The Powers of the Realms

Instruction Dungeon

We are still in the Paladin city after we saw the witch Meglan. She sends a 6 year old child to get us to see her.

We go see her and she wants us to steal a shipment of “emotions” from a sister witch. She wants two of the potions, and we can have the rest. Her sister witch can “steal” emotions from people as her power. It can do more than emotions however, allowing someone to gain the skill of a blacksmith, the speed of a trained warrior, etc…

We said no. Savanka “Sav” is the other witch and Meglan says she doesn’t think she’d really care. We find a bard who tells us about her. She is rutheless, evil, and cruel. She trains slaves and makes them loyal so that they tell her what she needs and can get from them.

There is a half-illithid outside of tower who sells maps to adventurers called Snakey. The bard’s name is Chad. He also says that the Death Mist is very rare. We go and find a whole and ask for Snakey. He’s a worm-snake shaped body with arms and a head with tentacles. He offers to sell us either a key to a dungeon, or there is the mad druid who creates abominations somehow. He’d like the stone that makes them.

He gives us the key to an “Instruction Drungeon” Each room has instructions as to what to do. He opens a chest and there is a flowing silver key. When Balin reaches for the “key” he flows around him and then turns into a sword at his will. It is a +2 sword with an inscription in Shifter and says Hope.

It is a +2 item that can shift into any item of your choice and has some enchantment to bypass the lock on the door. On the way to the dungeon we find a crack in one of the walls with something inside. Cairn’s griffon and my crowbar are able t force the crack open. There is a chest in the center of the room. Cairn goes to open the chest and the chest says, “No, it’s mine!” It casts Web on us.

We kill it, it has 2000g in it and a crystal dragonfly (transmutation/divination/conjuration). It is + 1 enhancement Init, 5’ free teleport 1/day, it can fly around as a scout (see through its eyes 80’), made by Jin Lee. We get to a shimmering opaque blue field that I touch and it becomes clear and we can walk through. There is Shifter language inscribed over the archway, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

It’s the “Instruction Dungeon” so we leave the weapon “Hope” behind. The wall is an advanced version of the Wall of Force spell. The first room has a statue of a woman who is shooting magic missiles from her mouth. I grab hope and enter and it makes me save vs death, which I barely make. We all run into the next room which says, “Thou shalt not wield magic.”

We go into that room and there is a Troll who attacks us and we kill him. I find a gem worth 50g. 100g and a ring on the troll. We go to the next room, “Thou shalt not harm things physically.” We go in and see 10 skeletons with bows on each side and they almost kill Draven. There are 20 + 1 bows.

The next room says, “You can move freely through this room”. Each tile in the room says either “Freely” or “Not Freely”. Inside are 5 cloaked figures. They are skeletal mages and say they are bound to this room. Jin Lee made this place and according to them likes to “Screw with the living”. Since Cairn offered to free them, they decide to be honest. To enter the last room we have to sacrifice 10 levels of items. We rest up in the freely room to get spells back.

We go in, the room of the undead shifter. In the final room there is a column. We go back to town and talk to the bard and the witch. The first day we went to the witch she wasn’t there and there was a gargantuan spirit dragon protecting her while she was sleeping. Snakey is lvl.14, the bard is a kiss who wants to marry the witch, and Draven takes the Life package.

I leave town to eat the heart and it face rapes me instead and knocks me unconcious for 2 days. Shapeshift one per day, silver liquidy, in barrel.

Loot: 500g group loot
533g each to ian, micky, eddie
10 + 1 bows
crystal dragonfly (Micky holding, group loot)
Ring of Freedom of Movement (Bill)
cursed by spirit (Micky) Tween Spirit
Ring: 1/encounter cast 2 summons at once (Eddie)
Ring: augment summoning feat (Eddie)
Ring: Improved Init (Bill)
Robes: +4ac, elemental resist 5 (Micky)
Ring: +2 def ac, 25% crit immunity (Ian)
Ammy: +2 saves (Eddie)
Belt: 5 hp 1DR/- (Ian)
Beating Heart of a Shifter (Micky/Ian)

Thur 7/18
Ian: $5, Rob: $10, Micky: $10, Eddie: $20, Bill: $10
Trans: Micky 1
On Time: Eddie, Ian, Micky 1
SIC: All 3
1 aba bonus to micky and ian for humor


SkeletonJack SkeletonJack

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