The Powers of the Realms

The Fey fight for the right to party

February 14, 2013

We come across Cerio a quickling and Sularian Firestorm a nymph wielding two blades known as Sul. She greets Tumbleweed as a brother aka fe3low weapon master.

Cerio is the Eyes of the Fey.

The earth elemental aka Yolo challenged a monstrous troll to a contest for gold of throwing a rock. He tries to engage Alloric to charm the troll into not crushing him with the throw using vampiric charm.. the fey eny Alloric the chance stating the only reason he is alive is because he journeys with Yolo who is the Defender of the Fey and Savior of the Pool.

The troll in wooden full plate is puzzled when his throw does not destroy Yolo who exercises his escape ability to evade the killing blow.

We are taken to Queen Desala who is the lady of the Dark Forest and the Bastion Anger of the Fey.

They currently control the Glade of Summer which stands for purification but have lost control of the Glade of Spring.

Bastion is a lich home blocking them from controlling the Glade of Winter which is where their best generals reside.

The first glade was in fact that of Autumn.

Their Elium could not even scry into the glades they no longer control.

Lick Holm is a fortress constituted of souls molded into the very fortified structure that stands today.

There are only 163 Fey in the Dark Forest, a paltry number in face of two adversaries in the humans and the undead.

We eventually describe the humans as brain crawlers which surprises the Fey. They were concerned they were fighting two unique enemeies, not biomorphs using subterfuge as another.

The Fey that Alloric robbed of her soul is actually now of another world entirely..

There is a vaunted Runesmith to the East that is able to easily dispatch biomorphs. They desperately want an alliance to conquer their foes..

Ren aka Lady Deshmar always wants something in return and is unlikely to help.

Sul shows little interest in the sniper rifle.

The group goes back to Calista’s tower. They travel to the Runesmith.

There are massive pillars covered in runes and sigils protecting a village. The villagers all run to safety deeper inside.

Yolo goes beneath ground and avoids destruction by the pillars.

The Runesmith is shocked at this, and says he must construct a rune that targets that which cannot be targeted..

The birth of a new order resides here. The Runesmith is a young man who wanted to control his own “niche” except he instead mistakenly created a new order of magic with the villagers his disciples..

The Runesmith’s name is Winter. He tried the whole Unicorn controlling a niche aka teleportation and travel but it backfired obviously.

This is an old order reformed..

There is now a new order of wizardry.

Yolo spends 8 ABA’s for 3 dots Strategy.

The Glade of Summer purifies points of power within the Dark Forest.

The Undead created Lich Holm to block the Fey and the Biomorphs have taken over several Points of Power once belonging to the Fey.

Note: If you stitch the name Fagaras into your clothing you will become immune to disease, poisons, and won’t be attacked by the undead without provocation.

Winter pulls out an amulet and ascertains we have honorable intentions.

He doesn’t want to leave but must go to Calista’s tower..

Alana, the sire of Alloric, shows up and gives up a blank map showing in moonlight the location of the Moonaxe as a thanks from Saul.

Saul also knows Alloric hasn’t worked on creating a line of vampires and wants to know why.. a valid reason..

There are already 6 Vampire Lords in place.

The Vampire Lords apparently have an ancient circle of power within Traste.. Alana heads out. She didn’t seem to care about anything.

We eventually scry the Glade of Winter via the Tower.

The Glade shows its nighttime but its daylight outside.

There are trees with a dryad inside.

She looks up.

Calista uses Fate and the Tower of Entropy and all her power points to remove Lich Holm from existence.

Wind blows it away into the ether..

We spend one day in the vault.. Alloric regains 6 blood listening to Tumbleweed dote on his sister.

When Calista uses the Tower in such overt and demonstrative fashion her hair turns white and her body’s skin is now jet black.

Sul says Yolo to pass a test to answer questions.

The Fey are supremely powerful, but they only got into trouble once they lost connection to The Fey. (Oops!)

Dryads represent the Nobility and Generals of the Fey.

When asked about the one tree, Winter says this is the Tower of Fate cryptically..

The Fey do not care about Bezofgha rather the Fey who is gone..

The group asks Calista to use the tower to locate or scry individuals based on their fate..

Fiora, the wife of Alexander the standing King of Traste, has her soul in the green ether. She is within the mist and is not to be reborn while Alexander is alive. We learned Alexander will be killed soon because he has no heir and will not take one unless it is the child of Fiora..

Lord Davros Vanders who is married to Constance Vanders is set to be the new King of Traste once Alexander is gone..

Vanders controls the docks, the trade game, and the ships..

When seeking the fate of Chara, Dimble’s wife and an ancient Red Dragon, she quietly hears a voice whisper in her ear, “Don’t.”


End Sessions.


Rob 15 (+1 I miscounted his game food contribution)
Bill 14
Brian 17
Shayla 15


SkeletonJack milicibrian

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