The Powers of the Realms

Mr. Stix

Thur 8/8

We are in the elemental temple still and Caern pulls one of the levers which opens up all of the apertures which releases all of the rest of the elementals in the temple on top of us. One of the levers pointed towards a crcle with an arrow going through pointing to an X. The other 3 had 1, 2, and 3 aperatures, but it was covered with brass covereings so that you’d mix up the 1 and 3. The openings open based on the setting.

We go back to town to hire a rogue to open doors and traps. We find Mr. Stix who is ridiculously rich and a stick man. He killed a wounded beholder who had just killed a party and got all of their loot. And the party he was just in had a full party wipe but him, so he’s loaded. But he craves adventure and wants to go off with us so long as give him “cool” loot.

We end up talking to the blacksmith who hires us to go get one of his shipments in exchange for loot or a discount on loot. We go and find ourselves at a spiderling town called The City of Spiders (Shadow Silk is the real name) filled with people called SPiderlings. They have humanoid bodies with spider-like faces. And everything is made from the silk they produce, even the buildings. They have a hive mind and their spokesperson is called “The Thing” to talk to normal humanoids.

While there one of the females develops a thing for Caern and at one point her long tongue comes out and licks his face. She also makes a green silk cloak for him as well. One of the guards also told us that The Thing really creeps him out. Going there we see the girl who licked Cern get dragged to the second floor. We follow and she is rought to The Thing 9gargantuan size) who eats her whole saying, “Individuality shall not be tolerated.” We agreed to to bring dead bodies in exchange for loot/services.

On the way back a green faerie is on Dravyn’s shoulder and she asks to become his companion. She is very attractive and looks like a Pixie. She has faerie duest and becomes Dravyn’s companion.

We go back to town and deliver the shipment and the Blacksmith makes a master crafted breats plate for Caern that can be used without penalizing spell casting. We gather up Stixx and head to the temple. The elementals are gone and they left a trap which Stixx disarms. There is a gem which casts 8d6 fireball dc 25 (goes to Caern) and a mind witch vial.

We go to the life witch. (Forgot to write anything down at this point, fill in later)

Ian: $0, Rob: $10 , Micky: $ , Eddie: $20, Bill: $2 (Spent $13, $19 left over)
Trans: Micky
On Time: Ian, Mick, Eddie 1
SIC: All 3


SkeletonJack SkeletonJack

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