The Powers of the Realms

Welcome to Pet’s R Us – and princess gets something she wants for once

We head into the city with Ashok and no one seems to be paying any attention to us. Meanwhile he and Keira keep talking about her future and her plans. We get to the command center and Ashok taps a guard on the shoulder and he reacts as if we had been invisible, and he tells him to go tell Jack that Ashok is here.” Meanwhile Torak White-eyes starts talking to Keira about Fate and destiny. Ashok heads in to bitch with Jack and we head off to the Black Icon to get items. We buy a Mage Orb, a Shield Gaurdian, a Death guard and a few odds and ends, then go to equip our new pets.

We head to Prince Mask’s at The Red’s Emporium. A pair of Ogres in spiffy outfits wait outside and let us in with the standard warning vs violence. We get ushered in to his room and we walk up and introduce ourselves and sit down. For Keira he deals – seven woman in a garden (virtues) signifies life path (upside down), man in white robes in blue symbols with a staff (lawgiver) signifies lack of choice (upside down), empress signifies ambition (upside down), emperor signifies trouble from the mighty (upside down), Kraken signifies destiny (upside down) – sixth card he doesn’t pull yet, He sees what she wants and the gods want and the rift between them. What she is attempting to do (god assigned) there will be serious repercussions (go to the lost city, crypt of the unborn to make sure Mhorkhall doesn’t regain physical form – also to prevent any one existing deity to gain access to the power). He tells her that before he draws the final card he offers to switch places with her. They discuss possibilities. The sounds from above have stopped and the flames as well, much like when chaos talked to us before, Keira asks the staff whats going on and it talks to her in private. Thorax pulls out the law sword at the same time. A shimmering silver light surrounds him as it speaks to him. Keira starts asking questions of the group and then her ancestors to get an idea of what to do. They talk briefly again and she decides to take the offer and the cards, he flips the last card as he slides them to her and there is a flash of white light in the room and he draws the Chronotron, an elaborate machine signifying time (right side up). Keira’s eyes are glowing (Mask’s are not). The Scourge symbol has transferred as have the tattoos from Orham. Mask flips the card back to Keira and says he is out and turns to leave. The Chaos staff disappears in a puddle of goo as Tithys tries to alter odds but Keira invokes the power of Oram to prevent it. Keira attempted to take back the info Mask gained from her but doesn’t have enough control of the cards yet to pull it off. The Lawbringer sword asks her what she plans to do after commenting on not trusting the Chaosbringer.

She then heads off to the blood tower again. She grabs the tower keeper , Katalia, by the wrist and then touches the cards to the tower to keep Mask from interacting with it in anyway. There is a click and she smiles and asks Katalia if she is okay and she is just going off on how crazy that was. She tells Asheron that her plan is to send the energy from the Unborn into Asheron to elevate him to godhood as a Gnome God.
Level to 13. ABA base – 4


SkeletonJack lordofdork

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