The Powers of the Realms

The Mist Death

I was working on 2 hours of sleep, so the details are sketchy.

When we woke up, everything not nailed down was gone and there was a strange fog outside. Even our beds disappeared when we went back to our rooms after being gone for only moments.

Ian thinks on Scar to find that Scar can see through his eyes and he can hear him speak. Then Ian sees through his eyes. Scar asks for bygones be bygones and he’s already lvl.5.

We open the door and hear footsteps. Outside there is a skeleton with a scythe asking where the town went. He also tells us that Jin Lee, the undead tinkerer, made the mithril bracer and offered us 100k for it.

Later we find a random guy with a purse. Gay. Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. Then we find a crack in a wall leading to a vast area of water and ships. We find provisions and a captain’s cabin with water flowing over gem and a +2 shorsword. Ian takes the sword and I pry out the gem. We search ship, take provisions (lots of grain), and the gem is an area dispel to cleanse the water.

We go back to town and find another crack with darkness and a shining temple. We go in to find that the temple has blood on the altar at the top of the temple, after going up the stairs. We break open the altar and find a prayer book bound with gold cords inside. It’s a how to book for evil with high level rituals and spells.

We go down one level and there are pictographs of Dar on lower levels. Then we find a room with skeletons and backpacks and an oozey thing eating someone. It attacks everyone, is very tanky, and has ranged attacks as well. After defeating it we search the room and find 600g, but the items are gone. Also one of the corpses we searched released a ghost and we kill it too. A detailed search reveals a bow wrapped in oil cloth, +1 Longbow ignores cover and shoots around cover.

The next room has undead mummy priestess of Zanathrax and she says that the oozey thing will reform and it’s her pet. We leave because she has a high lvl ghost inside of her. We set the oozey thing on fire and leave, following a path to a town. Sleepy…….

There is a sign, no undead allowed. We go in, and there is a barn general store. We sell the grain for 10g. They are also selling shrunken heads for 30g, 4d6 Ref 1/2 vs undead.

We go back to the temple to fight the ghost mummy and almost die. The extra heads when used together only add range, not dmg. The ghost flees and everything else dies. Searching we find 30k gold and a magic box. Reading the runes on the box Explosive Runes go off and we loot it.

The box resets every time you close the box. Inside is a Ring of Elemental Command Water. Treasure Type Ian: Gauntlets +1, +2 shortsword, 8 shrunken heads, +2 resistance amulet, 1561g, Mr Rumbles. A bunch of skeletons burst in and killed Ian before we could kill all of them off.

Going back to town, everyone is seeing someone called Miracle Max. He supposedly gives wishes for free. He gives money, +1 weapons, and even sex changes. A barmaid comes to us saying that there is some undead outside of town asking to speak to Ian. He was sent from Scar and has a stone of good luck for us.

We go see the local healer in town, Meglan, to heal Balin. She is a Witch with the specialty to heal. She looks young, but sounds old. We give her the luckstone and the box. She heals both of us, which gives us + 1 to stats, a one shot reroll on anything, immunity to disease, and + 1 skill per level.

We decide to go back and get Ian’s body because she can bring him back. A kid comes running up to Eddie and throws water at him but misses. It was the kind that was affected by Marischa. Going back to the temple we find a troll and hire him for 50g to help us. He goes first and sets off a trap and we get Ian’s body without issue. He is called Fred the Troll. He doesn’t want to come into town because it’s a Paladin City. I try to convince him to come see a witch, but doesn’t know anything about trolls serving witches.

Meglan will bring back Ian for the elven silk that the artifact sword was wrapped in. I give it to her and she brings him back. We go talk to Lord Igon, the paladin of the town. He’s a worshiper of Zhavelodin and doesn’t let anyone worship openly. He’s pretty much a lawful douche so we leave.

I wake up next day and I am covered in blood with a trail of bloody footprints leading back to a portal. I wash the blood off with the water ring and go talk to the witch. We make a deal to get the sword to stop controlling me and removes the sword tattoo. Its then that she reveals that I have the mark of the dwarf slayer +1hit/dmg, dwarves within 10’ know it.

The End.

Food: Rob: $15, Ian $15, Eddie: $5, Micky: $10


SkeletonJack SkeletonJack

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