The Powers of the Realms

A Watery Grave

Entry 1, Rob’s Campaign 6/20/13

Ian (Caern) Lecherous, Paranoid
Eddie (Balin) Hotheaded, Untrusting
Micky (Veris) Merciful, Loyal
Bill (Dravyn the Half Hearted) Loyal, Hedonistic

We were working for Insea, seeking out the vile dread pirate Scar. After months of training, preparation, and tracking we went out in our vessel to fight him. After a massive sea battle, filled with fire, we killed him. But both ships caught fire, sinking us to our doom.

We awoke later, no longer experienced (higher level), in a crypt. Waking up in tombs, being eaten by scraggly dirty humans we find ourselves as corpses with broken limbs and decayed bodies. But our muscles and skin grow back right before our eyes. The cannibals scramble and we surprise them by attacking. There are four human minions and one boss.

We kill them and get the following loot, but not before Ian dies horrifically!! We’re not really sure what the name was of the poor man who died!

We find a silver cloth with an Elven Mithral Longsword in it with blue flame coming off of the weapon with the inscription, “Beware your greatest successes and failures.” Artifact item, sleeping with muted auras. Dravyn picks it up and it does: +10, True Vorpal (14-20/x3 cuts of head on crit), 1d8, intelligent. We also have 2 suits of light leather left over, 5 gold and 7 silver after looting the bodies.

We all gain one Prof/Know that we once knew in our previous lives. I had Weaponsmith, Caern had Armorsmithing, Balin had Know: ?, Dravyn had Know: Dungeoneering. I also realize that I can remember enough to sharpen the damaged daggers we found to make them better.

Caern and Dravyn noticed that the words the boss spoke during the fight are still echoing in the room. They examine him and the words are visible and floating in the bosses mouth, but then flow into Bill’s mouth (+ 1hit and + 1d4 heal for allies once per combat, free action). Also, clawing at the boss’s hand, which was glowing with magic, they find 3 mage crystals (100g each, exponential growth for casting spells).

We search the room and there is a secret door leading to a hallway in addition to the normal door. We are in a crypt and there is water (magical) dripping from everywhere. Also we can sense Scar is alive and 100 miles below us. The water detects as necromancy (life and death) and we also detect as magic while in the room.

Ian goes into the secret hallway and there is a lack of magic in there on him. He walks back in and is affected by “The Life and Death”, at the beginning of every day he gains 10 temp hit points. Walking into the water can change you.

Going down the hallway we find a white marble room that smells of horrible hot stinking human sweat, and it’s hot and humid. There is a portrait of a flower in Crayola, done by a child. There is also a desk with some papers in it. It seems like it is some kind of a kitchen. Also the room is meticulously clean but smells horrible.

The next room has a portrait of an old man holding a cane who looks like a noble. It says “Happy” under it. The room is mostly covered in mold. Caern walks in and he smells beaches and the sea. The next step he smells pine trees. The next step he smells flowers. Caern searches the room and gets a natural 20. He finds a coin, like a silver coin cut in half, and it is glowing. Identifying it, it is a one shot reroll.

We go through the next door, it’s a plain room with a throne with a skeleton sitting on it and there is an archway behind him with a glowing portal. The skeleton says in a musty voice, “Do you like my artwork? Nice find on the coin.” I ask if he wants to go back into the water, he calls them the “Waters of Marischa”.

We’re in the Crypt World and he explains that this is the world that Zanathrax created, a world of pure death. Marischa came and fought him, and the water resulted from their combat. It is what has brought back the living and the undead, Marishca’s plan to spoil Zanathrax’s perfect world. He wanted a world of just the dead, not even any undead. Some people even worship the twin gods, Zanathrax and Zanathos (the same god, two names). The portal takes us to the city, he’s not sure of the name. Or we could go back to the unknown behind us.

We talk to him for a while and he says that he likes us so a skeletal undead hand comes out of the ground with two Ifuta. Caern picks them up and the skeleton casts magic missile on him, almost killing him. He hates Caern apparently, but likes everyone else. The Ifuta can be put upon an item to grant a permanent +1. He also tells us that once the water is disenchanted it can be bottled to do a Cure Light Wounds. Also, he gave Balin 2 scrolls of Dispel Magic. He also tells us that the words in Bills mouth are called The Words of Madness. If we had killed the boss, the words would have died with him possibly. They are the words of the Illithsaur god Voxis.

Going back into the original room Balin uses one of the scrolls to dispel the magic on the water. He reads the scroll inside the room and somehow the scroll isn’t used up. Also, he gains the ability to cast Dispel Magic 1/day as a spell like ability (natural 20). Balin had gone in and got 10 temp hp per day and Caern went in and got 1AC before the water was dispelled. Going back to the kitchen we find some plates and bowls and cups to get some of the water. From there we go through the hallway we had originally seen upon waking up in the very first room.

The boss wakes up in the water as it heals him and offers to serve us (we had captured him and been carrying him around the entire time), but he also says that we are all food for the Illithsaur god, who is evil. I kill him with the elven sword by decapitating him and then I can no longer talk after failing a Will save.

The sword wakes up and the runes and room light up a bright blue. We go into the next room and see 4 zombies, 10 skeletons, and a rat mummy thing. The rat mummy thing (undead boss) is playing music and they are dancing. Balin’s Eidolon pulls a guitar out of nowhere (literally nowhere) and starts playing. Balin calls his Eidolon Roberto, we call him Fluffy. The undead don’t attack us. The rat mummy had two death head amulets on him (one white and one black). Also he has a mithral dragon bracer on his arm with two green gem eyes with its mouth open. They probably worship the twin gods.

The next room is a chasm, like the whole area was blown out. It’s like the grand canyon with tombs everywhere, and water at the bottom. Hedonistic is activated and Dravyn starts dancing back in the room with the undead. We also talk about jumping the undead and whisper amongst ourselves, and the undead notice. So they threaten us and demand tribute. I threaten them and ignite my Halo, and they let us pass.

Once in the next room we talk about whether we should kill them some more and the undead slam the door on us. The skeletons were neutral (according to the paladin) but the rest are evil. The sword calls Dravyn, Half-Heart the Paladin. We leave and go to the portal.

The sword starts talking to us now. He says that the arm piece on the undead casts 2d4+4 Magic Missiles that heals the wielder 4HP total and counts as a buckler. The neck piece was resistances +2, and he has a red dragon egg in his backpack. The sword is good with magic items. So we go back to destroy the red dragon egg.

We ask the sword’s name, Mourn Bringer. It has a knack for magic items. I ask why he was down here and he says no. He also doesn’t mind us wielding him. If I hadn’t critted with the first hit, The Demon would have come and slayed everything for miles. He says we’re not important and don’t deserve to know his knowledge. The sword senses my thoughts of indignation and makes me smack myself. Asshole.

Caern uses his one shot coin to get random luck to make the undead boss come out of the room. Some bluish lines come from his hand and the coin and they go off into the other room to the boss and makes him say “What happened to Bob, he was taking a piss.” So he comes out to check and we jump him. The sword decapitates him and there are mage crystals as well (3).

Loot: 1 red dragon egg, 1 disintegrate scroll (min lvl), silver dragon arm, 3 mage crystal, 1 negative energy orb (holy item, +2 stats undead, -2 stats living, 30’ area), 1 amulet of +2 resistances of zanathrax (not evil though).

Caern senses that he has Zanathrax’s attention now, after using the coin on one of his followers. I go to stab the red dragon egg with the sword, but my Merciful flaw is activated by Bill. So Caern goes to smash it but I try to stop him because of my flaw. He cracks the egg open but the hatchling is still alive. I feed it the water I had in my mug to heal it and Caern kicks it. I go to grab it and cradle it. But the sword takes control of me, appears in my hand, and makes me kill the dragon. Balin grabs the dragon corpse and I lose control of myself. I don’t become aware until we get back to the portal to leave.

One of the skeletons comes up and asks to join us. He is neutral and we take him on, calling him Bones. I stay back, trying to figure out what to do. They come back through and Caern has a skeleton cat with him (Mr Rumbles) now purring. I go to the chasm and throw the sword into the abyss and it doesn’t stop me. We notice a Roc flying above and then leave.

We are in an alley in the city and go out to the street. Going up to a zombie, he says the City is Arn. He gives us directions to the Bazaar. There’s all kinds of stalls and people and people (living and undead). Going from there to the Temple section, there are all kinds. Silhouette’s is the biggest, then Marischa, Zanathrax, and many others… Silhouette’s is 3 stories tall and made of marble with a flaming figure of Silhouette. There is a dumb priestess outside who thinks Silhouette is the most blessed and therefore has the largest temple. We move to Marisha’s temple.

It’s a two story marble temple with the symbol of a wave. We go in and there is a foot of water in the temple. A priestess in blue robes with a blue staff is there to talk to us. We ask about trading in the items from Zanathrax for a reward. She gives us a resistance +2 ammy for the neck piece. When we take the orb out however (at her request) it explodes, the water in the temple evaporates, and the priestess looks stunned. There is no damage to the temple however.

She claps her hands for the elementals and they don’t come so she wanders into the back. We follow her and she gives us a +2 large shield. She still seems a little dumb struck. After she says she can find her friend on her own (to help her) and doesn’t need our help we leave. We then go to the magic item shop which has a large metal placard saying Strom’s. The shop keeper is dressed well.

Loot: 6 mage crystals (600g), 2 Ifuta any +1 item (2000g each), 2 dispel magic scrolls, 1 disintegrate scroll (825g), amulet resist +2, lg shield +2 (4000g), 1 red dragon corpse and egg shells (2000g), 1 mithral bracer (30000g).

After selling items we get 1856 gold each, keep the Ifuta (Bill/Micky), the +2 resist ammy (Ian), the dispel magic scrolls (Eddie), and the mithral bracer (Eddie). He also gives us a +1 weapon each for repeat business.

Strom offers to lets us use his rooms for one night since we bought there. The Inns are “The Fudge Packer”, “The Hanging Salami”, and there may be more inns. We stay there for the night. The next day I wake up and there is a tattoo on my arm of the artifact sword with elven runes under it saying “Master”.

Eddie uses the buckler for now, and we find out that it acts as a figurine of wonderous power as well.

1 for picking up the sword at all (all)
1 on time (all)
3 standard (all)
6 food eddie, 2 food bill, 6 food micky, 1 food ian
1 ian driving
1 micky driving
1 micky adv log


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