The Powers of the Realms

Great Events

Callista puts her hand up and the doors to the tower open. Malik hears a slight crumbling sound and realizes that Alaric is starting to crumble a bit. The girl is waking up and Alaric is losing his stoneskin and becomes normal after a slight change in reality like when Arringar or terra showed up. He has lost his stone powers but gained Dementation (3). He realizes that he has a statue on the Isle of Heroes and is either the second hero or the first villain.

The girl wakes up and says she wants to leave. She doesn’t want to remember any of this and just wants to leave, she doesn’t want our help. We offer to escort her out or put her on the airship but she says no. Malik is looking around and realizes that we are in a pocket realm and only Callista can see the gate. Malik sets up a mental link between them all so that they can communicate freely. Alaric asks if anyone wants to help her once she leaves the forest. We do but she doesn’t want our help. Callista points the direction of the gate and she vanishes, Alaric activates her celerity and sees her just move so quickly she vanishes, like when something transferred to him something went into her in return.

We enter the tower and see a a large room full of bookcases and tables. A ghostly apparition appears as Callista enters wearing plate and greets her as Mistress and says he is Breman, her servant bound to the tower at the return of magic. He is her guide. She asks what she should know and he gives her a list. She asks about the gargoyle, the guardian that defends the tower but he will not obey commands until she defeats it. He is surprised that she walked through the defences without problems and he figures that Saul helped her cheat even though he said he didn’t think she should enter one. He obviously may be manipulating her. He recommends she master the points of power in the tower prior to attempting to fight the gargoyle. She needs to align herself with the library, the teleportation chamber and a few other rooms. The room has 8 gateways that lead to the other 7 towers and one that can be bound to specific locations. The gates only connect to towers that are occupied, there is no time tower, it got combined with mind and the time aspect bound to the forest itself. The only ones taken so far are Forces and Entropy. Every tower comes with a guardian and a spirit mentor, the mentor is the spirit of the person that last controlled it or a previous owner. The real Breman is an avatar of Zhavelodin, he is the Ruinic Knight, it happened at the reset, he rebound the moon, gathered the sparks, and returned his eyes.

The slayers are hiding, and there is a war between the undead (replacement for the demons), the fae (replacement for the shifters), and the biomorphic entities(replacements for the cinderi (the psy race)). Zhavelodin was given things he wanted in return for information about the ancient races and the world itself. The celestial dragons were replaced by angels (Syn was the only one known prior to this), vampires replaced the assyrians, the elves replaced the shastrans, but then two new races showed up. There were two more races but the cindori awoke and fired the gun to kill them.

She heads to the library and attempts to bind with it. She concentrates and feels connected. We find out that no one can communicate outside the forest without being attached to the scrying room. She attempts to bind to the teleportation room but fails, but as we leave negative energy flows out of her eyes and Kessa invokes her influence to bind to the room. Then she feels a “knock” from the other active gate. From the Entropy Tower a raven haired woman in strange gothy clothes, tattoos on her right arm, bone and leather bracelets on the left. Magic works via paradigm, casting out of yours is Vulgar. She is Ren desh’Mar, the tower lord of Entropy, and seems to use two separate paradigms. Her tower reaches out with entropic energy toward Callista and Ren closes the portal. She says she knows who we are and wants to cast some divination spell. She does and says Alaric has his own statue. Alaric asks about the seed of the one tree and Ren says that only the Fae can give birth to the seed. With Alaric killing the aspect of the Fae he realizes how bad he has screwed up.

Ren is not affiliated with any gods, any of the nine, any kingdom so she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. She wants to trade towers. She mentions that the towers and the shards have very interesting interactions and she doesn’t mess with them. Yolo escapes before exploding. She is one of The Witches, one of the sisters is one of the Chargrin daughter’s that could see the innermost thoughts of everyone, she knows every language, history, of every people. The knowledges of the past. So Callista begins debating about what deal to make to switch towers. She agrees to the deal of two languages taught, access to the four points that are hidden in the forces tower and a favor / alliagnce later. She learnes Ancient Biomorphic (the entropy lang) and masters angelic script (the forces lang) and she moves Yolo to the Entropy tower. Callista has to fully bind and unlock the keys to the points of power in her tower, she should be able to do it in a month or two. We walk through the gate to the new tower and a there is a contest of wills between Callista and Kessa’s Spirit and then Kessa manifests and Callista blocks out whatever connection that was trying to form. Kessa says she shouldn’t be here, their spirits are going to continue interacting, the spirit is more real now that Callista is here. Shadow coalesces and starts running up the stairs. We follow up a few levels to an area like a jungle realm in total darkness and Shadow hides and starts playing, the spirit Kessa starts to smile.

We mention that Saul was the reason we got here, and she says Saul is probably hoping that Callista will either let Kessa escape which would be unknown outcome, killing her thus becoming one of the primal races but earning Saul as an enemy, or Become Kessa and be one of the most powerful entropic archmages in the world. Otherwise, she could find a vessel and put Kessa in it and see what becomes of that. Kessa goes to speak to Breman about what would happen with The Fae getting turned into a vampire, it sounds like Alaric made an unique, original vampire lord that most likely feeds on blood.

We spend the rest of the day relaxing and doing some basic things and then rest till the next day. Callista has a whole crapload of undead minions in the tower that will obey her. Callista binds with one of the points of power and Ren shows up in a nimbus of blue and white fire. She shows up and tells us that the location was The Temple of Silhoutte. It is permanent, one of the most holy, it is a sanctuary, it teleports and is very powerful. We decide that we want to give back the temple to Silhoutte, goddess of art and transportation. We tell Ren and she makes it happen.

Tumbleweed tells us that his sister visited him on the ship and told him that Draco wants 100 nonevil souls and he will answer any question for us. She said that there is a war starting with the gnolls.

Callista asks Ren about the situation with her and Kessa, and Ren says she should take care of it really soon. Don’t let her go into the tower. Ren offers to make a new body and transfer Kessa out of her. We go back to the Forces tower and she makes the Tower do the work, she crafts a body exactly like Kessa, energy starts leaking out of her, fangs appear and she smiles and awakes. Callista’s hair turns platinum and falls to her waist, her eyes turn violet, her appearance goes up two dots, she loses dominate, reborn memory, and negative essence. Her avatar goes to five, her arête to six, gains some social traits, loses conflicted destiny and dark fate, and gains graceful. She loses all the Kessa disads too.

Once Kessa is out, Ren turns to Callista and asks if she is attracted to women. We take a little down time to let Callista gets in tune with her tower and Yolo to craft a few amulets and Malik to craft a ring. Kessa spirit tells us that Ren is saying that there is a unicorn waiting for us there. We head over to the Forces Tower. Waiting for us is a white unicorn. It shifts into a man in white robes with platinum white hair. He is conflicted about how to interact with us and will hit each point. He doesn’t know why the first hero and the first villain are travelling together, the unicorns will never call him a hero. They give their thanks to Yolo for stopping the corruption in the pool from spreading. Silhoutte has offered to give Yolo something in their stead since they cannot. He takes a rolled up parchment, a painting blessed by Silhoutte that will grant her godmark, we all have the ability to teleport freely if we have means to do so (except for Alaric) even in and out of the forest, Yolo can teleport 1/day as he wants. The unicorns now serve Silhoutte and are not part of the war with the fae she raised the king of the unicorns as her avatar. They will leave Alaric alone and won’t help anyone find him but that’s it. They don’t know how to help Bazothca but wish us luck.

The war is about control, control over power in the forest, the nodes can grant them power to fuel their armies and be in control of the forest.

XP – 6
ABA’s -Ian – 17, Brian – 17, Will – 15, Rob – 16, Shayla – 16, Eddie – 15


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