Asyrian Magic Items Shops


All Merchants will have set percentile chances for having certain types of items in stock. More common items (such as a +1 Longsword) obviously have a higher chance of being in stock.

In Asyria finding normal or masterwork quality items (instead of advanced) is actually difficult.

Merchants do not tell people what they keep in stock unless they think you can actually afford to purchase their items (to discourage thieves).

Up to 10,000g:
X Tier: 100% chance of any type
Major Merchant (Capitol): 75% advanced, 50% normal
Medium Merchant (Major Town/City): 75% advanced, 30% normal
Minor Merchant (Village): 50% advanced, 10% normal

10,001g to 49,999g:
X Tier: 100% advanced, 80% normal
Major Merchant (Capitol): 75% advanced, 30% normal
Medium Merchant (Major Town/City): 50% advanced, 10% normal
Minor Merchant (Village): 30% advanced, 0% normal

50,000g or more:
X Tier: 80% advanced, 40% normal
Major Merchant (Capitol): 50% advanced, 10% normal
Medium Merchant (Major Town/City): 30% advanced, 0% normal
Minor Merchant (Village): 10% advanced, 0% normal

Advanced adds 1000g to the price tag (including magic items).


Asyrian Magic Items Shops

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