Mage Crystals / Disenchantment Ritual


Mage Crystals: Used in the creation of magic items and allows the creator to ignore special material component requirements so long as the Mage Crystals equal or exceed the value of the item being ignored.

Disenchantment: A one hour ritual that destroys a normal magic item (nothing cursed, intelligent, epic, etc…) and produces Mage Crystals equal to 25% of the value of the existing item. Some cursed, holy, and unholy items can be disenchanted and carry the blessings and curses with the Mage Crystals.

Value: 1 Mage Crystal is worth 1000g.


The evolution of adventurer needs required some way for superfluous magic items to be turned into needed magic items. This need lead to the discovery of breaking down existing magic items into their base magical components at the expense of destroying the existing item entirely.

There are rumors that this discovery was granted by Zhavelodin himself, and that as part of his tribute he takes a portion of the magical power lost by the disenchantment.

Mage Crystals / Disenchantment Ritual

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