The Powers of the Realms

You put WHAT into your mouth?

Thur 8/15
Ian: 0, Rob: 0, Micky: 30 Eddie 10, Bill 0
SIC 3, On Time 1, Adv Log: Micky, Surprise 3, Changing World 4

We walk into the bar and see the bard talking to water elemental. He says he didn’t tell him anything. We go talk to the Life Witch and Balyn starts asking her about the world and locations. While talking to her the bells are ringing signifying the city is under attack. I close to 100’ and begin firing while Bayln goes to the paladin to ask what is going on. He joins in the fray helping to hold the gate while I stay back firing upon those who get over the gates.

Once the battle is finished there are about 50 dead humans and 1000 dead spider people. When we ask everyone no one knows why they attacked. Nothing like this has happened before. We go talk to the Life Witch and the sprite shows up asking what happened to the paladin. She hops onto Balyn’s shoulder and comes with us. We tell her about the girl and The Thing, but she says that she thinks it has more to do with the Mind Witch making a deal with them to attack anything in this area. The Life Witch is being evasive and says its time to move on.

We talk to her for a bit and Balyn starts bartering. She offers for 500g each to sever our connections to Scar and then also offers to take us with her. She’s got a portal under her shop that goes to the Blue Mist World. She’s concerned about what will happen with her leaving considering the connection between her and the other witches. And she also asks us to get her some of the corpses to check on something.

We go buy, for 100g, some of the corpses from the paladin. By talking to the Spirit Orb we find out that one of the drones is modified and bring it back to her. When we get back there is a giant green pod in the shop with vines going into the walls eating the walls, building, and reagents in the shop. There are swirling white spirits running around the pod. She asks if we will contribute a finger. Bayln says yes and she pulls his finger off painlessly and then she touches him and it grows back. She throws the finger into the top of the pod which opens momentarily. She says it will create a new life witch to hopefully keep things in balance. She’ll be weaker though. I agree as well. She also talks to the faerie privately and then the faerie agrees.

She goes downstairs after telling us to take the pod to the elemental temple’s portal tomorrow. The paladin and 7 dudes go to the opposite gate and leave the town. Looks like they are abandoning the place. We agree to tell the town tomorrow to avoid a riot until we have the pod safely away. We go see Mr. Stixx and ask if he wants to join us after explaining what is going on. The butler is offering magical orc eyes to eat. Balyn eats one and it gives him a one shot reroll on perception, even crit fails. I take one and put it in a vial. The fae keeps one as well.

Also when asking the faeries how they are born, she says she was born from a flower. Not an egg. Mr. Stixx hires about 50 people to carry everything from his mansion to the witches place and buys some shrink dust with a diamond to bring the talking wall with him. Also the witch has sent out stick figure men armed with weapons to guard the town.

We go talk to the Blacksmith and warn him. Buy a master crafted spidersilk cloak (1 ac shield, 5 fire resist, 2dr/bludgeoning) from him and Balyn gets one made as well. He wont sell his forge, he’s going to leave it to defend the town. It can turn into a golem. He wont be going with us.

The pod opens and there is a 14 year old girls with silvery green skin and spider eyes. We take her to the temple and throw her into the portal to the other dimension. Before we do so an air elemental attacks us. We kill it and there is no loot. So we finish off the lil girl. We run but Bayln stays to watch. There’s all kind of energy and a form of a black hole sucking everything in. Even with us running we almost got sucked in. Once the energy is done there is nothing left but a crater, the entire temple is gone. We head back to town.

Heading back a black gravity well appears right on top of us. We begin to run and it calls up a wall of force in the corridor from the crypts, but Bayln doesn’t manage to escape and is trapped. He ends up having to fight a gravity elemental by himself, but manages to kill him.
Amulet of Mighty Fists +2, Amulet +3 saves w/1 reroll/day and 5dr/- (attunement slot). (Eddie)

When we get back to the Life Witch’s place the pod is exploded still and there is silvery liquid everywhere. I walk over to the liquid and taste some of it. After resisting some power/force, I dont get sucked into a random elemental plane of existence. We begin to realize that the liquid is the new life witch unformed yet like with what happened to us. Since she has my shifter blood in her, she’s in puddle form. Stumped Rob, he’s not sure what to do about that. We took the essence of a Life Witch with spiderlings, eidolon, witch, shifter, faerie, human, elf, life celestial, and elementals. To absorb a race it’s DC 25 Fort base with +5 to the dc for each race added.

I spend 1 plot point to get the faerie to react in time and buff me with a faerie dust to increase my saving throws and remove some of the races. I end up absorbing Witch, Faerie, and Spiderling. I already have Shifter in me. I spend my 2nd to improve my connection/ability to control this shifting.

Ian spends 1 plot point to get the faeries to buff him in time as well. He instead tries to absorb everything but faerie, spiderling, and the Life part of life witch. He manages to succeed with only a 35% chance of success and spends 2 plot points total.

We get turned to goo and Baylyn puts us in buckets and runs through the portal into the blue mist world. The blue mist started to coalesce into a humanoid form and talked to him, so he ran in fear like the lil girl he is. On the other side, we get some knowledges imparted to us from the change. Caern gets 1 dot in Know: Witch and Know: Planes. I get 1 dot in Know: Planes.

The bard shows up ans says that almost everyone is dead. He only has a few units left and everyone else is dead. The golem is the only reason the gate is even holding. They decide to go fight it out at the gate. Game ends.

Spiderling Lieutenant: 25% dmg reduction, +2 Con, +2 Any Stat, +10 Move, Web 3/day.


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