of us and the plants. Time seems to stand still, but Yolo isn’t there suddenly, Saul shows up standing behind Callista and holding her shoulder, Terra appears and throws a metal shard at Terador and the shard goes into the Orb and she says her deal is done, a seven foot tall man in a blazing nimbus of silver fire with quicksilver armor four arms and silver eyes. Terra looks around and starts cursing about how he does that, talking about the earth elemental and how he got away, and Saul says he knows. Arrengar, the four armed guy, just smirks, and asks if she is done. An explosion of silvery light and Terador and his Orb are gone but everything else falls to the ground. Vash remembered that Marcus’ mark of Sera had vanished earlier. Terra starts looking around and starts being pissy about how we treated her, she tells Alaric that the Nine will know his name, Marcus she tells she was there for Vash and she wants to kill him but Sera would be pissed. She takes the deck and the fragments. She removes the mark of Tiamat from Alaric, takes the mark from Yolo, and makes it so that Marcus can never be marked by any god. She bans all of us from Insea. Then she vanishes. Alaric knows that she did something else to us as well.

Where Terador was is a silver teardrop of Sera. Callista asks Saul what happened. Yolo pops back up and Saul laughs and says at least it happened to someone else this time. He thinks that we shouldn’t see any of the Nine, they are all a little crazy. If we do talk to the Nine get Saul first. We can talk to Eseclium, not Alhren, not Syn (use the rune immediately to escape), not Terra (duh), not Mr.Bear, not Dimble, not any of the gods, and not the Genocide (if he finds us just shut up and listen). Four armed guy asks if Saul is done and goes and hugs Marcus, they were going to mark him but not now, they want to give him something that has never been had before. Marcus says yes he’ll take it, Four arm guy leans over and kisses him on both cheeks and Marcus is now part of the four-armed race. Meanwhile Yolo reaches for the tear but the group says to wait. Marcus is now the first new Hero, he is no longer reborn, there is a statue of him on the isle of heroes, when he dies he will be reborn. Alaric asks if we are still connected, we explain and he laughs and says, I just kill stuff. The mark of Tiamat being removed will be bad should he ever see her again because she liked him and only marks those she likes, she will be very very very mad. Alaric asks how he could get the mark back without seeing her, Aryngar says find someone else with a mark and kill them, transfer there mark and then destroy the body utterly and completely.

Sera is kind of busy worrying about all the new ascending gods that she just kind of leaves the other gods alone while her interests are in Insea and Traste. Malik asks about what gods are here.

Revlis is known as the god of luck and adventurers – no known avatar. Eros is god of love and finality – avatar, E-ra. Twin gods and Marisha. There are other powers that are trying to ascend but haven’t managed it yet. The Earth Mother’s worshippers quite after a decade of her not ascending. Sera and Fageros in power again, Aryngar and Syn as well being there avatars. Alaric grabs the tear and now has a mark on his cheek of a sword, first time without a tear. Alaric has a weird look of happiness and concern on his face. Malik asks what’s wrong and he is again evasive. Aryngar says he will stay around for a bit to keep people from scrying. Alaric says he wants to kill Terra, it’s a life goal but its what he wants. The elemental gods are cheating, giving out elemental pacts, doing things that the demons do but with elementals not souls. They are binding things not making agreements.

Alaric asks about his mark but Aryngar says he has no clue, he only does the fighting stuff, not the metaphysics. He asks if Aryngar can locate someone with the tiamat mark, and he says sure and we notice that the mark on Alaric’s face kind of blink for a second like sunlight on a sword. Aryngar says he’ll go get one and will be right back. He vanishes and reappears a few minutes later with a seven year old kid with a mark of Tiamat on him. Malik transfers the mark and kind of losses control for a second and starts stabbing the kid and rips the heart out of the kid and cuts the heart up and rubbing it on the scars and mashes Alaric up against the scar and he screams in pain and now bears the mark. Malik feels that he didn’t quite get things right this time. Malik and Alaric both know that whatever Telarius carved into the mark and the heart was a specific pattern outside the mark but not on it, there is some specific pattern to what he did. He then takes care of the body and soul. Sera gave Terra all kinds of special privileges, she gets to do pretty much whatever she wants in Insea. We gather together all of Terador’s gear. Then Saul asks us where we are going, we tell him Shi’dar. We find ourselves in a room with a huge magic circle in a 30’room. No furniture but an adamantine door that is 20×20. Saul tells us to be on our best behavior. King Alexander Iron Throne is the current king, one of the dragon slayers, no horse jokes, no centaur jokes, no jokes about lizards, just do not go there. Saul goes to the doors and knocks. Two black guard answer in full armor. Neither has a weapon. One of them nods to Saul and asks what they can do for him. He introduces Princess Calista, reborn Kessa and she is Saul’s royal emissary and should be given all accorded respect and protection, she is responsible for the party’s actions. We agree not to be a problem because Saul would deal with it. Marcus asks what the laws here are. The blackguard looks him over and then the two look at each other, Saul leaves after telling Calista goodbye. They ask us who we are, and we answer. They provide us rooms and may come to see us. If the princess needs an escort all she has to do is ask. A servant walks up wearing the royal purple and asks to follow her, and she leads us to a totally pimped out suite with adjoining rooms for the group.

Marcus rings the servant bell and a young man shows up. Marcus asks about the laws of the kingdom and the servant looks confused, Necromancy is illegal, no stealing, killing, slavery is legal. The best magic shop in the city is The Kid’s Alley, and the proprietor is Burn. We ask for a city guide to lead us and back, he leaves and shortly after someone knocks. An attractive young girl enters wearing mixed armor/clothing and a dagger, she introduces herself as a guide and her name is Kera. She takes us out of the palace and past the 6 grand manors, only two are inhabited Vander and Torquen. We arrive at a warehouse with a sign of a kid with a crossbow. We walk in and see a guy in nice clothes who says hello. We start to barter and then Rose shows up.

She is upset with our choices so far. We ask what she is doing. She evades and asks us to come home and go to the new port city. She tells Marcus that he belongs home, he was born in Assyria and needs to be back. She says that the only thing about the kingdom is that Assyria seems to be the only place that has mist. She says Marcus is unimportant, Alaric is useless, they have been changed. She says to Alaric that he murder him. She frowns, her shoulders slump and she leaves while looking upset. We go back to bartering. Yolo trades his cloak for a feat ring. He offers us 210,000 for the scryed items.

Kera shows up with a halfelf named Rachel and a tierling with gold hair and eyes, pally/monk with tattoo of sera symbol and a dragon on the otherside. The tierling is Prince Tumbleweed, son of Dimble. He gets credit at the shop for up to one million gold and the bill will be sent to Assyria. Tumble weed offers us money, or titles. We agrue for a bit and decide finally that we just can’t have them in the party. Obviously Tumbleweed is delusional. We sell some items and split the proceeds to 46,235 gold in value each. Alaric and Kera are arguing about the pirate in love with him. Then Alaric asks Kera if she can get him an animal for him to eat. He eats and the remains turn to stone and then start to move around, he realizes that if he doesn’t control himself he injects stone water into them and they become living stone. He tosses it in the river to kill it on the way back to the palace.
At the palace Alaric and Tumbleweed talk about Tumbleweed’s family.

Rachel priestess of Zhavaloden, half elf, female, cleric, brunette, mastermind personality. Fan of Tumbleweeds family line.

Tumbleweed – Multiclass master; smite evil, divine bond, flurry of blows, unarmed damage, fast movement – all of those he counts as total level for advancement. HMS Demon Bear.

ABAs- Ian – 9, Will – 8, Eddie – 8, Brian -9, Shayla – 9, Rob – 9

Notes for 1/10/13
Gnoll Stuff

You can’t see what’s here, bwahahahahahaha!!

Facts Learned So Far...

This doesn’t cover everything the party has learned so far, but sums up some of the more pertinent plot points (but not all).

Rose and Zathos appear to be working together and are both worshipers of Draco. How much control they have over the kingdom of Asyria versus how much control Dimble has remains to be seen. It seems almost guaranteed at this point that the items from the Orb and the cloaks are all scrying tools being used by Rose or Zathos, and there is another method (outside of items) that is being employed to track the party as well.

Draco’s interests remain unknown, but apparently some of his worshipers are feeding on souls. It is known that he was once a Grand Duke of one of the planes of Hell (so he’d know about souls) and that he was a murderous, sociopath assassin in his mortal life. However as a god he is an unknown factor who has never “made a play”.

Dimble has apparently lost his mind due to some kind of a deal he has made with Draco, creating items that are supposedly even more impressive than Zathos’s inventions. Some part of this is due to Draco creating the Order of the Dragon, which secretly seeks out Dimble’s dead wife.

The Order of the Dragon is a powerful order that typically only recruits people who are singularly powerful on their own without a group. Members are also often recruited by The Black Guard of Traste (the most powerful know organization/group in the world).

The world has always been ruled by numbers of power, Eight being the most powerful. You have also recently learned that the party had eight reborn members, somehow found the sanctuary of the original eight reborn wielders of the eight legendary blades of power, and found one of the blades.

Tara (one of The Nine) seemed highly concerned because of this. She made a point of dealing with the party to remove a member and Starfall just to break things up. Something never quite sat right with anyone however when talking to her. Her behavior seemed strained. Common sense would indicate to anyone who stopped to examine their behavior that the party did not treat Tara with the proper level of respect (One of the Nine, most powerful Archmage in the world, Queen of Traste, and Progenitor of a new species).

When Reborn are turned into vampires they become Reborn as one of the original Vampire Lords who started the six bloodlines. Due to Marcus using this to kill The Ghoul, he garnered Será’s direct attention, and was god-marked for it. Even if it did take Saul 50 years to get the bloodline where he wanted it, why would he risk letting you guys become the first Vampire Lords?

Something about the party seems off when it comes to the rules of being Reborn:
1) Marcus was proclaimed as The Ghoul without ever choosing to do so.
2) Yolo proclaimed as someone he was not, and it worked.
3) Malik proclaimed without any physical representation, unlike every Reborn you’ve seen.
4) Calista proclaimed per normal? But her proclamation resulted in her pet proclaiming without any representation of a proclamation actually happening. Drinking the vial from Saul supposedly changed the pet, but the pet is a Reborn and Proclaimed?
5) Vash (forget Bill’s name) proclaimed as Vash for the 4th time, apparently being reborn multiple times unlike any other Reborn.
6) Jessica (priestess of Wela) wasn’t connected to Malik like everyone else, but when he infused the party with power she leveled as well. No that wasn’t a mechanic of the GM/Game. There was an in game reason.
7) The Entertainer seems like a standard proclamation. But he understood the language of the ancients. The Ancients were where the 8 Legendary Blades of Power came from. The Ancients predate the 6 ancient races (Demons, Celestial Dragons, Asurians, Sastrans, Shifters, and Psi Race). The Ancient Races were banned by the gods. What of the Ancients? And what are the repercussions of The Entertainer killing The Magus, the original creator of magic items in this world?
8) Is 7 oddities a coincidence? Or does Calista and Shadow represent 2 oddities making for 8 exceptions. Or is the GM fucking with your mind?

Reborn who proclaim late seem to not only be more powerful, but the personality seems capable of making things happen that they would want.

The Genocide is the only one of The Nine is who actively messing with another member of The Nine. This raises a larger question of what is his interest in Asyria? Does this relate to Dimble, Draco, Rose, Zothas, or something else entirely?

And then that happens

Saul appears with Calista, we all realize that we can make a die check (plus HD) to pull information that our reborn might know. Alaric knows that he can pull power from the Magus and gain some of his power without becoming the Magus. He becomes a wizard, gains +3 to his DC’s, keeps his bardic knowledge, uncanny dodge, and evasion. Malik takes a Ring of Wizardry.

Saul says that one of the gods was behind bringing us here, and someone in Asyria has been behind giving us certain items that they can track us, see us, etc. Everything we got from the orb and the cloaks. Most likely Rose, could be someone else. Saul asks why Alaric turned down his offer, and he says that his emissary didn’t really sell it to him. Saul says he needs Reborn to become vampires so his lords will be reborn. He says no more master vampires until he is ready to turn his three “daughters”. It’s all really a gamble. He debates and finally decides he wants to do it. Saul says fine and summons a tierling vamp who looks at him and says “really” then goes ahead. Alaric becomes a vampire and is now the Vampire Lord Kaz’ Akal, his skin turns to stone, he knows the tierlings name is Alana, she is something different from the standard bloodline vamps, he was Kaz’Akal the vampire lord, he feeds of the blood of animals (nothing else), he also knows something is wrong with him but not what, his vampire powers are not in effect. He is accessing memories but knows something is wrong. The Magus is now gone, but Alaric is still there. Calista sees that his life extinguished and then came back. Then Alaric takes the abilities of his new reborn and becomes a rogue. Saul says that since the vampires are part of the natural order now their powers may just come over time, “grow into them”. The ancient bloodlines are being held by other races now, the demons are the children of the ancient demons, fey are the children of the shifters, he doesn’t know the rest. The gods cheated to make this happen, Draco is the only initial gods, fagerus is an ancient demon, sera is an ancient goddess reborn. The gods made changes to the world and to the nine (Saul thinks except him because he has used the horn before).

Saul says he just doesn’t get the Bear… he wanted the animals to be like him, so they talk, can level, et cetera. The nine are all building their own nations, Saul took the rainforest because the shifter’s weren’t there and it was close to Ramiumptums city to piss him off. Terra took Insea because it was close to Mithra and the Darkaxe. Coin guy is a god now, The Twin Gods of Mercy and Compassion, in Chargrin. Bear took where he did because he did. Syn is the avatar of Fagerus, Genocide is in Pass, Dimble took over a knew place in the north. Saul says he doesn’t know what Genocide is doing and wants nothing to do with it. Saul says that as he advances in power he will gain in his powers. Yolo asks about being able to fix being bitten by the ghoul in the dream, and he says he can’t do anything but he will look into the dreamworld because it could be troublesome.

Alaric asks about siring children and Saul tells him just to play it safe and maybe take your time before you deal with it. He asks what he knows about who he is (he still hasn’t told us his name), and Saul says not much, that wasn’t his area of expertise. Alana says she resents being forced to turn Alaric and is now connected to him and knows nothing about him. She says that he is just another adventurer looking for cheap quick power, she didn’t want to be a vampire in the first place. Marcus asks to be turned as well and turns into Jared Torkeen instead of the Ghoul. A second tear drop appears on his face (second mark of Sera). He sees living creatures now (sense living) 60’, attractive (+4 cha for appearances only). Saul says that the Ghoul is most likely fully dead. The Torkeen’s were heavily involved in demons and based out of Shiadar, one of the five great noble houses of Traste.

Zothos, Dimble, and Rose are the only ones that could have tainted the items but it isn’t Dimble. Rose is tied to Draco and so is one of the party. Rose is attempting to become Draco’s Avatar, her warlock pact is with Draco. Draco is a god about accomplishments so as long as she can deliver he will be up to it. Saul doesn’t know what they are up to, but it involves eating souls which is unusual. We are being manipulated into doing something but we may not agree with it. They may have known who we were before we started and that one of us is supposed to do something and our connection may be used to force that person to do it.

Saul kind of talks to himself for a bit and we hear about a blue dagger that traps anything. Also that Saul knew four armed guy. Saul thinks that either it is Terador or Malik that is the one who is supposed to be the one depending on who Terador is. Saul says Terador has four options, 1) never proclaim, 2) bite the bullet and do it now, 3) be turned to a vampire, 4) Saul kills him now. And a fifth option, go to “that persons” home. Terador proclaims as Vash the Betrayer. A translucent orb appears and starts floating around his head with 6 opaque metal shards inside it. He then turns to Marcus and asks if there is a problem. He shrugs. The gods don’t normally band together to name someone, so the idea that they had to do it again to name the Genocide may have lessened the effect on Vash. The orb pulses for a second, his eyes go white, and says, “When the fourth son is born, and the tears are burned, the son/sun shall die.” Terador thinks Vash is the fourth son since he has tried this three times before, but killed by Sera marked worshippers each time.

Saul then says that someone who is trying to become the hand of Draco is watching our every move. He then asks if he can put something on Calista, he lifts her hair and touches her neck and tells her that if she wants to get away just want it and she will. We still feel that Vash’s orb is just wrong. Malik remembers that a shard of the orb survived out of the blast that killed Vash so that’s why he is still alive. Terador doesn’t know how to find the shards, but the previous incarnations found the six pieces. He tries to take one of the eight stands and does and then makes it reappear. It works and he takes it in again.

Once this is all done we continue to explore the dungeon and it is totally empty until we get to the last three rooms. Two are full of engravings and all flowing blood. The last room has furniture, bookshelves, and has been obviously ransacked. We search and Malik find’s Grandfather’s Legacy, a lv 14 necromancer’s spellbook, 3 gold, and a note that says, “Sorry I pissed you off, I left, you win.” We head out, and it’s the middle of the night. Jessica is eyeing Terador very funnily. He goes back to try to suck up another armor stand. He tries and nothing happens. He tries to get the orb to scan objects to see if it can identify stuff but it only responds to who commands it, it does not do things on its own. Yolo casts True Sight on Terador and he goes looking around the complex but doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

We debate where to go from here knowing what we know. Jessica asks what we are going to do about Terador, Malik says try to hide it and Terador figures that as long as it is attuned and wants it to be in his control it has to float around his head. Jessica says she wants to go to Insea but with Terador and his orb there is a good chance that there is a temple to Sera and could be a major problem. We decide to make camp and sleep before moving on. The sun comes up and a beautiful woman is walking towards our camp. She has blue skin with green hair and elven features. She looks at Terador and says, “well you died again… Selena is up north in Asyria figuring it would be where you would be next, here is the payment we had agreed upon (hands him a shard which he inserts into the orb(7)). We made an agreement that I get you a shard and give it to you when you are reborn and proclaimed, you ask me questions and then I go and you leave me alone. I am Terra, queen of Insea.”

Can we go to Insea, yes. She wants nothing to do with anything the gods are doing so will not interfere. There are Greater temples to all the gods there. He will know where Selena is if he goes back to Asyria. Finishing the orb will protect him from Sera, but she figures he would be lucky to get a single shard every time he reincarnates. Alren might give him prophet status if he can convince him to give it up. Or Alren will kill him for showing up because he does that. He could strike a deal with the Genocide, someone who would possibly be sympathetic to Terador’s plight. The Genocide is in Pass, altering Gnolls, to find out why you’d have to go to Pass and no one has. Dimble made a deal with Draco since Draco drove him mad, he just wants his wife back. Draco is eating souls for power but she doesn’t know why. The heart of the Dragon is two things a physical item and the heart, as long as one exsists the dragons exsist. Dimble’s deal was the Order of the Dragon, they are bound in service to Dimble to seek dragon’s and kill them so that more dragon’s are reborn so Dimble’s wife is reborn. Dimble is mad worse than Zothos and with more power. Yolo asks about removing the mark of the Genocide, if we plan on visiting him she would keep it but if not she will remove it. With it we can contact or track the Genocide or swear service. The mark on Alaric is from Zara, a daughter of Tiamat, Tiamat has not been reborn. If he wants to remove the mark go to Traste or the Order of the Dragon. She doesn’t know if the Far traveler is reborn. Terra has changed herself into something between human, siren and sea elf and has changed her people to match. The gods did something to the nine to change their own people. These races might be the new Ancient Races. The gods may be doing this to create new races to replace the old. She thinks that the crystals are buried and where you find the mist you find a crystal. Some people have found ways to get rid of the mist. The Green mist is the reborn, all of the unborn souls, it has power and can do things depending on who you run into. Red mist is a side effect of the crystals being changed by the gods, and that she feels that it is the anger of the crystals. Esecliam has gone to Chargrin. The towers are in the Great Forest and one or two have been claimed, the Slayers that guard the Dark forest may be around too. Saul doesn’t have blood magic, its just a spell in a vial. Calista’s cat is Kessa’s reborn pet. It took her over a year to find the shard she did. There is a battle between Silhoutte and the unicorns about travel as she is trying to ascend hence the unicorns can’t teleport others. The items that we have that are connected are connected to Rose not Draco. Mr.Bear found out about Draco eating souls and told Terra. Elowin created Draco, and he lucked into his powers everytime, so no one’s ever seen his true colors so no idea what’s going on. She doesn’t talk to Alhren, most of the nine she doesn’t talk to, just Bear and Saul. Four of the nine were archmages and its professional courtesy and they trade info. Finding a magic shop right now is difficult with Vash in the party, Asyria is good, Traste away from the major cities, Pass maybe, Traivon where Alhren is.

The gate between the two walls is still there, and so are the demons. Terador has to Betray us at some point because he is the Betrayer. Once a reborn dies finally they are gone, the only one that comes back is Vash. She also thinks that Rose is tracking us with something other than the items that we wouldn’t think of. Yolo asks to have his mark removed and she reaches over and passes her hand through his hair and the mark dissolves and his hair turns yellow-green and he hands the Saul spell to Terador who then drinks it. On his left cheek a red arcane symbol (for the number three) appears. Saul lies about all sorts of things all the time, he created two bloodlines not just the one. The safest place for us to adventure and not be messed with is the Dark Forest or Traivon as long as you avoid Pass. We ask about how many of the blades of power have been found and what would she trade for Starfall. We show her where we found it and she asks about the table in the room with the armor. The eight legendary heroes that wielded the eight blades, this is their accomplishments. They have been reborn. It is a nearly priceless piece of history. The scabbard is an artifact that hides anything put in it. We have eight reborn in the party and eight swords. She wants the table and the chairs.

She is willing to give us one of each of the fragments of the shards of the horn for Starfall. Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Neg energy, spirit, time, chaos. Calista gets neg energy, Malik gets Chaos, Yolo gets Earth, Jessica gets Fire, Marcus gets Time, Marcus gets Water, Terador gets Spirit, and Kessa’s cat gets Air.

She pulls out a dragon poker deck and pulls the eight of swords and the four of swords rips them both in half, drops the pieces and the deck and then vanishes with Starfall, the table and chairs. Malik picks up the ripped pieces and the deck. Alaric says that it is some sort of Deck of Many things and ripped the Imprisionment and soul trapped elsewhere cards. Jessica vanished when Terra did.

When Alaric takes the Time shard he sees that Jessica talked to Terra about leaving the party because of Vash.

ABA – Ian 8 , Will – 7, Eddie 8, Brian – 9, Rob- 12, Shayla – 9,

Exploring the Old Kingdom

We explore the cavern and see a few natural exits to the cavern. We also notice that Callista is missing. Malik asks the druid to check to see if his tiger can pick up her scent. While we try to figure out where she is, Terador says he thinks he might be a proclaimer and might be Sasha the Far-traveler and Alaric says that maybe he could be Kellin Blood Shadow, but he is not half demon. Meanwhile Marcus sits down leaning on the wall and trying to focus, he wakes up, grabs some paper and starts writing.

We look outside and see that the mist that was there when we arrived is now gone. Yolo starts to walk out and looks back and asks if we are coming. The view outside is that of a hill and a forest but there is no mist anywhere in sight. Malik feels almost like he is hungry and feels that food is “that way”, to the southwest, but no specific distance. They try to figure out how Callista left, either Saul brought her with him, she ditched us, she went down one of the caverns or she got kidnapped. We decide to go toward Malik’s feeling. We travel until dusk into the forest which has gotten much denser and Malik feels that whatever it is is much closer. We set camp and take turns with watch and during the middle of the night a man who introduces himself as Marcello is sitting by the campfire. He calls Alaric an infidel and tells Alaric that he is supposed to ruin his life, and is the emissary of Saul to turn Alaric into a vampire. Marcus wakes us up and says that Marcello is offering to make any of us vampires if we want but that he doesn’t recommend it, you forget who you are, and you live out Saul’s life in your head. Saul created vampires, let them create more and then killed off the originals and used blood magic to convert the children to a new breed and that the six would be reborn. Alaric tells us that when Saul was alive the last time there were six vampire lords each with their own unique powers and controlled a massive part of the world. One of the lesser known ones was the creator of the stone lake and stone wood (his essence changed them to what they were and was one of the first ones to be killed.

As Marcello talks, his accent keeps changing like he can’t control it. Alaric keeps talking and asks about Saul sponsoring him or something like it. Marcello says that Saul has three lieutenants and they are the only ones he talks to, so the fact that he even talked to us is unusual, and he says that Saul does have a thing for threes, it rules his existence. Saul has rules in his head, ones he won’t break, and will at some point have three more children, daughters again and will try to pick better this time. We turn him down and he says goodnight. As he leaves it seems like time slowed down and he just vanishes.

When Yolo wakes up he asks what Marcus was doing because he dreamed of a Lich staring at him throughout the night. Marcus says he dreamed of Callista and then we get distracted when we hear small girlish laughter from a water elemental down by Malik. We don’t know what is going on and Alaric tries to poke at her but she hides behind Malik. They think about it and remember that Marisha used to think that Telarius was the best thing ever. We then continue to ask Marcus about his “dreaming,” while we were in the cave he went to the dreaming to look for her he found a clean elegant tomb with a lich, that turned and looked at him and says I know who you are. He tried again while Marcello was here and saw Callista laughing and happy but no idea where or with whom.
We realize we don’t understand the whole system of rules regarding Proclaimers, Malik has no mark on him unlike the others, and Alaric tries to take his ring off and does but still has a ring on. Yolo tells us that he used the gauntlets from Saul when he had them 50 years ago. A squirrel walks by and asks if we are going to the dungeon, it’s the same direction as where we are going, it speaks in common and says it speaks in whatever language it wants. It asks if we are going to kill the Lich but no one has been able to get through the door yet. He says that all animals talk, and calls for a wolf (Bob) to prove it. He says that the wolf can’t take him, he learned how to fight. The animals have a rumor that someone is coming there to kill Lich. The dungeon was an ancient ruin that the Lich came and took over. The squirrel thinks that Draco worshippers eat souls and are evil. Malik tells the squirrel where we came from and then he just walks off and looks at us weirdly. We walk for a while and come to the ruins of a sunken monastery. As we approach we see a large door covered in dark energy. Marcus pushes the door and it is locked but the energy doesn’t seem to bother him. Yolo tries to touch the door and goes through the energy as well. Marcus tries to pull the energy into him but nothing happens. Malik says that whatever he felt is here just lower down.

Alaric tries to dispel the door and after a few tries his spell works and he realizes that he can choose to drop it and dispel it, raise it later. Alaric opens the door by concentrating on the spell he has up. We step into a large room with two nobly dressed ghosts and 5 skeletons dripping blood and mucus and have tentacles hanging from their guts. Alaric feels that the negative energy from off the door is pulling towards us. As Malik steps into the dungeon energy starts coursing from all the things in the room and the door energy into everyone else. The group immediately gains a level. (Telarius took momentary control to transfer the energy into us, Malik had no control). Alaric realizes he can see magical energies now. Malik starts looking around the room and realizes that the architecture is all wrong and weird. It matches stories about the Old Kingdom. We choose to go forward into the hallway ahead and down and then turns left. Malik puts up a light spell and we go on and then turn to the right when the hallway splits. In the next room we have more of the same creatures but in the room are magic circles engraved in the ground full of blood and the creatures in them seem more powerful.

Malik concentrates on doing the same thing as before but concentrating on only one creature. A starry night sky appears again and the creatures die and we all go up a level again. Malik lost control again when it happened. Alaric tells Malik that there is something that is attached to him, something far away to the north. Could be Callista, Rose or the person who gave us the cloaks. We think most likely it is Callista since we are all connected and she may be up in the Rainforest to the north with Saul. Terador checks the door and finds it trapped but he deactivates the poison gas spell. We head into the next room which has four of the noble ghosts which look surprised like we interrupted their conversation. Alaric realizes he can understand/speak their language but they look at him annoyed. They attack and we defeat them. We move into the next room which has two tables engraved with battle scenes and eight chairs (four on each outside), 8 armor stands with magic armor.
Eight armor stands
1) Celestial armor 3, Amulet +4str, Scabbard of Keen Edges (with a hilt in it)(slightly different), Boots +10 move and one extra five foot step/rd, Ring of all elements resist 5, gloves of storing
2) Full plate Ancient Human Old Kingdom +3 (racial armor), Scabbard of Keen Edges, Ring of Blink, Boots +10 move and one five foot step/rd extra, gloves of storing, Amulet of Int +4
3) Dwarven Breastplate +3 Dr 5/-, Scabbard of Keen Edges, Boots +10 move and one 5’ step/rd extra, Ring of Evasion, gloves of storing, Amulet Con +4
4) Leather armor +3 improved shadow, glamered, lt fort; Ring of Chamleon (Stacks with this armor), Scabbard of Keen Edges, Gloves of Storing, Boots +10 move 1 5’ step extra/rd, Amulet of Dex +4
5) Leather Armor +3 improved shadow, glamered, lt fort; Ring of chameleon (stacks with this armor), Scabbard of Keen Edges, Gloves of Storing, Boots +10 move 1 5’ step extra/rd, Amulet of Cha
6) Robes of Archmagi White, Rod of Empower and Extend (3 charges each), Amulet of Con +6, Gloves of Storing, Boots +10 move 1 5’step extra/rd, Ring of Wizardry 1-3
7) Robes of Archmagi Grey, Rod of Empower and Extend (3 charges each), Amulet of Int +6, Gloves of storing, Boots +10 move 1 5’step extra/rd, Ring of Wizardy 1-3
8) Robes of Archmagi Black, Staff of Maximized Healing allows mass spell 3/day, Amulet of Wis +4, Gloves of Storing, Boots +10 move 1 5’step extra/rd, Ring of freedom of movement

Alaric concentrates his new magic senses on the items and all of them radiate magic except for the sword. He draws the sword and it is an oversized two handed sword glowing with magic and we hear a voice say “I am StarFall” One of the eight legendary blades of Power. We all take one pair of gloves and one pair of boots. Callista, Marcus, Terador, Alaric and Yolo all get a Scabbard of Keen Edges. We offer the staff to Jessica but her healing is already maximized but we give it to her anyway since it grants Mass 3/day, unless Yolo wants it. Alaric and Malik take the two rods of empower and extend. Malik takes the White Robe of the Archmagi and Alaric takes the Grey. Terador takes one of the leather armors and a ring of chameleon.

We head through the next two rooms and both times we encounter some new creatures, a type of shadow in one and piles of bones that were swarms of undead. Both times the ceiling turned into a starry night sky and the energy transfered from them into malik and the party resulting in two more gained levels. We are all now level 10.

ABA – Ian – 7, Eddie- 5, Will- 6, Rob- 6, Brian- 7, Shayla- 6
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Ancient Human Kingdom Lich Dungeon Crawl featuring Starfall

Party rule, no eating party members.

Calista is legitimately missing, only the spawn of Tiamat’s tracks leave the cave..

Markus wakes up and starts writing on a parchment.

In an unnaturally clean cave, but when we look outside on a DC 15 perception check the mist is actually gone..

We are in a cave whose entrance is on a low-lying hill and the area is full of animals and lush plant life..

Rob asks Jessica the Wella cleric how it would work if he converted to a religion and had an elemental placed inside him given he’s an earth elemental..

No one outside The Nine are of epic level,.

Tarador believes his dreams of slaying elves means he could be Sasha or Kellen BloodShadow.

We take a vote and Jessica and Tellarius decide not to search the caves for Calista.

12 hours later we travel through to dusk and the “hunger” Tellarius “feels” is a lot closer.

Not much blue mist here which was the blood of the original Dank.

Bill has first watch, me second, and Rob third while the undead sits around.

There’s a guy sitting across from Eddie and I..

His name is Marcello.

I am an infidel. He says that’s going to ruin my life.

My life will be lived as Saul he has changed them. I become his.

He won’t turn me if I don’t want him to.

Saul made a new bloodline.. his own breed of servant.

No sun problems.

Has he ever turned a proclaimer? He killed all his children.

Six lords would be reborn one day.

Natural 20 bardic knowledge. Marcello says 6 Vampire Lords including one that created the Stone Lake once existed. He has no idea about Calista.

His accent routinely changes like Eddie at Taco Bell.

He never talks to his vampires except 3 unnamed LTs..

Has a thing for the number 3..

Three more daughters he has decided.. rules he won’t break..

Staff of 3 he sacrificed to Elemental King, 3 towers of magic, 3 children, turned into a vampire 3 times..

Eddie does some shit, Rob makes a will save, we all call Shenanigans.

Perception DC 25.. he moved so fast that he looked like he vanished to those unaware.

Why won’t Bill proclaim? You think you’re better than us?

Lich staring Rob down in his dreams..

Eddie wants him described..

Didn’t we talk about you not going to sleep? -Bard

Tiny giggle from small water elemental rolling around Malik/Tellarius.

Too out of my element with a 20 knowledge roll about the water elemental.

DC20 let us know Marisha thought Tellarius was awesome .. she’d laugh. Hence the water elemental.

I put Eddie’s cloak in my bag.

Eddie was dreaming about Calista to locate her. He found a lich in a clean cave and the lich in the dreamscape said I know who you are..

Why did Rob get stared down?

Calista seemed content. Ghoul bites aren’t contagious but if they are bit even in dreamworld they could be infected.

How do you heal him when not in the dream world?

The longer you don’t proclaim the more powerful that person becomes and gains control inside the person.

He proclaimed to be Tsaja the Far Traveler yet is clearly dishonest and a scoundrel.

So a squirrel starts walking next to us.. everyone laughed.

“Are you guys going to the dungeon? It’s bad.”

Squirrel wants us to kill the lich, no one can get through the door.

The wolf named Bob winks at the squirrel as he says the wolf can try and eat him later.

The Bear made all the animals talk and apparently the squirrel knows fucking combat.

I’m not fucking kidding you.

For real.

Wraiths and skeletons and a lich.. took over the ancient ruins.

Squirrel thinks all Draco worshippers are evil.

Yes. The fucking squirrel thinks this. They eat souls. It’s unnatural.

He leaves cause he has a fluffy tail and we don’t and whatever.

After 5 minutes there is a massive clearing that was some huge structure either a cathedral or a keep sunken into the ground.

Large door covered in negative energy.

Door is locked, doesn’t affect the dastardly ghoul aka Eddie.

Eddie has gone from suck to blow..

Door remains unaffected.

He knocks. No answer.

No keyhole.

Marcus attempts to dreamscape open the door but gets an impending sense of doom and doesn’t.

Aloric rolled a crit fail on dispel magic, and lost 1 charisma drain.

A roll of 17 which is 28 on dispel failed. Jessica the priestess of Wella dropped fire on it and it ultimately fizzled.

It took 6 rolls, but got a natural 20 and I can choose to drop, raise it, or do whatever I want. Neat.

I feel energy being pulled towards us even though we’re outside.

In combat, we notice the ceiling turn night sky and dark energy tendrils channel into him and since Aloric got a natural 20 on the door he notices one energy tendril shoot off far outside the dungeon..

We all gain a permanent level.

This was due from their souls and essences being “transferred” (Tellarius’ forte) into our bodies.

The Magus aka Aloric learns Sense Magical Energies under his unlockable abilities.

Malik once more in a room with the same amount of undead does the starry night sky and we gain another level.

We’re level 8.

Malik is still hungry, but only he knows this.

The large energy beam is shooting northward.

The energy beam is quite possibly going to Rose, Calista, or Saul.. most likely Calista in the Rain Forest to the north as she’s gaining the levels.

We bust in on 4 undead nobles talking in an ancient human dialect. Aloric makes a 25 knowledge languages and a 21 INT check and is able to understand and speak the language. They talk about a deal they had with the lich and how they lost their.. then attack when I ask about their dealings with the Lich.

8 chairs with 8 stands, robes on 3 and 5 sets of armor and items in a plush room.

Celestial Armor +3
Scabbard of Keen Edge x5
Amulet of +4 Strength x8
Gloves of Storing x8
Robes of ArchMagi (White, Black, Grey) x3
One Staff maximizes healing and can apply “Mass” 3x/day to any spell
Normal Rods of Extend and Empower 3 charges each x2
Ring of Wizardry Level 1, 2, 3 x2
Ring of Freedom of Movement
Boots +10 movement and one free 5 foot step a round x8
Ring of Resist All Elements 5
Ring of Evasion
Ring of Blink
Ring of Chameleon x2
Leather Armor +3 Improved Shadow, Glamored, Light Fortification the Chameleon and Shadow bonuses stack x2
Full Plate Armor Ancient Human Kingdom Styling +3
Dwarven Breast Plate +3 DR 5/-
Celestial Armor +3’s Scabbard has a hilt sticking out of it
Amulet of +4 Con
Amulet of +4 Str
Amulet of +4 Dex
Amulet of +4 Int
Amulet of +4 Cha
Amulet of +4 Wis (Robe Set)
Amulet of +6 INT (Robe Set)
Amulet of +6 CON (Robe Set)

Taking 20 on perception gives obvious slots with items missing from the sets.

I draw the weapon and a huge two-handed sword appears in my hand and a loud voice booms I am Starfall one of the 8 legendary blades of power.

The Competition

We gather together for breakfast and decide after some deliberation to head for the Port City when we go with the caravan. While we are discussing it a knock on the front door heralds a 10’ tall skeleton that demands the presence of Callista at the tryouts at 10am. We go to the café and Malik buys some spells and ask about the competition that they are setting up and the tryouts. The necromancer tryouts are basically there for aspiring guild members to kill each other and join the guild. We find out that many different classes join the guild. The competition is a chance for hopefuls to come and join adventuring groups and learn.

The field between the front gate and the tavern is huge and a table is set up with Grant and others waiting, and a few others on the sidelines waiting. He tells us the basics about the tryouts, they have to impress the judges and kill at least one person. Grant tries his best to hit on Callista but she flat out tells him that she is not interested. He says he is disappointed and walks away. We watch the tryouts and 14 prospectives survive, and the guild starts to discuss. Meanwhile merchants and food vendors start setting up around the square for the competition.

We ask about the prizes, ghost blade and adamantine full plate, and they also tell us that there are solo fights and 4vs4 fights. Callista, Malik, Marcus, Yolo join as a four person team. We see a great deal of people starting to gather together to watch the fights. We win through the first three rounds with little problem. The next fight is a little tougher, but during the fight Callista figures out a new power with herself that she can imbue negative energy into negative energy creatures. Terador notices a few nobles in the crowd, including Rose, and Saul watching the fight. We win, but it was a close fought thing at the beginning. One of the nobles comes up to us and asks him to follow us to one of the merchants. He rolls out a rug with a short sword (almost translucent) with a whitish blue blade (+3 short sword 2d6 ghost touch and one attunement slot), +1 advanceded Adamantine full plate dr3/-. The noble who lead us just leaves, he seems to be mad at us. Marcus tries to absorb the ghost blade with his blade but it tells him he can’t. He tries to swing the blade and it has a kind of after effect. Then we sell the plate to the fighter that lost the fight with us.

Callista senses a force of negative energy heading toward the café. We hear a few shouts and a stifled scream. We head slowly toward and see John the 10’ skeleton crumble to dust. We head a little closer and we see Grant next to the skeleton’s remains on the ground with a hole through his chest. The Raavi at the café are talking amoungst themselves and we go to ask what happened but they all clam up and give us the evil eye. Zombie comes out, drags Grant’s body to the back and then Cassandra comes out says they don’t get involved and that they will deliver the body to the guild. Zombie starts eating the brain and we let Cassandra know and she goes off on Zombie. Alaric goes to the tavern to ask the Mistress about Grant. She talks briefly but then just drags him off to savage him again.

We go back to the palace to sleep. Marcus tries to use something he thinks he has figured out called the dreaming. He dreams that he and a bunch of ghouls are chowing down on some human. Yolo wakes up with bite marks and a horrible dream about being eaten. We go downstairs and a servant says a chest was delivered in the night. Terador and Marcus check it for traps and then open it. Inside are 7 grey cloaks that after investigation seem to resemble cloaks of elvenkind. When worn they grant +5 to one skill and one feat and takes up one attunement slot. Cloak of Skill.

Then Malik proclaims himself as Telarius. They discuss a few things about each other, the dreams they have had and try to make plans. Malik tells everyone that once he proclaimed he has an overwhelming feeling to go to the Old Kingdom for something. And he needs to get there now. We discuss travel and decide to try and talk to Rose, Xothos or Saul. We send a message to Rose at the palace to meet us as soon as possible. As we talk Cecil walks in and says ”this is your fault” pointing at Alaric. Suris walks in and brings a bunch of chests and calls Alaric Cutie Pie, and starts to wardrobe Alaric. During the redressing she says the L word to him. She has never been in love before and won’t let him go.

We discuss Malik’s need to go to the Old Kingdom again and decide that Callista is going to call Saul to get us there. A knock on the door, and Saul walks in, we ask him if he sent us the cloaks. He seems to be a little confused but then asks what is going on. He asks if we want to stay after or go somewhere else and Callista syas return here. Yolo asks about removing the curse on him from the genocide and Saul says he can but it would mark him instead with his own mark instead. He then hands Yolo a vial of blood and says if he changes his mind drink it. Then Alaric asks about pledging service to Saul and he says all his servants are vampires and he was open to the possibility and Saul says one of his servants will show up to turn him. Saul asks Malik to let him in his head to see where he has to go. Then everything goes black and we find ourselves in a cave with a gorgeous blonde wearing nice clothes and no armor and a choker. She has our back to us as she stares at the cave and gives us a wave. Saul gives Callista a vial and says when it’s time to go, smash the vial and be close to her. He vanishes but not before she says she wants to spend some time with him once this is all over.

The woman says she was curious about this place and has been here for two days. Yolo asks if she wants to go with us and if she knows Saul. She says she is afraid to go down there because something is very wrong down there. Alaric tries to nice up to her and she says he should respect his elders and he just looks almost panicked. As we start to head down she says she will accompany us and tells Alaric “come along puppy.” We head down the corridor and she starts petting Alaric and he bleeds wherever she touches him. Yolo comes clean that he did a false proclamation and is actually an earth elemental, the one that had Saul’s gauntlets.

The cave opens up and Malik is ahead of the party, and there is a fissure ahead in the ground full of blackness and stars. We start understanding how the world works and then see tendrils and maws and things from beyond. We all gain a mental derangement, one feat (Callista gets two for a nat 20), Malik holds his hand out and all the maws start screaming the tentacles shuddering and then they all pull in toward Malik and flow into his hand and the fissure closes. Alaric tries to talk to her again and she threatens him. She then tells Malik that she will let him live as long as he promises to never try to transfer anything out of her. They shake hands and she leaves. Alaric has scars on his neck as a mark of Tiamat. Alaric asks if Malik can transfer them off to someone else. They talk about possibly staying in the Old Kingdom to explore a bit before going back.


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