The Powers of the Realms

Brain Spiders?!?!

Feb – 7, 2013
Before we decide to do things we start to have a talk about party dynamics, group trust and party goals. We discuss personal goals and where and what we want to do. So far we have decided that the only somewhat party goal we have is the aid of Bezothka to get him off our backs. In the meantime we are going to check out the dark forest a bit before we decide if we want to return to Assyria. Callista defeats the Gargoyle by having the tower treat it as an intruder.

We head out into the forest and after a short time we hear music and merriment from a grove. We head towards it and see a group of humans that invite us to eat with them. We head towards them and start talking and as we move forward they attack. Combat is joined and we quickly realize that while they look human they are clearly not. They have massive potential to soak damage and have no emotions although they do register as alive. We have a rough fight but kill them all. Malik investigates the bodies… the hair on the nape of our necks starts to stand up and Alaric locks up, unable to move in terror, Callista and Yolo run away, Malik Rachel and Marcus start to shake when the heads of the creatures explode in gore and glistening translucent spider like creatures skitter out and away. We witnessed something truly unnatural, Alaric thinks that someone sent them after us specifically, but the rest of us think that it was just a random encounter. We search the remaining remains and find basic gear and the bodies seem to have been internally altered by the strange spider creatures filling them with unnatural organs, nodules, lack of organs, and other general weirdness.

Alaric tries to feed on Yolo and inspires him to Rage and feeds successfully. Malik clams Yolo down with mind magic. We burn the bodies to keep something from happening. We leave and continue to the East for an hour or so when we hear a high pitched voice say they are over here, this way. Malik looks for minds in the area and detects one moving towards us and one moving so quickly he cannot feel it. A 2’ tall guy in brown leathers that looks like a scout or thief that leaves behind a trail of miniature stars stops in the clearing before us. A woman starts walking forward that is the most attractive creature we have seen short of The Fae in silk cloth that is very revealing, red hair and pale skin, two short swords strapped to her back. She clasps arms with Tumbleweed (if he lets her) and says “I see you brother.”Cerio is the quickling, eyes of the Fae, and she is Sularian Firestorm but we can call her Sul, she is a nymph.

XP: 3
ABA – Ian – 5, Brian – 7, Eddie – 4, Rob -5, Shayla – 6, Will – 0


SkeletonJack lordofdork

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